1. The TRUE cause of memory loss (Hint: It’s NOT what you think!)

    There’s a SECRET condition that’s slowly robbing millions of Americans of their most precious memories...

    And it’s NOT what you think.

    It’s not your age… even if your doctor says it is.

    It’s not dementia… even if that’s what you’re worried about.

    And it’s not a drug side effect… even though that certainly IS a culprit in many cases.

    No, this one is a lot harder to spot.

    That’s the bad news.

    The good news? It’s also a whole lot simpler to fix – and you can start as soon as TODAY.

    I’ll show you how...

    Losing your memories… in your sleep

    The problems start in your sleep.

    But in this case, it’s not how much you sleep or how well you sleep—even though both are important to memory.

    It’s what happens when you sleep… late at night… without even realizing it.

    Millions of Americans struggle to breathe in their sleep. It’s a condition called sleep apnea – but unless you’ve been tested for it, or have a spouse who has seen you gasping for air in the night, you’ll NEVER know you have it.

    If you do, those short gaps in oxygen could empty out your memory tank, leaving you left with what’s known as “overgeneralized” memories.

    That’s when you remember things… in general… but struggle with the details.

    You might recall that your wedding was in Poughkeepsie. But you might forget the name of the priest who did the service… what you said to each other that magical day… and even when your new brother-in-law had a little too much and made a fool of himself at the reception.

    In the new study, folks with apnea were two and a half times more likely to have these overgeneralized memories.

    SCARY! It’s like the most important parts of your life story… lost forever.

    But we can bring them back.

    With the tips I’m about to reveal, you’ll be able to RESTORE you brain power, REGAIN your memories and AVOID the frustration of forgetting what’s important to you.

    How to BEAT sleep apnea

    When docs diagnose apnea, they usually advise an oxygen mask (aka CPAP), which can be almost impossible to sleep with. Some will do a short surgery which can be painful and not 100 percent effective.

    There are two easier ways:

    1) Stop drinking, especially at night: Booze is already a great sleep disruptor. And if you have apnea, it can trigger MORE episodes that last LONGER.

    2) Drop a few pounds: I’m not talking about a dramatic and impossible diet. Sure, if you want to remake your life to be healthier, I’m all for it. But when it comes to apnea, the condition will usually ease after dropping even 5 percent of body weight… and can often be cured if you lose 10 percent.

    Those are pretty realistic targets for anyone, often achievable within just a month or two!

  2. Is your doctor GIVING you a stroke? [SHOCKING!]

    There’s a TOP KILLER that mainstream doctors DON’T want to talk about.

    Not in a way that matters, at least.

    Sure, they’ll WARN you of the risk of a stroke – but if and when it happens, they’ll take one of two positions:

    • It’s YOUR fault. YOU caused it because YOU’RE not healthy enough.
    • It’s just one of those freak things that happens, and no one really knows why.

    But the truth is, there’s another, HIDDEN reason why more than one in four American adults can now expect to suffer a stroke at some point in their lives...

    It’s one they’ll NEVER warn you about, NEVER mention, and NEVER admit to.

    It’s because…


    Yes, friend, many of today’s strokes aren’t caused by your own supposedly poor lifestyle choices or “bad luck.”

    Today, I’ll tell you what your doctor won’t.

    Then, I’ll show you how you can AVOID this major stroke risk!

    The REAL cause of stroke – and how to AVOID IT

    Scientists call a new analysis of data on stroke risk “startling” ...

    The data, pooled from around the world, finds risk is JUMPING in poor countries and DROPPING in rich ones...pretty much what you’d expect.

    But with one GLARING exception: the United States.

    Up to 29 percent of American adults will experience a stroke – a rate that’s between three and six times higher than in Africa and South America.

    The study doesn’t show WHY the risk is so stubbornly high in the U.S., but I can tell you right now one reason for it.

    It’s painkillers… including the supposedly “safe” over-the-counter stuff so many doctors recommend as the first option for common forms of pain, including chronic pain.

    The truth is, NSAIDs taken daily by millions can increase the risk of stroke by about a third overall.

    Some of them are even worse.

    A 2016 report in Neurology Reviews found the wildly popular drug ibuprofencan increase the risk of nonfatal heart attack, stroke or vascular death by 44 percent.

    A 2015 warning from Harvard found the risk kicks in after just a few weeks of using NSAIDs.

    And the longer you use them – and the higher the dose – the BIGGER the RISK.

    Who uses these drugs at higher doses for longer periods?

    SENIORS, of course!

    They’re the ones trying to cope with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis.

