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  1. BETTER than surgery for your ACHING back!

    The operation is called a spinal fusion, and surgeons just LOVE it.

    Of course they do: It costs about $30,000 a pop!

    They’ll do anything they can protect that kind of coin, so they’re out with a study claiming they’ve found a way to make it even “better.”

    Usually, they have to flip you over midway through, like a pancake.

    Now they’ve figured out how to do it without moving you, cutting the amount of time and reducing the loss of blood and the need for anesthesia, too.

    But don’t fall for this new “better… faster… easier” sales pitch, my friend.

    The REAL problem isn’t the pancake flip of the surgery.

    It’s the operation itself – which is almost designed to fail!

    That could lead you into more pain than you’ve ever had in your life… or at least a back that’s no better than it was before, despite you and/or your insurer shelling out $30,000.

    So let me give you the lowdown in why this operation’s such a terrible idea.

    More importantly, I’ve also got what you need to finally get the relief you deserve.

    The TRUTH about spinal fusion

    The new pitch for the spinal fusion and the promise of a faster, easier operation might sound great…

    Until you see the OTHER research on this.

    Last year, for example, a study found that spinal fusion is no better than a simpler and less expensive operation called a decompression.

    And in 2016, a study found that spinal fusion for degenerative disk disease is no better than something even simpler than a decompression… and that’s NO SURGERY at all!

    That study found that patients get very similar results just by following an exercise or physical therapy program.

    That study was so clear that the The British Medical Journal slammed spinal fusion as “a highly questionable practice without supporting evidence” and called out surgeons for ignoring the science and doing the operations anyway.

    One expert even told the New York Times the surgery is “next to useless.”

    I would make that physical therapy the first option – and these days, you can even do much of it remotely via video chat.

    You can also try:

    • Osteopathic spinal manipulation
    • Massage therapy
    • At-home heat treatments
    • Topical pain relievers with MSM and/or DMSO

    If those don’t do the trick, there’s one more option you can try before surgery where they inject ozone gas into the spine. One study out of Germany found that this treatment shrinks herniated discs by 15 percent.

    That led to big-time benefits in more than two out of three patients, with 37 percent getting total relief and 33 percent reporting significant relief.

    The downside? It’s not common here yet, but call your doc or search online and you may find someone who offers it.

  2. ‘RAPID’ relief from knee pain with this all-natural combo

    Man, those aches and pains never seem to get better, do they?

    Some days, even a simple walk around the block can cause your knees to practically SCREAM at ya!

    But new research reveals a way to END those everyday aches and pains in your knees.

    You can enjoy:

    • MORE comfort
    • MORE relief
    • MORE movement

    …and you can LOVE every minute of it once those agonizing aches are gone!

    And the answer comes from a very unexpected place.

    The eggshell secret to beating arthritis pain

    There’s barely a day that goes by where I don’t have eggs.

    Scrambled, hard-boiled, over-easy, omelets, sunny-side up… you name it, it’s on the menu here.

    But there’s ONE part of the egg no one eats… not even me.

    It ends up in the trash!

    Turns out we’re throwing away real treasure – because this part of the egg is packing some of the biggest benefits when it comes to your knees.

    It’s that sticky translucent layer just below the shell, the stuff you can see dangling as you peel it.

    This natural eggshell membrane (NEM) just so happens to be LOADED with compounds that can protect aging, achy knees.

    It’s been proven to work wonders for arthritis.

    And the latest research finds it can even help with everyday aches and pains – delivering RAPID RELIEF from knee pain caused by activity, especially when you combine it with another all-natural favorite: fish oil.

    Yep, the same omega-3 fatty acids you rely on for heart protection can also deliver inflammation-fighting relief to your joints.

    In the new study, healthy volunteers were given either a placebo or a mix of 500 mg of natural eggshell membrane along with 1,500 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. Then, they were put to the test with some knee-punishing exercises.

    The folks who got the supplements had 28 percent less pain immediately after the workouts.

    And after a week of this, they had nearly HALF the pain levels of the folks on the placebo!

    Those are changes you can feel.

