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  1. Dementia can be prevented and reversed

    How to stop and even reverse dementia

    Happy New Year!

    I hope 2017 delivered everything you wanted -- even if that winning lottery ticket hasn't quite found its way into your pocket yet.

    And I hope 2018 is even better (and maybe that lottery ticket will turn up after all).

    Most of all, though, my hope is for hope... and that you never lose it, even in the face of today's biggest health problems.

    But the mainstream is trying to rob you of that hope, especially when it comes to dementia.

    It's out with a new study that claims there's absolutely nothing you can do about this disease.

    The new report claims to have looked at... well... just about everything: drugs, exercise, brain-training games, natural supplements, and more.

    And it claims that none of them will do you a lick of good.

    They won't prevent the disease... won't slow the advance... and won't stop the damage.

    Well, friend, the mainstream is right about one part of it: Drugs can't prevent or reverse dementia.

    But it's wrong about the rest.

    There IS hope -- because there are safe and effective ways to prevent dementia from striking and stop the condition cold if you have it.

    You just won't hear about these all-natural approaches from mainstream medicine!

    One of the biggest "secret" causes of brain diseases including dementia -- ESPECIALLY dementia -- is exposure to toxic metals.

    These metals are hidden in your food, water, and cosmetics. You might even be inhaling some of them right now, depending on where you live.

    Once they're inside your body, they don't leave.

    They move right up to the brain, where they can wreck the joint and cause the very same damage we see in patients with cognitive problems like dementia.

    The mainstream will tell you that's where hope dies.

    Once you suffer from that damage in the brain, it's too late for treatment, as the new study tries to claim.

    But this is where there IS still hope -- because you can prevent the damage from striking in the first place, slow it down if it happens, and stop it completely even if memory loss is already kicking in.

    And if those metals are involved, the answer is often in natural detoxifying chelation therapies.

    This isn't the only potential cause of dementia. There are dozens of threats to your brain lurking out there. Some cases of "dementia" can even be drug side effects.

    Whatever the cause, there is hope for nearly all of them, as a holistic medical doctor can work with you to detoxify the brain, replace lost nutrients, slow the damage, and even restore memory and cognition in some cases.

    If you're in the San Diego area, I can help. Make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in the area? I'm also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

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  2. Hearing loss linked to dementia

    Can you HEAR dementia coming?

    This could be one of the most important steps of all toward protecting your brain against the ravages of age and slashing your risk of dementia.

    And it's something your doctor probably won't even mention!

    Most folks don't get a hearing test unless they suspect something is wrong, but you know how that goes.

    Most folks who have hearing loss don't think ANYTHING'S wrong!

    They don't realize it, won't admit it, won't take action, don't get tested, and never get help.

    Now, new research shows how this form of ignorance definitely isn't bliss, revealing a link between hearing loss and cognitive struggles up to and including dementia.

    The new analysis looked at 36 other studies conducted around the world and at first -- surprise! -- didn't find much of a link.

    But once they weeded out the weaker studies and focused just on the highest-quality research, the link came in loud and clear.

    Overall, folks with hearing loss face a 22 percent higher risk of any form of cognitive problems.

    Even worse, that same hearing loss will increase your risk of dementia by 28 percent.

    That means millions of people are facing these risks right now, over something that's easy enough to correct.

    Easy enough, but a second study finds that just 1 in 5 older adults have had their hearing checked within the past five years.

    That's it.

    Even people who admit they have hearing loss rarely get tested, with nearly 3 out of 4 saying that they haven't been checked out.

    That means ALL of them are at risk for dementia, as hearing loss can damage your brain in at least two ways.

    The first is pretty direct.

    When you lose hearing, the part of the brain that processes those signals and helps you interpret and understand what's being said can go silent, and that can have an effect on your overall cognition.

    The second is the inevitable result of untreated hearing loss: You miss out on social engagement, which is a major part of brain health.

    Some folks even withdraw and stop going out. They'd rather stay in than admit they have hearing problems!

    There's no reason for this.

    Hearing loss is easy to fix, and doing so will improve your lifestyle immeasurably, making everything from driving to watching TV to talking with your loved ones so much easier.

    You can even go to the movies again and not have to worry about missing out on half the dialogue.

    All you need is a hearing aid.

    The downside is that many forms of insurance don't cover hearing aids... or they will cover the exam but not the device itself.

    Shop around.

