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  1. Alzheimer’s disease linked to THESE early warning signs

    How to CATCH dementia early (BEFORE it’s too late)

    It’s a breakthrough that could save your brain… and your independence.

    You have a chance to spot the FIRST… and in some cases ONLY… warning sign of dementia.

    It’s an opportunity to take quick action when it matters most…

    Because when it comes to this devastating condition, the LONGER you wait, the TOUGHER it is to treat.

    When most people think of dementia, of course they think of the telltale memory loss that’s one of the hallmarks of the disease.

    But a new study finds the first warning signs could be something else entirely!

    Depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and/or loss of appetite could all be triggered by a very specific kind of damage in the brain called “tau tangles.”

    These are different from the beta amyloid plaques that are such well-known markers of dementia. And we already knew that they’re LATER markers of the disease.

    But it turns out the tau tangles may come FIRST. The new study finds those mood, appetite and sleep problems could be an indication they’re already forming.

    Fortunately, there’s a way to chase out those tau tangles…Other studies have shown they can be caused by too much iron in the blood, which then accumulates in the brain.

    While chelation therapy (which removes metals from your system) can’t remove iron that’s already in the brain, experiments on rabbits have found it can prevent more buildup.

    It stops the damage and returns tau function to normal.

    While this study has yet to be repeated on humans, we already know that chelation can lead to INCREDIBLE improvements in people with dementia...

    Getting it earlier – before the first actual dementia signs sink in – could make it even more effective, especially if you have the risk factors revealed by this study.

    If you’re in the San Diego area, I can help. For complete metals testing and treatment, make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in Southern California? I’m also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

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  2. Dementia’s first warning sign – and how to spot it

    REVERSE the very first sign of dementia

    THIS could be your first sign of dementia…

    It’s not what you’d expect...

    Or even WHERE you’d expect it.

    It’s not the telltale memory loss, or even the frustrating “senior moments” that can make you worried you’re starting to lose it.

    In fact, it’s not a problem in your brain at all!

    New research reveals how there’s a SINGLE condition that could start the slide that leads to dementia.

    Here’s the bad news: MILLIONS of older Americans already have it… and there’s a pretty good chance you’re one of them.

    But you know me. I’m not a bad news kind of guy.

    I’ve got some good news too...

    Specifically, how to REVERSE this damage (and in a hurry)! I’ll share the secret in just a moment.

    First, let’s talk about what this damage that leads to dementia actually IS. It doesn’t start in your brain; instead, it starts in the same place as heart disease.

    It begins in your arteries.

    As they turn rigid, your blood gets sluggish. It still travels around body, but because it’s slowing down, it doesn’t deliver as much oxygen and nutrients as it should.

    And no part of your body suffers more than your brain.

    Your brain is just 2 percent of your body weight, but sucks up about 20 percent of the oxygen in your blood, not to mention all of the critical fats, minerals and other nutrients rushing through.

    When blood slows, it doesn’t get those essentials.

    As your arteries harden, your brain slowly SUFFOCATES and STARVES at the same time!

    The result is exactly what we see in the new study: Stiffer arteries accelerate cognitive decline and lead directly to dementia. And over 15 years, hardened arteries will increase your odds of full-blown Alzheimer’s by a stunning 60 percent.

    But like I said earlier, there’s a way to BLOCK this process, PROTECT your arteries and RESTORE the flow of blood.

    Your doctor won’t tell you about this “forbidden” therapy – but I will...

    It’s called chelation, an intravenous (IV) treatment that sends detoxifiers into your blood to chase out metals and break up the calcium deposits that cause arteries to stiffen up.

    In one major government-backed study of patients with diabetes, chelation cut the risks of heart problems by 40 percent!

    We’ve also seen evidence that this therapy helps dramatically with dementia too – and if the new study is any indication, it’s likely because of that same artery-clearing benefit.

    Most mainstream doctors still don’t offer chelation, so seek the advice of a holistic physician. If you’re in the San Diego area, I offer chelation here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in Southern California? I’m also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

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  3. Memory loss linked to hearing loss

    The SURPRISING secret that can REVERSE memory loss There’s ONE quick action you can take today that can BLOCK decline in your brain and STOP the onset of dementia, and it’s as simple as this: All you need to do is make sure you don’t have this KNOWN risk factor that’s popped up repeatedly in studies. It’s a condition that...
  4. Dementia linked to inflammation

    Erase this PRIME CAUSE of dementia…starting TODAY Ever wonder why the mainstream has been so utterly and completely powerless when it comes to dementia? It’s not just that they don’t have a cure or even a semi-decent treatment… It’s that they don’t even know WHERE to LOOK! Just about every major mainstream theory about dementia has been proven WRONG. That’s...
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  7. Memory loss linked to hearing loss