    But these volunteers also had some changes you CAN’T feel. Not right away, anyway.

    And in many ways, they’re even more impressive.

    The folks given the supplements had less damage inside the joints, including up to 17 percent less degradation in the cartilage.

    These were healthy folks, without arthritis.

    But that loss of cartilage can help cause the disease if you don’t have it, and make it much much worse if you do.

    Believe it or not, this study just cracks the surface of what NEM is capable of, because as good as it is for everyday pain… it’s even BETTER for full-blown arthritis.

    In one study, NEM cut pain and stiffness by 30 percent within a month!

    Natural eggshell membrane is readily available on its own, but for the biggest boost in comfort – and the best protection for your achy knees – look for it in a formula in combination with other natural joint-boosters.

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  5. [BEWARE] Lyme can linger, even AFTER your doc declares victory

    Lyme disease isn’t supposed to be “chronic,” or so the mainstream claims. But a new study proves them wrong. You could have it for YEARS! Here’s what to look for.
  6. Migraine meds cause new headaches

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  8. Back pain increases death risk in women

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  9. Gout drug could turn deadly

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  10. Pain surgery often fails to bring promised relief

    Pain surgeries are FAILING… but THIS works You call it pain, but your surgeon will call it something else. Good business! Patients walk into the hospital expecting surgery to make their chronic pain better; surgeons walk in often knowing full well the operation is unlikely to improve much of anything. They have a different expectation. They expect to get PAID...
  11. Chronic pain strikes 50 million Americans

    END chronic pain… WITHOUT drugs! It’s the national epidemic that gets almost NO attention. It’s THREE TIMES more common than heart disease and nearly TWICE as common as diabetes. Yet mainstream doctors still DON’T understand it… DON’T know how to treat it… and often make it WORSE! Well, friend, if you’re struggling with chronic pain, I’ll give you what your...
  12. Painkillers useless at least a third of the time

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  13. Stents for angina questioned after new study

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  14. Plantar fasciitis eased without pricey inserts

    Save your feet and save money, too! Even the name sounds expensive. When a doc says "custom orthotic," you can almost feel the cash slipping out of your wallet. These things can cost hundreds of dollars, and they're usually not covered by insurance. Now, the latest research shows that you don't have to shell out all of that cash. You...
  15. Falls are often caused by meds

    How to solve a $50-billion problem It's the $50-billion-a-year problem that's wrecking the healthcare system. And the mainstream is blaming YOU for it! A new report confirms that falls are a major risk for older people... leading to ER visits, hospital stays, surgeries, disability, and even death. No disputing that. The study also confirms that the cost of these falls...
  16. Opioids are no better than Advil and Tylenol

    EXPOSED: The world's most powerful painkillers DON'T WORK! They HOWL. They SCREAM. They CRY out in agony. And they DEMAND powerful prescription opioid drugs for chronic pain. No, I don't mean the patients. I'm talking about Big Pharma and its paid-for pals in mainstream medicine! They've fought tooth and nail against any effort to slow or stop the rising tide...
  17. Frailty can make surgery dangerous

    The TRUE risks of ANY surgery -- revealed! There was a time when you could bounce back from anything like a champ. Rock climbing, cliff diving, trail riding -- nothing was off limits, right? Today, though, it seems like even a stubbed toe can sometimes ache for days! When you're older, it can be tougher to recover from life's bumps...
  18. Back pain linked to disability in seniors

    This common pain could lead directly to disability If you're locked in an on-again, off-again battle with back pain, you know that things can change on a moment's notice. One minute, you're having a GREAT day, able to get out and do the things you love. You can stay active... engaged... and healthy. The next, things go south. Maybe you...
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  20. ‘Chronic’ form of Lyme disease is real

    Mainstream admits: Chronic Lyme is real! It's insult after injury. For years, the medical mainstream has flat-out insisted that there's no such thing as chronic Lyme disease. It's sworn up and down that it just doesn't exist! It's claimed that once the disease is treated... once the immediate symptoms are gone... once you're back on your feet... you're cured. But...

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