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  1. Sinus problems linked to dampness and mold

    Is this the REAL reason for your sinus misery?

    It's been a rainy summer for much of the nation, and all that wet weather outside can also lead to moisture inside.

    That leads to fungi and mold hiding inside your home -- and new research shows how those growths are more than just a nuisance.

    They're a threat to your health!

    If you have leaks or signs of mold in your own home, you could face chronic health problems -- especially breathing problems, sinus conditions, and other forms of long-term misery.

    It just takes a little bit of moisture.

    If you have just a little water damage -- even seemingly minor spots -- you're 90 percent more likely to suffer from breathing problems, such as shortness of breath, at night.

    You could also end up with chronic rhinosinusitis, a nasty form of inflammation in your nose and sinuses. It's a condition closely linked to smoking, but you don't need to touch a cigarette to get it yourself.

    Water and/or mold in your home will increase your risk of this irritating condition by 77 percent -- giving you the same risk as a smoker, even if you've never taken a puff of tobacco in your life.

    That's still not all.

    You're also 67 percent more likely to live with the misery of chronic bronchitis.

    Guess what? That's STILL not all!

    Even if you escape ALL of those specific conditions, the study finds moisture around your home could lead to general symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, asthma, and allergies.

    Some water damage is easy to spot. Heavy rains can cause a leak... and you might spot the damage in the form of a dark patch on the ceiling or the puddle in the basement. You can also spot the signs of mold forming around window frames or near doors.

    According to the study, 1 in 10 homes had those visible signs of moisture damage.

    Others aren't so easy to notice. A pipe can leak inside a wall or under a floor and you might not know about it for ages, especially if it's a slow leak.

    In addition to watching out for the obvious signs of moisture -- especially during and after heavy rains -- give your home a careful inspection every few months, paying especially close attention to ceilings, attics, basements, and bathrooms.

    If you spot any place where moisture is getting in, get it fixed up and dried out. If the problem has been around a while or gotten out of hand, you may need to bring in professionals to deal with it.

  2. C. diff infection risk jumps in hospitals

    America's worst bacteria... and how to BEAT it!

    It's a major source of illness, misery, and even death that's so common, one American gets sick from it nearly EVERY MINUTE of every day.

    Yet it gets zero attention from the mainstream media!

    Now, new research shows how the number of cases of infection with a dangerous strain of bacteria is growing at an alarming rate.

    It's called Clostridium difficile, a.k.a. C. diff, and it can lead to painful gut inflammation and diarrhea so severe you could literally die from dehydration.

    C. diff can even lead to deadly blood infections, especially in older patients.

    And your odds of picking up this bug are growing: Over about a decade, the number of C. diff cases has jumped by 40 percent, with 500,000 Americans now suffering from these infections every year.

    But that's NOT the scary part of the study.

    Believe it or not, it gets worse.

    If you're at risk -- and, if you're a little older, you ARE at risk -- you could face getting sick with C. diff over and over and over again.

    There's been a 200 PERCENT jump in the number of patients who've suffered multiple infections.

    That's a sure sign the mainstream approach to both prevention and treatment has failed miserably.

    Of course it's failed. Mainstream docs barely have an approach at all!

    The study finds that the biggest risk is in folks (especially older ones) who take common meds, including antibiotics and acid reflux drugs.

    We already KNOW that these drugs increase the risk of infection, yet there hasn't been any real effort to cut back on them!

    Heck, earlier this year, mainstream researchers urged every older patient on aspirin to ALSO take an acid reflux drug to help cut the risk of bleeding in the gut.

    So, until they get serious about stopping the cause, these ugly numbers will keep getting worse.

    Don't worry too much -- because I've got you covered with some simple steps you can take to slash your risk of infection and bounce back quickly, if you ever do get sick.

    If you're in poor health and struggle with your immunity... take or have taken antibiotics... or spend any time at all in a hospital or other care facility... add a probiotic supplement to your daily routine.

    Good bacteria can fight off the bad and prevent illness, even when you've been exposed to the germs.

    In this case, specifically the beneficial strains known as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, and a probiotic yeast called Sacharomyces boulardii can all prevent illness.

    And if you're already infected with C. diff, these same probiotics can also help fight it. They may even prevent recurrence!