    A growing number of retailers -- including big-box retailers such as Wal-Mart and Costco -- are offering comfortable, effective, and more affordable options

  3. Dementia linked to muscle loss

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  4. Dementia risk slashed through marriage

    Good news for married folks A marriage is a commitment for life, a vow before God to remain together in both sickness and in health. It's a promise you keep in more ways than you might realize. Folks who are married keep each other healthy in so many ways that are often unseen, and the latest research reveals what may...
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  6. Neuropathy eased with natural therapies

    How to BEAT diabetic nerve pain without drugs Imagine a mechanic who "fixes" a flat tire by taking apart and reassembling the entire engine first. Then, when that doesn't work, he changes the oil and flushes the transmission fluid. Next, he examines all the belts and hoses to see if one of them might be the cause of your flat...
  7. Dementia warning signs aren’t always obvious

    Don't stress over memory loss -- and here's why! Worried about your memory loss? Of course you are. The only thing worse than the frustration of the occasional "senior moment" is the fear that it could be something much worse. Some folks panic over every little brain burp, terrified that it could be a sign of dementia sinking in. Well...
  8. Dementia linked to loss of smell

    Stop dementia FIVE YEARS before it strikes The smells this time of year can be pretty overwhelming. I don't mean the natural smells. Who doesn't love the scent of a freshly baked pumpkin pie? But the artificial scents have gotten to be so bad that last week, a Baltimore school was evacuated -- and a hazmat team called in...
  9. Cancer depression often undiagnosed

    Cancer? Here's the 'side effect' your doc will miss If you have cancer, odds are your doctor is already failing you. New research confirms a common life-sapping side effect of both the disease and the toxic mainstream treatments that are supposed to cure it -- and the same study finds that most doctors are MISSING it! They're often so focused...
  10. Alzheimer’s drug falls short, but natural therapies can help

    Alzheimer's drug FAILS... but you still have HOPE! It's another Big Pharma flop! A supposedly promising new drug to treat Alzheimer's disease just flunked in a major clinical trial -- a failure so big that the company that makes it lost 70 percent of its value practically overnight. Yet amazingly, even if the drug had succeeded, it wouldn't be what...
  11. Antidepressants increase death risk by 33 percent

    Deadly new risk linked to antidepressants Depression can make it feel like you're going to die... and, sadly, in some cases it can make you feel as if you WANT to die. But while the depression itself won't actually kill you, your treatment sure could. New research exposes a hidden risk of the antidepressant drugs now taken by more than...
  12. Depression caused by inflammation

    The TRUE cause of depression... revealed! You know you're not "just sad." When you're facing serious depression, you know there's something wrong beyond a little sadness. Your doc will tell you it's all in your mind and prescribe brain-scrambling meds. Now, scientists have admitted that you're right and your doc is wrong -- and it shows exactly why those antidepressant...
  13. Migraine patients given dangerous opioids

    Is your doctor CAUSING your migraines? Think Floyd Mayweather has a vicious punch? His fists are nothing compared to the brutal blow of a migraine headache. When you get clocked with a migraine -- POW! -- you're down for the count. The millions of Americans who suffer from these debilitating headaches are in desperate need of help. Yet new research...
  14. Cognitive decline linked to vision loss

    What fading eyesight does to your brain It's the dementia risk factor that you can "see." Or, more accurately, NOT seeing is the risk factor -- because new research shows that if your eyesight starts to fade, your mind might not be far behind. Overall, vision loss -- especially with your distance vision -- will double or even TRIPLE your...
  15. Dementia risk slashed with lutein

    Beat dementia... with a FORK! The other day, I saw kale chips for sale in the local supermarket. If that's not a sure sign that the kale craze has peaked, I don't know what is. Now, I didn't buy those chips. Processed food is still processed food. But I do eat kale -- and so should you -- because it's...
  16. B vitamins defeat depression

    The real cause of depression, and how to fix it Depression can feel like a test -- and, in some ways, it is. But it's not a test for you. It's a test for your doctor -- and if his immediate reaction is to put you on antidepressant drugs, he's flunked that test. He's failed you in a BIG way...
  17. Sleep struggles are bad for your brain

    This nighttime habit is as dangerous as heavy drinking You know the risks of booze, so you're smart about it. You either drink very little... or you never touch the stuff. But guess what? You could face ALL the risks of heavy drinking and more -- even if you've never had a sip! New research reveals the one bad habit...
  18. Dementia linked to low serotonin

    New breakthrough could CURE dementia before it starts! Big Pharma is up to its old tricks, trying to cash in on misery and heartbreak. It's been pushing toxic lab-created chemical drugs on millions of Americans with dementia, knowing full well that everything it's cooked up so far does little to nothing for the condition. As it turns out, there IS...
  19. Loneliness can be deadly

    Are you lonesome tonight? Some folks find their social calendar gets even busier as they get older. I know some seniors who have more active social lives than my sons! If that's you, keep at it. But if you've found yourself home alone a little too often... if it sometimes seems like days go by without even speaking to another...
  20. Blood pressure problem linked to dementia

    What your doctor keeps missing about blood pressure You know you're supposed to keep your blood pressure down. But that's only PART of the picture. Today, I'm going to let you in on the rest of the story... the chapter missing from your doctor's book. If he checks every few months or once a year, and he only worries about...

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