    You need to know that NSAIDs are one of the most common meds that can be 100 percent effectively replaced with all-natural, PROVEN alternatives.

    Here’s how to beat the pain without the meds or risks:

    • Arthritis: Natural eggshell membrane can ease joint stiffness so you can move more easily and without pain.
    • Back pain: Non-drug therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and spinal adjustment can ease the pain in just a few sessions.
    • Neuropathy: Alpha lipoic acidcan seek and destroy the free radicals damaging your nerves, while acetyl-L-carnitine can help to restore them. Work in some B12 and you should have total protection for your nerves.

    And of course, don’t forget topical MSM, natural anti-inflammatories and CBD oil for quick and easy relief with none of the risks.

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    The REAL reason you feel so crummy (and a 5-minute gamechanger!) A HIDDEN affliction has struck millions with symptoms that can RUIN your day… Maybe even WRECK your life. Brain fog… Stomach problems… Headaches… ALL be traced to one single condition: food allergies. Yet most docs are absolutely CLUELESS about it!   They can’t tell you: What’s CAUSING your symptoms...
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  11. Gene editing comes to the supermarket

    TERRIFYING new foods are SNEAKING into your supermarket (Here’s how to avoid them) Move over, GMOs… A frightening new science experiment is headed to supermarkets. Fruits, meats, salad dressings... nearly everything will be “made” with this technology. It’ll provide the industry with foods that: Grow bigger; Grow faster; Stay fresh longer; and, of course... DELIVER BIGGER PROFITS! But there’s ONE...
  12. Urinary tract infections can be STOPPED for good

    The REAL reason your UTIs keep coming back (And what to do) Your doc will blame your urinary tract infections (UTIs) on bacteria... And he’s partially right. But there’s something else that gets to share the blame here, too, and it’s not some microscopic little bug. It’s the very ANTIBIOTICS that are supposedly TREATING the infection. New research reveals how...
  13. Lyme disease discovery STUNS feds

    Get to the bottom of your “mystery illness” (No, you’re NOT crazy!) A SECRET EPIDEMIC is running rampant across the United States... Most mainstream doctors won’t TEST for it... Many won’t even TALK about it... And they certainly don’t know how to TREAT it! Yet close to 600,000 Americans are battling with this disease every day. You might be one...
  14. Seasonal affective disorder cured without meds

    BEAT “winter blues” and LOVE the holidays again It’s supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year,” when we celebrate the joy of Christmas and the birth of Christ… Yet MILLIONS of people are desperately unhappy. They’re not just grumps who hate the holidays. No, they’re being hit with a devastating form of depression called seasonal affective disorder...
  15. Incontinence defeated… WITHOUT drugs

    End embarrassing bladder leaks WITHOUT drugs It’s one of the most COMMON health problems facing older women. I’m talking about that leaky bladder… and how it always seems to act up at the WORST possible time. It can STOP YOU from doing everything you love.... Going out for fun evenings with friends – even a trip to the supermarket...
  16. Knee replacement surgery often doesn’t work

    END knee pain WITHOUT a joint replacement! Some people brag about their new cars. But once you’re past a certain age, you start to hear a different kind of boast. “Check out my new knees!” At a cost of about $50,000 a pop, a new knee can be more expensive than a new car, too. But while cars are getting...
  17. Diabetes triggered by household toxins

    REVERSE diabetes without a single pill Diabetes? Me?? NOW??? It’s the shocking diagnosis more seniors are hearing than ever before. Just when you think you’re out of the woods – just when you think you couldn’t possibly get diabetes at your age – your doc hits you with the bad news. Yes, you. Yes, now. You’ve got diabetes. He’ll...
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    STOP your bones from SNAPPING with these 4 ingredients Can you imagine scientists urging people to STOP doing science? Well, you don’t have to imagine. It just happened. A group of scientists is trying to claim that vitamin D won’t help strengthen your bones or stop you from falling. And here’s where things get fishy -- they’re also warning other...
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    Repair your lungs with this completely natural cure It’s one of the top causes of death in the nation, and for guys it’s a condition that ends more lives than prostate cancer. Yet you don’t hear a peep about it! I’m talking about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). And there’s a new breakthrough that can help you reverse it. So...
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    These foods can give you the WORST infection of your life If people knew what all the funny words listed on ingredients panels really meant, they’d NEVER touch processed food. Polydimethylsiloxane, used in chicken nuggets, is a silicon polymer also used in silly putty and breast implants. EWW! That’s why I have a simple rule: If I don’t recognize...

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