    The SURPRISING secret that can REVERSE memory loss There’s ONE quick action you can take today that can BLOCK decline in your brain and STOP the onset of dementia, and it’s as simple as this: All you need to do is make sure you don’t have this KNOWN risk factor that’s popped up repeatedly in studies. It’s a condition that...
  8. Dementia defeated with this germ-fighting superstar

    REVERSE dementia… with a stick of gum??? It happens. One day, you’ve lost the keys. The next, you walk into a room and have no idea why you’re there. Your doc will say it’s your age. He might even say you’re facing cognitive decline or dementia. But new research reveals how the REAL problem isn’t your age… and it may...
  9. Antidepressants linked to deadly superbug infections

    Popular antidepressant creating DEADLY “super-germs” Depression can not only destroy your life, but shatter your family and wreck your friendships. But one of the drugs that’s supposed to “fix” it can do something far worse. Even when it works – and it often doesn’t – this med could turn “harmless” bacteria in your body into cold-blooded killers. Don’t worry...
  10. Parkinson’s disease may be a bacterial infection

    Is this secret infection CAUSING Parkinson’s? It’s a STUNNING confession from the mainstream. They’ve just admitted that EVERYTHING they’ve told you about Parkinson’s disease is wrong. More importantly, they’ve just admitted that I’ve been right all along! This disease ISN’T always caused by irreversible damage to nerves and neurotransmitters in the brain, as they’ve insisted for years. There’s another trigger…...
  11. Dementia damage triggered by common household toxin

    The HIDDEN dementia trigger HIDING in your home Cut your dementia risk… protect your brain… and potentially REVERSE cognitive problems with the flick of a switch? It just might be possible, my friend, and the latest research shows how easy it is. And when I talk about the “flick of a switch,” I’m not using a metaphor. There’s likely a...
  12. Alzheimer’s disease STOPPED if you fix this one symptom

    How to STOP dementia NOW (Even if it’s already started) They’ll tell you there’s NOTHING you can do. There’s no cure for dementia, and not even a treatment that will do much to slow it down. But once again, “THEY” are wrong! Because new research has revealed a key cause of dementia that has received VERY little attention. Until now...
  13. Alzheimer’s disease to double… but you can STOP it

    The SECRET dementia cause… and how to CURE it! Some trends are just great. Avocado on everything? Sign me up! But most range from dumb to downright dangerous. I know you’re not about to play around with fidget spinners, and the only place you’ll stick a Tide Pod is in the laundry. But there’s one trend you could be enlisted...
  14. Alzheimer’s disease triggered by benzodiazepines

    The SECRET drug crisis… and how it could TRIGGER dementia! Opioids might be getting all of the attention right now, with even the White House creating a commission to investigate the crisis. But there’s another drug epidemic that’s getting ignored, one that could hit your loved ones. And maybe even YOU. New research reveals how an entire generation of older...
  15. Dementia linked to hearing loss

    The dementia warning sign… in your EARS When it comes down to it, it might not SEEM like that big of a deal. Not when you compare it to heart disease, stroke, cancer, and all of the other “big risks” of aging. But hearing loss IS a big deal, because it can lead to everything from quality-of-life issues (when you...
  16. Dementia risk doubles after a stroke

    This single moment can DOUBLE your dementia risk Some “experts” still think that much of your dementia risk comes down to plain old dumb luck. Sure, there’s nutrition and lifestyle. Chronic conditions – especially diabetes – can also raise your risk. And there’s a genetic component, of course. But when it comes down to it, they’ll also tell you that...
  17. Delirium during hospitalization triggered by drugs

    What EVERY senior needs to know about hospital stays It’s a hidden epidemic creeping through hospitals across the country… one the mainstream KNOWS is happening. But WON’T talk about! If you’re a little older and you find yourself in the hospital for any reason at all – be it an emergency stay in the ICU or a routine hernia operation...
  18. Alzheimer’s disease linked to ‘muffin top’ fat

    Could that ‘muffin top’ damage your brain? You try your best… but one day, it happens. Your belly fat has had enough of your belt and spilled out over the top of your pants. Yes, it’s the dreaded muffin top -- and it’s not just unsightly. It’s dangerous! New research exposes an unexpected risk of all that extra fat around...
  19. Dementia linked to benzodiazepines

    Explosive report links popular meds to DEMENTIA! It’s the SECRET drug crisis -- one the mainstream KNOWS is there. But it REFUSES to acknowledge it! There’s a DARK SIDE to benzodiazepines and the related Z-drugs that 1 in 12 seniors take. They’re SUPPOSED to help with everything from sleep to anxiety. But even when they WORK… even when they calm...
  20. Alzheimer’s drug ‘success’ comes at a price

    What the Alzheimer’s ‘game-changer’ REALLY means You’ve seen the hype: There’s a “breakthrough” new Alzheimer’s drug so promising that it could get rushed into the express lane for fast approval. And sure enough, the numbers look great. Heck, even I was excited when I read that high doses of this drug slowed the rate of cognitive decline in dementia patients...

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