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  1. New drugs target fatty liver

    Chase fat out of your liver -- without Big Pharma!

    It's the biggest disease no one's heard of... yet.

    But that's about to change in a major way.

    One in four adults have some degree of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and a number like that can't stay under the radar for long.

    Right now, Big Pharma is cooking up new drugs aimed at this potentially lucrative market, with a slew of meds in the pipeline of what's expected to become a $35 billion industry in the very near future.

    For now, those meds are aimed at the most severe form of the disease. But since they work to pump fat out of the liver, you can bet the next phase will be to give them to EVERYONE with ANY degree of fatty liver.

    If you're among the estimated 60 million Americans with fatty liver disease, you can't wait for them to get their act together... and you certainly don't want to face whatever risks and side effects come along for the ride.

    You need help NOW, because that excess fat in the liver can cause scars to form, a.k.a. fibrosis. Those scarred parts become damaged and can't function right -- and when you have too may of those dangerous scars, you have cirrhosis.

    Fatty liver can also cause inflammation and even liver cancer.

    But what makes this condition so dangerous is that there's no warning sign at all early on.

    You could have fat accumulating inside your liver right now and not even know it -- and by the time it's advanced enough to get your doctor's attention, you just might be part of that up-and-coming $35 billion market I mentioned earlier.

    But here's your chance to head Big Pharma off at the pass. You can protect your liver and push out that fat even if it's already building up in there.

    And you can do it starting today... without a single drug... in three simple steps:

    1) Eat more protein: In a study released last year, folks who boosted their protein intake by 30 percent saw their levels of fat in the liver drop by 30 percent. Just be sure to stick to lean proteins; fatty proteins and protein from unhealthy meals will hurt, not help.

    2) Go organic: Long-term exposure to glyphosate, a dangerous chemical weed killer used on genetically-modified crops, can cause fatty liver disease, according to a rodent study. Since organics legally can't be genetically modified, they will be free of this and other poisons.

    3) Eat more broccoli: This humble veggie can reduce the amounts of fat pulled into the liver, according to a study on mice. That, in turn, stops it from accumulating, and can stop the disease from forming.

    Of course, none of these steps will matter much if you're eating a lot of junk food -- so make sure they're part of an overall healthy lifestyle. I recommend a Mediterranean diet.

    If you have or are at risk for fatty liver, I can create a natural plan customized to your needs. Make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in the San Diego area? I'm also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

  2. Homeopathy attacked by dark money funders

    New sneak attack on natural medicine

    If you want to get to the truth about something, don't just look at HOW it's attacked.

    Look at WHO'S attacking it.

    Case in point: homeopathy.

    A new article making the rounds online claims it's based on "insane principles" and attempts to discredit this entire branch of natural medicine.

    As the article from the American Council on Science and Health says, "It completely defies logic how anyone with a halfway functional brain could buy into this."

    Yet for a group with "science" right in the name, they don't cite a SINGLE study.

    So much for science!

    That's HOW homeopathy is being attacked. Now for the WHO, because you're really not going to believe this one.

    The American Council on Science and Health bills itself as a "pro-science consumer advocacy organization," but I did some digging and uncovered the ugly truth.

    It doesn't ADVOCATE for consumers. It's not RUN by or for consumers.

    It's a shady organization funded by "dark money" from unknown sources -- and it routinely supports major industry while attacking the legitimate concerns of consumers.

    It's fought tooth and nail AGAINST labels for genetically modified foods... downplayed concerns over dangerous pesticides and herbicides... and actually DEFENDED asbestos and Agent Orange, according to SourceWatch.

    This group has attempted to keep its funding secret, but leaked documents have exposed just who's paying for these attacks on everything from homeopathy to honest food labels.

    It's not "consumers."

    It's BIG INDUSTRY, including drug companies!

    Mother Jones got a look at the organization's 2013 financial statement and found that its donors -- and the folks who it would LIKE to donate -- are comprised of "a who's-who of energy, agriculture, cosmetics, food, soda, chemical, pharmaceutical, and tobacco corporations."

    So, when this group attacks homeopathy, it's doing so with the support of the very industries that profit of illness and poor health.

    Don't fall for these baseless attacks.

    There's a simple reason this group didn't cite the research when they made this attack: They're afraid readers will look into the studies for themselves and uncover the truth!

    There are more than 100 published studies that back homeopathy as a safe, fast, and effective means of getting relief from dozens of common conditions including pain, depression, allergies, and more.

    The one "catch" with homeopathy is that it doesn't work like drugs. These treatments attack the causes, not just the symptoms -- so instead of one possible headache remedy, for example, there are more than a dozen options.

    You may have to engage in a little trial-and-error to find the best remedy for you.

    If you need a little more specific help, seek the advice of a holistic medical doctor experienced in homeopathy.