  3. Allergies beaten with natural treatments

    End the summer sniffles with natural allergy cures If you're struggling to get your allergies under control... if the first days of summer have vanished in a haze of blurry vision... if you've got headaches, sore throats, and more from your hay fever... you need help. Just don't expect to get it from the Food and Drug Administration! They're out...
  4. Muscles need more protein than you may think

    This mainstream advice can leave you weak It's one of the most important parts of your diet, especially as you get older -- and new research shows how it holds the key to your strength, vitality, and overall health. Yet it gets almost NO attention at all! Docs will give you all the usual lectures about sugar, salt, and fat...
  5. Pneumonia antibiotics are failing

    The deadliest pneumonia season yet is coming It's one of the most alarming reports I've seen in a long time -- and, given what's going on in the world right now, that's saying something. Yet it's getting ZERO attention in the mainstream media! Common antibiotics are failing when it comes to pneumonia -- already one of the nation's deadliest infections...
  6. Surgical infections increase in summer

    Don’t schedule surgery without reading this! There's a lot to love about the approach of summer, but there's at least one thing you've got to worry about -- especially if you have surgery planned. You could battle an infection! New research shows how your risk of suffering one of these complications after an operation -- any operation at all...
  7. Heart attack triggered by respiratory infections

    How the common cold could kill you Happy Memorial Day. I know this day has become a celebration of summer, but be sure to take a moment to remember what it's really all about and say a prayer for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. Later today, when you're kicking back on the beach, lighting...
  8. Colds cured by zinc

    At last: A cure for the common cold You've got a lot on your mind as summer approaches: beach, barbecues, and maybe even a trip to see your loved ones. But the one thing you're probably NOT thinking about is catching a cold. I hope you don't get sick, in this season or any other. It can happen, though. Even...
  9. Vitamin D shortage linked to sunscreen

    Summer advice you SHOULDN’T follow Officially, summer's still a month off. Unofficially, it's supposed to start next weekend, as Memorial Day arrives. Here in sunny San Diego, it feels like summer kicked in WEEKS ago! Whenever summer begins for you, there's something that almost always comes hand-in-hand with it -- and that's the alarmist fear-mongering about the supposed danger of...
  10. B vitamins block pollution damage

    STOP hidden heart damage with this nutrient Everyone knows the OBVIOUS risk factors for heart problems. There's the toll that junk food and obesity take on your body... a sluggish metabolism caused by lack of movement... bad habits like smoking or drinking to excess... and so on. But there are OTHER factors that are much less obvious. I try to...
  11. Sepsis cured with intravenous vitamin C

    One of the nation's top killers... CURED! It's the epidemic you've never heard of... a leading killer your own doctor won't warn you about. If sepsis were its own cause of death, it would NUMBER THREE in the nation, behind only heart disease and cancer. But because sepsis is the result of an immune system breakdown during a fight with...
  12. Probiotics can boost the immune system

    Turbocharge your immune system Getting sick can make you miserable at any age. But when you're a little older, even a minor illness or infection can hit you like a sack of bricks. It's unfair, but many older folks get sicker easier and stay sick longer. Your body just doesn't bounce back the way it used to. But there is...
  13. Probiotics can ease depression

    Fight depression… with yogurt! It could be the tastiest way to fight depression yet... and it's available in strawberry, blueberry, peach, or honey. It's yogurt, as new research reveals how the live bacterial cultures found in this healthy treat could help boost your mood and chase away the blues. The key is a type of bacteria called Lactobacillus found in...
  14. Allergies can be defeated without meds, study proves

    Beat allergy season before it starts In just a few weeks, the snow will melt -- if it hasn't already -- and the first signs of spring will start to poke through. The grass will turn green... the flowers will bloom... and millions of Americans will step outside to inhale the fresh spring air... and immediately start sneezing. Yes, allergy...
  15. NSAIDs linked to heart attack

    Meds can turn a winter cold into a cardiac emergency Is there anything worse than the misery of yet another mid-winter respiratory infection? It certainly doesn't feel like it... not when you're coughing up a lung... battling a fever... and trying to cope with what feels like pain in every muscle. But there IS something far worse -- and if...
  16. Immune system T-cells boosted by sun exposure

    How sunlight boosts your immune system February may not be prime time for getting out under the sun in most parts of the country... even if it's something we do all year long here in Southern California. But when the weather allows it, make it a point to soak up some rays for a few minutes each day. It doesn't...
  17. Flu shot rejected by most Americans

    The flu shot is getting its annual push from the CDC, but despite that government backing, Americans have rejected the vaccine like never before. Here’s why.
  18. Immune system holds the key to heart health

    Your immune system does more than fight off colds. It also holds the key to heart health, and can even help protect against a heart attack.
  19. Probiotics can boost your immune system

    Probiotics can give your immune system a lift so your body is better able to fight off illness.
  20. Zinc can boost immune function in seniors

    Zinc deficiency is common in seniors, especially the elderly, but new research shows how boosting your intake can help your immune system fight off illness.

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