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  1. HPV stats used to push dangerous vaccine

    Protect your family from the 'cancer virus'

    Watch your kids and grandkids, friend -- because the vaccine propaganda machine is getting fired up again.

    They're using scare tactics to sell vaccinations against HPV.

    Don't worry -- I'm not here with FEAR, just FACTS. And, in a moment, I'm going to share with you a few very simple ways to prevent the virus in kids and clear it out of the system in adults.

    But first, let me show you what you're up against.

    The media is pushing panic-driven headlines over a new study that finds nearly HALF of all men are carrying this sexually transmitted virus. That's especially frightening when you consider some strains cause cervical cancer in women and head, neck, throat, and anal cancers in both men and women.

    But is it really new?

    Of course not!

    We've known this all along. The only thing "new" here is that sales of the HPV vaccines have fallen flat, and a study like this can help pump up revenue by expanding the market.

    Until now, the shot has been mostly aimed at girls, because of the cervical cancer risk.

    But these scary new numbers can be used to push it on boys, too.

    Don't fall for it.

    There's a reason parents have rejected HPV vaccines en masse: There are literally THOUSANDS of reports of adverse events linked to the shot on file with the federal government.

    Some little girls given the vaccine have passed out, and they're the lucky ones -- because others have ended up with debilitating and in some cases permanent nervous system disorders.

    And sadly, these shots have been linked to dozens of deaths.

    I promised better answers, and I've got them right here.

    First, the kids: If you have little ones in your life, when they start to reach those troublesome years, be sure to teach them the value and power of abstinence.

    I know it's not exactly politically correct here in this "anything goes" age of permissiveness and promiscuity, but it's the ONLY way to guarantee they will not get sexually transmitted viruses such as HPV.

    And second, if you're a little older, you could already be infected.

    Don't panic; nearly everyone gets HPV at some point. But you don't need a shot, and you don't need meds.

    Even the CDC admits that 90 percent of HPV will be cleared out by your own immune system within two years.

    You can chase the rest out by boosting your immune system with a diet rich in the nutrients known to fight HPV, especially naturally detoxifying cruciferous vegetables.

    In other words, mom was right all those years ago.

    Eat your broccoli!

  2. Erectile dysfunction reversed with exercise

    Put some boom back in your bedroom

    I love sports as much as the next guy, but it's tough watching some of the games these days -- especially when my kids are around.

    If you have kids or grandkids, I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about.

    It's not the game that's the problem, even if some of those spoiled athletes are hardly a good example for children. It's the COMMERCIALS -- because it seems like half the spots they run during sports are drug ads that'll make you blush!

    At some point, drugmakers decided the best way to reach older guys who might be having erection problems is to advertise during sports -- and they don't seem to care if kids are watching.

    But if you're having some problems "down there" yourself, it's time to grab the remote.

    Turn off the commercials, and turn off the game -- because the real secret to a red-hot love life is in engaging in some sports of your own.

    Get up, get out, and get some exercise!

    The new review of seven studies finds that if you're READY to get busy with some physical activity, you'll be more WILLING and ABLE to get busy in the bedroom again.

    The studies involved a combined total of more than 500 men, with nearly 300 assigned to different workout routines and more than 200 told to do no exercise at all.

    At the start of the studies, the men were assessed for erectile function and given scores on a 25-point scale. Men at the higher end had the best function, while men at the lower end had problems.

    After a few weeks of exercise, however, those scores began to climb. And over time, they added nearly FOUR POINTS.

    That's not just a big difference. That's almost the change in scores you'd see from using sex meds!

    The study doesn't show a reason for the benefit, but sex problems in men are often related to poor circulation. Aerobics help boost that circulation and improve the flow of blood -- and when blood flows better, it can reach you-know-were quicker.

    But if you want some really impressive results, don't stop with exercise.

    Exercise is just one step in a simple and easy-to-follow five-point plan that even mainstream researchers admit is better than drugs at curing erectile dysfunction in older men.

    And unlike those meds, which come with risks, these simple steps will not only get you back in action in the bedroom... they'll also improve your overall health and cut your risk of heart disease.

    Best of all? All five steps are free... and one or two of them might even SAVE you money!

    Learn more in this free report from my House Calls archives.

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