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  1. Can’t lose weight?

    The breakthrough secret to losing weight faster than ever

    We all have a friend who never seems to gain weight.

    Go out for lunch or dinner, and your friend can order a bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries, wash it down with a milkshake, and then polish it off with a slice of pie and still look like a stick figure.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us get fatter just looking at the menu and just can't lose weight.

    You know your friend isn't a couch potato, but neither are you. Ask your friend for the secret, and you'll probably just get a shrug and the old line about having a "good metabolism."

    But it's not metabolism alone at work here.

    Today, I'm going to blow the whistle on your friend's secret and let you in on one big reason some people never gain weight while the rest of us can't lose weight and struggle to drop even a single pound.

    It's a protein called perilipin, and it's like a coat of armor for your fat cells. Once those cells are snug inside their perilipin shells, it doesn't matter how good your metabolism is.

    It can feel like it's next to impossible to burn them away

    But now, a major scientific breakthrough has uncovered two natural compounds that essentially have the power to help weaken that armor around your fat cells. It's the secret to helping you lose weight more quickly, easily and effectively than ever before.

    And you're not going to believe where they were found.

    One comes from a fruit called Garcinia mangostana, the other from a flower known as Sphaeranthus indicus.

    They've been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine. And now, modern science has backed them in a big way -- because together with diet and exercise efforts, these two natural compounds could even help triple your weight loss.

    Yes, you read that right. Triple your weight loss.

    I know that's hard to believe. I have no problem admitting that I was a skeptic myself.

    Then I saw the research that made a true believer out of me -- a remarkable study from UC Davis in which people lost weight and shed fat 200 percent faster when given these two safe and natural compounds, along with following an average diet and light exercise plan.

    These weren't lab rats. These were people, just like you, who had been struggling to lose weight.

    I was so impressed by the science that I put these two natural compounds at the heart of my new weight-loss formula, SlimSuccess.

    But I didn't stop there.

    Even the best diet -- and the fastest metabolism -- can be undermined by your own lack of willpower.

    You know what I'm talking about: The hunger that causes you to eat too much, and the cravings that lead you to eat all the wrong things.

    That's why each dose of stimulant-free SlimSuccess is also packed with safranal, a powerful natural compound from the spice saffron that research shows can help chase away hunger and slash snack cravings.

    In other words, your body doesn't just gain the support it needs to lose weight and burn fat faster. You also get help with the strength and willpower you need to make sure you don't sabotage your own diet plan and then can't lose weight.

    I believe SlimSuccess could be the secret to making yourself practically "fat-proof," but don't take my word for it. I'd like to give you a chance to try it risk-free, and even get a free bonus bottle.

    If you're ready to learn more -- if you're ready to show your fat cells whose boss -- click here.

  2. Green tomatoes for muscles?

    Green tomatoes and strong muscles

    Reach a certain age, and you're bound to lose a little muscle.

    But millions of seniors lose more than just a little. They lose so much they're practically wasting away -- and all that missing muscle can do more than just make it harder to open a jar of sauce.

    Weak muscles lead to poor balance, and poor balance could lead to a fall and a debilitating, crippling or even deadly injury.

    That's why it's critical to protect the muscle you have, and that doesn't mean pumping iron in the gym or running laps around the local racetrack.

    No, exercise can help, but nutrition is just as important -- and new research identifies one key nutrient that just might have the power to slow, stop and even reverse muscle wasting.

    This key compound could even help your body to grow new muscle without exercise.

    And you'll find it in the most unlikely of places: green tomatoes.

    Tomatoes -- especially green tomatoes -- contain a compound called alpha-tomatine. When you eat the tomatoes, your body converts the alpha-tomatine into another compound, called tomatidine.

    And the new study finds that tomatidine can actually reverse the genetic process that leads to muscle atrophy.

    In tests on cultured human muscle cells, tomatidine stimulated the growth of new muscle. In a second set of tests, mice given the compound saw their muscles grow and enjoyed everything that comes with it: they were stronger and able to exercise longer.

    And in mice suffering from muscle atrophy, tomatidine was able to treat the condition, according to the study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

    What's especially remarkable here is that while the mice gained muscle, they didn't gain weight -- a sign they must've burned fat, too, which means this tomato compound could also be a powerful tool in the fight against obesity.

