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  1. The Alzheimer’s EARLY WARNING SYSTEM that could SAVE your brain

    It’s not often you get to gaze into the future – and I don’t mean as a cheap carnie trick.

    I mean an honest-to-goodness look at what could very possibly happen to you in the coming years.

    But I’ve got one for you today – your first… best… and maybe ONLY chance to:

    • SPOT the earliest warning signs of dementia
    • ACT now, while there’s still a chance to stop it

    Close to 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease right now, and none of them had this golden opportunity.

    If they did, you can bet that number would be a whole lot smaller.

    But today you’re going to have that advantage – a “crystal ball” glimpse at what you’re facing so you can stop the disease and enjoy a sharp and healthy brain well into your 70s… 80s… 90s… and beyond

    The ‘crystal ball’ that can look into your brain

    That’s what scientists are calling it… a crystal ball… except in this case, the “ball” is your own noggin.

    Normally a look inside would involve some kind of specialized equipment, like an MRI or a bonesaw. (Ouch!)

    Fortunately, the researchers have found another way.

    You just gotta take a look at how well you’re sleeping.

    It’s not as easy as simply checking out how long you’re out… but it’s not a whole lot harder, either.

    They key is in three critical factors:

    • Sleep quality
    • Sleep fragmentation
    • Slow-wave sleep (aka non-REM sleep)

    The lower your sleep quality… the more fragmented your sleep is (aka, you wake up a lot)… and the less slow-wave sleep you have… the bigger the risks you’re facing.

    In the new study, sleepers who fell short in those key portions of their nighttime rest and rejuvenation had higher levels of the BRAIN TOXINS linked to decline and dementia.

    Specifically, they had more of the beta amyloid plaques that can clog your brain and gum up the works.

    This isn’t unexpected; as I shared with you just a few weeks ago, slow-wave sleep plays a key role in your brain’s detox process. It’s when cleansing fluids rush through your brain, sweeping out everything that doesn’t belong – including beta amyloid.

    The problem, as I explained in a letter last year, is that as you get older your slow-wave levels plunge.

    Even if you think you’re sleeping “well” at night, there’s a good chance you’re not getting nearly as much slow-wave sleep as you used to, back when you were younger.

    You need more – and you can get it, too, with GABA. One study found 100 mg per day led to more sleep… better sleep… and more of that crucial slow-wave sleep needed to clear those toxins out of your brain.

  2. Your meds could be EATING your brain!

    Halloween? Humbug!

    We’ve got an out-of-season Grinch named coronavirus threatening to cancel the holiday – but in classic Hollywood horror movie fashion, the REAL monster isn’t the virus stalking everyone outside.

    It’s ALREADY in your home!

    This hidden threat operates like something out of a creature-feature.

    First, it slips into your brain.

    Next, it wipes out your memory.

    Then, it erases your personality.

    And finally, it claims your life.

    But this isn’t fiction, my friend. This is something in your own medicine chest right now – as new research exposes the horrifying truth about some of today’s most popular drugs!

    The brain-rotting meds hiding in plain sight

    These monster meds are called anticholinergic drugs, but don’t breathe a sigh of relief if the name doesn’t ring any bells.

    As you’ll see in a moment, they can be hiding just about anywhere!

    They “work” by blocking brain chemical called acetylcholine, which is involved in so many different functions that these meds are used for dozens of seemingly unrelated conditions, including:

    • Allergies
    • Sleep
    • Blood pressure
    • Mood disorders
    • Leaky bladder
    • And MORE

    With so many uses, many older Americans aren’t just taking one anticholinergic drug. They’re taking two… or even more.

    But taking ANY of these meds at all can have a frightening consequence – increasing your risk of mild cognitive impairment by 47 percent.

    That’s the first step on a path that leads to much BIGGER brain problems down the road.

    One study even found taking these meds for three years can raise the odds of Alzheimer’s disease by 54 percent.

    The dangerous are so big – and so real – that yet another report estimated 1 in 10 cases of dementia could be from anticholinergic use.

    Of course, if you’re a little older, you’re already at risk for decline and dementia – so if it happens, they never blame the drugs.

    They blame your age!

    But I’m not about to let this happen to you.

    When you’re done reading this letter, visit Google for a list of anticholinergic drugs.

    I’ll give you one right here: diphenhydramine, aka Benadryl, which is sold both on its own and is also slipped like a mickey into other meds to make you sleep. It’s especially common in the “PM” versions of painkillers as well as over-the-counter sleep aids.

    Go through each of your meds to see if you’re on any other potential anticholinergic drugs. If you’re not sure, call your doctor or pharmacist.

    Then, take action.

    Nearly every single anticholinergic med has another, better option… and just about ALL of them have safe nondrug options.

    Work with your doctor on getting yourself OFF the bad ones that can mess with your brain and onto these better alternatives.

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  9. Dementia linked to hearing loss

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  10. Cognitive decline could be triggered by surgery

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  11. Aspirin therapy WRONGLY given to millions

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  12. Take a year and a half of aging OFF your brain

    It’s like a bucket with a hole it in, slowly leaking water until there’s nothing left.   Except it’s not a bucket…   It’s your BRAIN.   It’s true: Your brain’s got a leak. You’re losing gray matter, right now, at this very moment.   The older you get, the more you lose—roughly 0.2 percent of volume per year. That’s all your precious memories...
  13. Stop “THICK” blood from damaging your brain!

    Dementia might not start in the brain. It could be triggered by your blood! The thicker it is, the bigger the risk – but you can stop it with these easy tricks.
  14. STOP DEMENTIA… from the most comfortable spot in your home!

    Dementia damage can be trigged by sleep problems, especially a lack of “slow-wave sleep,” aka deep sleep. Here’s how to get more of that all-important form of rest.
  15. Depression can be CURED without sickening meds

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  16. Stroke drug could make recovery even tougher!

    : New warning every stroke survivor NEEDS to see Having a stroke is one of the most terrifying moments of your life. You may not realize what’s going on at the time – but you know very quickly that something’s very wrong. If you’re lucky enough to survive, you know something else, too: You NEVER want to have that experience...
  17. Alzheimer’s ISN’T one disease – it’s SIX!

    The REAL causes of dementia REVEALED Dementia is one of the most devastating and terrifying diseases of aging… and your doctor is utterly powerless when it comes to treating it. He can’t stop it... He can’t slow it down... And he sure is heck can’t cure it. But in a moment, I’ll give you what he can’t: REAL hope...
  18. Dementia can be found – and STOPPED – 10 years early

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  19. Dementia can be found – and STOPPED – 10 years early

    AMAZING 5-min. test spots dementia a DECADE early (Now you can FIGHT BACK!) They’ll TELL YOU there’s no cure for dementia, and not even a treatment... But the truth is, you CAN beat this nasty disease… if you find it early enough. And new research reveals the best hope against dementia yet: The earliest possible warning sign ever uncovered. A...
  20. Depression treatments that work in the toughest cases

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