Weight Loss

  1. Obesity is NOT your fault

    The REAL reason you can’t lose weight (HINT: It’s not your fault!)

    If you’re overweight or obese, they’ll wag their fingers at you – right in your face – and say it’s your own fault.

    But I’ve never bought that.

    I know the TRUE reason so many people gain weight just by LOOKING at a menu.

    And I know the TRUE reason so many people can’t shake those extra pounds no matter how hard they try!

    And now… after years of blaming and shaming overweight Americans… the mainstream just reached a startling conclusion.

    Your weight is NOT your fault after all!

    A group of mainstream experts are now urging medical societies to recognize obesity as a DISEASE and not something that people do to themselves.

    They wrote the following in BMJ, one of the world’s leading mainstream medical journals:

    “Body weight, fat distribution, and risk of complications are strongly influenced by biology – and it is not an individual’s fault if they develop obesity.”

    Yes, it’s just what I’ve been saying all along…

    In fact, I’ve not only known all about this TRUE reason, I also know how to FIX IT once and for all.

    And that’s where they’re still getting it wrong.

    Because while the establishment has finally been clued into the cause, their solution is worse than the disease.

    And it could RUIN THE LIVES of millions of Americans desperate to lose weight!

    A HEALTHY way to shed pounds

    See, many in the mainstream hope that making it a “disease” will reduce “barriers” to treatment… which sounds great. I certainly support the idea of removing the stigma so more people seek the help they need.

    But as far as the mainstream is concerned, you’ve got just three options:

    • Restrictive diets, which never work or don’t last even when they do succeed.
    • Drugs, which often deliver disappointingly minimal weight loss and come with a great risk of side effects.
    • Surgery, which has a risk of complications as well as a long-term risk of digestive disorders including an inability to absorb certain nutrients.

    But there’s another way – one that is far safer, much more effective and helps strike out at the TRUE CAUSE of your weight gain and the REAL REASON it’s so difficult to burn off fat.

    Fat cells were designed for long-term storage so we’d have a source of energy in the body always available…

    Bbut that same “protection” that makes them easy to store is also what makes it close to impossible to burn them off.

    However, two all-natural compounds – Garcinia mangostana and Sphaeranthus indicus – can RIP OFF that protective layer, leaving the fat cell exposed so you can burn it off quickly.

    In one study, these two natural compounds helped dieters to lose weight THREE TIMES FASTER!

    You can find them individually, but to maximize your results look for a formula that has BOTH, combined with other all-natural weight-loss nutrients.

  2. The EFFORTLESS secret to weight loss that works with ANY diet

    Google the word “diet” and you’d best stand back...

    Because you’re going to get slammed with advice from every possible direction – and just about everything you read will contradict itself...

    Quit the carbs!

    No, wait, you need carbs! Quit fat instead.

    Hang on, you need fat, too! Count calories!

    No, count points!

    It’s enough to make your head spin.

    You’ve probably tried a few diets yourself over the years.

    And you’ve probably been disappointed by the results.

    But there’s a reason they’re all doomed to fail – and it’s one I’m going to teach you how to FIX today...

    Why diets fail… and how YOU can have SUCCESS

    Fat cells are some of the stubbornest cells in your body – ready to FIGHT and RESIST any attempts to burn them off.

    They have a protein called perilipin, or PLIN, they use like a suit of armor.

    And once they’re encased in this coating...

    Good luck trying to get rid of them.

    They’re practically impervious to just about EVERYTHING you try, from exercise to diets.

    Even when the diets DO work… for a little while… that same armored shell is what leads to those sudden and frustrating plateaus.

    You know what I’m talking about.

    In the first couple of weeks of a diet, you're optimistic and feeling great as you start to lose weight.

    Then, suddenly, it stops.

    You’re still dieting. Maybe you’re even exercising.

    Yet you're no longer losing much weight at all.

    That’s the PLIN armor undermining you again.

    But today, I’m going to give you just the hammer you need to smash that armor open, expose the fat cells hiding inside, and burn them off for good.

    Two compounds – one from a fruit called Garcinia mangostana and the other from a flower known as Sphaeranthus indicus – can crack the PLIN so you LOSE WEIGHT FAST.

    In one remarkable study, volunteers were put on a very generous diet of 2,000 calories per day along with a super-easy “exercise” regimen of just 30 minutes of walking, five days a week.

    And when they were given these compounds, they lost weight THREE TIMES FASTER!

    I was so amazed by the results that I put these two PLIN-popping superstars at the heart of my weight-loss formula, SlimSuccess.

    But I didn’t stop there...

    To REALLY help put the “SUCCESS” in “SlimSuccess,” I also added safranal, a natural compound from the spice saffron that can fight off hunger and cravings so you’re less likely to overeat and snack.

    The result?

    REAL success!

    I’d like you to enjoy these remarkable results for yourself risk-free, so here’s the deal:
    Set any goal you want. ANY goal at all. And if SlimSuccess doesn’t give you the success you’re looking for, send it back to me for a full refund.

    Learn more right here.

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