  3. Statins pushed on millions more patients

    Cholesterol drugs get BIG new push Brace yourself, my friend: The mainstream is getting ready to push cholesterol meds in a BIG way. And if you're not on one of those drugs yet, you need to prepare for the onslaught -- because they're cooking up a plan to get close to TEN MILLION new customers hooked on statins. Statins are...
  4. Antibiotics increase colon risk in women

    Is your UTI med giving you CANCER? It's a drug many women end up taking months or even YEARS at a time. And even then, it doesn't always solve the problem. If you have regular battles with urinary infections, then you probably know the names of common antibiotic drugs a little too well... because you've taken them ALL, maybe multiple...
  5. Incontinence drugs don’t work

    Bladder problems CAN be stopped The only thing worse than NO help is the WRONG help -- but that's what too many seniors are getting, especially when it comes to bladder control problems. They ask a doctor for help -- no small step when you consider that many seniors are too embarrassed to even mention those problems -- but instead...
  6. Appendicitis doesn’t need surgery

    When you DON’T need emergency surgery Emergency surgery is something most folks never even think to question. The word "emergency" is right in the name! Well, friend, if you're in line for one of the most common "emergency" surgeries of all, it may be time to start asking some questions. Because as it turns out, you may not need to...
  7. Broken hip linked to common meds

    ‘Sharing’ meds can lead to a broken hip People mean well -- they really do -- but some folks go around sharing their meds the way others offer Tic Tacs. You probably know someone like that. If you've got the sniffles, they've got some leftover antibiotics. If you're nervous about something, they just happen to have some Xanax. And if...
  8. Reflux drugs linked to kidney problems

    Stop SILENT kidney damage Somewhere in your body, something could be going wrong... maybe even BADLY wrong... and you may not notice a thing until it's too late. Don't worry; I'm not here to alarm you. I'm here to STOP that silent damage BEFORE it turns deadly -- and the latest research shows one important step you can take right...
  9. Osteoporosis drugs could weaken bone

    Scary new warning for folks on bone meds You've heard the horror stories. You might even know someone who's suffered a painful bone break while taking a drug to supposedly protect those bones. But ask your doc about that risk, and he won't give you the truth. He'll give you the runaround! The mainstream acts as if the risk is...
  10. Rheumatoid drug linked to diabetes

    Watch out for this arthritis treatment It's trading a disease that could RUIN your life... for one that could END it! Those don't sound like good options to me, but that's the choice you could be forced to make if you rely on mainstream meds for relief of rheumatoid arthritis. You just don't realize it yet. Patients who have this...
  11. Antidepressants given off-label are a bad idea

    What your doc will never admit There are three little words that your doctor will absolutely struggle to say, and it's not anything you're thinking of right now. He's got no problem saying, "you've got cancer," or any other terrible diagnosis. But there's a much simpler turn of phrase that he finds far more difficult. "I don't know." Docs don't...
  12. Vaccines under fire by Hollywood legend

    The $100,000 jackpot Big Pharma will never collect It's a $100,000 prize, there for the taking -- but you can bet $100,000 more that it'll never be claimed. Screen legend Robert De Niro and political scion Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are offering the bounty to ANYONE who can prove the safety of thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative commonly used in vaccines...
  13. NSAIDs linked to heart attack

    Meds can turn a winter cold into a cardiac emergency Is there anything worse than the misery of yet another mid-winter respiratory infection? It certainly doesn't feel like it... not when you're coughing up a lung... battling a fever... and trying to cope with what feels like pain in every muscle. But there IS something far worse -- and if...
  14. Metformin is NOT your best option!

    Metformin is now listed as the best option for diabetes, but that’s not really true. There’s something far better, much safer, and way more effective.
  15. Antibiotics warning from FDA

    Antibiotics aren’t always needed – and when you do require them, you can often use safer and milder drugs instead of the powerful meds docs often prescribe.
  16. Anticholinergic drugs linked to hospitalization

    The invisible damage of common medications You know that any med comes with a risk of side effects. Some can even make you throw up, pass out or suffer some kind of weird skin reaction. But as bad as those problems are – and they can be downright horrible – the side effects that you REALLY need to watch out...
  17. Homeopathy under government attack

    Homeopathy is used by millions of Americans who swear by its effectiveness, but the feds are about to launch a major crackdown.
  18. Aspirin therapy gets new push

    Aspirin therapy is so dangerous that even the FDA has nixed it for many patients – but it’s about to get a big new push anyway.
  19. Falls in hospitals linked to med doses

    Falls aren’t always your fault. They could be caused by your meds – especially if you’re in a hospital, where seniors are routinely given high doses of dangerous drugs.
  20. Liver damage linked to common meds

    Liver damage isn’t always caused by bad living. It can also be caused by bad meds, including some of the most commonly used drugs in the nation.

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