    Of course, not many people outside of the Deep South eat green tomatoes (and when they do, they fry 'em -- which isn't exactly healthy).

    But you don't have to eat green tomatoes to protect your muscle.

    Researchers are working on a way to deliver tomatidine in supplement form. And while you wait, there's something else you can do: eat more apples.

    The ursolic acid found in apple peels has been shown to have a similar effect -- just one more way an apple or two a day really can help keep the doctor away.

  3. Vitamin D deficiency bad for heart health

    Low levels of vitamin D can increase your risk of heart disease and leave you battling the most severe form of the condition if you already have it.
  4. Avoid CT scan for gout

    Gout patients are being offered CT scans as means of diagnosing the condition -- but no one needs to be exposed to radiation to diagnose gout.
  5. Dodge hospital-acquired infections

    Hospital-acquired infections kill close to 75,000 Americans every year -- but you can make sure you're not among them.
  6. Lack of sleep a brain-damaging habit

    Missing out on sleep can kill off critical neurons in the brain and set the stage for cognitive problems.
  7. Chronic stress triggers allergies

    Chronic strees the part of allergies that's within your control Spring is in the air, and with it comes everything else -- and not just baseball and barbecues. Pollen and other allergens are also out in force, turning spring into allergy season for tens of millions of Americans. But it's not just what's floating around in the air that's making you miserable. Continue reading →
  8. Mediterranean diet can prevent diabetes

    Prevent Diabetes with diet The Garden of Eden wasn't in Greece or Italy -- but I'm convinced that a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean meats and fish is as close to the Original Diet as you'll find. These are the foods we've been designed to eat, and you don't need to turn to the Bible for proof of that. No, modern science confirms that a back-to-basics diet rich in Biblical foods is just about the healthiest lifestyle around, helping to fight disease and extend lives. And now, new research confirms that if you go Mediterranean, you could prevent diabetes -- a scourge that some 80 million Americans either already have, or are on the verge of getting. Continue reading →
  9. Test for Alzheimer’s disease

    A new blood test being pushed for dementia is so inaccurate that two-thirds of the people who test positive will never get the disease.
  10. Controlling anger could save your life

    An angry outburst can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke by up to seven times in the two hours afterward, new research finds.
  11. Drug side effects make you feel worse

    Drug given for many common conditions can actually worse other common diseases, a new study confirms.
  12. Senior moments not mild cognitive impairment

    Memory lapses or "senior moments" might feel like warning signs of dementia, but they're not. Four of five seniors who experience them will never develop the disease.
  13. Cefaly migraine failure

    A new device approved for migraines can supposedly make the condition better, but it doesn't work for most people.
  14. Antibiotics worsen Crohn's

    Antibiotics are commonly given to Crohn's patients, but new research shows they can actually make the disease worse.
  15. High protein foods can boost cancer risk

    A diet high in animal protein in middle age can quadruple the risk of death from cancer later, making too much meat as bad for you as smoking.
  16. Dangers of fungal diseases

    A common cause of illness your doctor will ignore Imagine running out of gas and calling AAA for help -- but when it comes, they never even ask what you need. And instead of filling your tank, they change your tires and leave. Crazy, right? Now, I'm sure that's never happened on the side of a highway. AAA is better than that. Continue reading →
  17. Blood pressure meds cause crippling falls

    Common meds given to seniors to slash blood pressure can increase the risk of falls and potentially crippling injuries due to falls.
  18. Advanced glycation end products

    Grilling, frying and charring meats can produce a substance that damages the brain and may even cause cognitive decline.
  19. Dangers of antidepressants

    New dangers linked to mood meds Some 30 million Americans take antidepressants every year. They're used by so many people so often that you almost certainly know someone who's taking them. And now, new research confirms that the majority of these patients are battling serious and damaging psychological side effects. In fact, of the 1,829 patients taking antidepressants surveyed in the new study: Continue reading →
  20. Boost immune system with vitamin D

    The best immune-boosting nutrient is... Your immune system is like your bank account. It's important at every age -- but the older you get, the more essential it is to your overall wellbeing. I can't do much about your bank account. But I can help you with your immune system, because I have a long list of ways you can invest in your good health. And the one deposit you should make daily is a stash of vitamin D, because new research confirms that the sunshine vitamin just might be the most powerful immune-boosting nutrient of all. Continue reading →

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