Weight Loss

  1. Weight gain BLOCKED with this one delicious snack

    This delicious treat can STOP weight gain in its tracks

    It’s one of the most visible – and FRUSTRATING – parts of aging.

    I’m not talking about the wrinkles on your face or the gray in your hair.

    No, it’s those extra pounds that slowly and quietly build up around your waistline year after year.

    Now, new research reveals an effortless secret that can BLOCK and REVERSE that weight hain.

    It’ll keep the extra pounds off your waistline -- and maybe even melt off some of what’s already there...

    Treat yourself with this WEIGHT-BUSTER

    All you have to do is break out your nutcracker!

    No, not the decorative one that always comes out this time of year.

    Get the kind you can USE – the kind that can pop your favorite nuts open so you can enjoy nature’s greatest treat – and keep it on hand all year long.

    Two new studies find that just a handful of nuts can help STOP weight gain, and that’s a trick that’ll especially come in handy in the holiday season.

    The trick isn’t just to add nuts.

    It’s to REPLACE something else with nuts.

    Make that one swap, and the first study finds you’ll have MUCH LESS of that age-related weight gain the creeps up on you over time.

    That makes perfect sense; these protein-packed, mineral-rich superstars of the snack world are loaded with healthy fats.

    Snacks like potato chips, on the other hand, are empty calories with zero nutrition.

    When you eat those empty carbs – like chips or sugary treats – two things happen. Your blood sugar levels spike and fall, and the hormones that signal “hunger” and “satisfaction” don’t quite get the right message.

    That causes you to feel hungry shortly afterward, so you eat more.

    It’s the real reason you “can’t eat just one.”

    Nuts are just the OPPOSITE.

    They won’t cause the blood sugar roller coaster. And the healthy fats and other nutrients help signal your body – and your hormones – that you’ve eaten and you’re happy.

    In other words, you’ll be less likely to go looking for another snack!

    And that’s not the only way they can help.

    The second study finds that Brazil nuts, in particular, not only help you feel fuller so you eat less overall, but they can also keep blood sugar in check and regulate your body’s production of insulin.

    Other studies have found nuts, in general as a daily treat, can cut the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer -- even death.

    Yes, all that… just from a simple snack!

  2. Weight loss speeds up with this one little trick

    Drop 5 pounds in just ONE SECOND!

    Can you lose weight in just one second?

    It sounds too good to be true. Heck, it sounds downright impossible.

    But there’s a quick trick that’ll literally take you about a second a day.

    It’s painless...


    And you already have everything you need on hand...

    The easiest weight loss trick of all time

    I’m talking about stepping on the scale.

    Yes, THAT scale. The one that might currently be stuffed under a bathroom counter.

    Maybe you’ve been avoiding weighing yourself because you suspect that number is higher than it should be (no shame in that; you’re hardly alone).

    And while you might not want to be reminded of it, a new study reveals how it might be just what you need to KICKSTART your weight loss.

    Just knowing your weight by checking it daily – and seeing how your decisions each day affect it – can very subtly change your behavior in ways you won’t even notice.

    I know that sounds like psychobabble.

    But it’s not, as this one, simple, daily one-second habit triggered significant weight loss in the new study... even when people made NO OTHER CHANGES!

    The folks this experiment weren’t asked to diet or shift their habits. They weren’t even asked to weigh themselves.

    In fact, they probably didn’t even know they were part of this study...

    They were taking part in ANOTHER study – one on heart health – and had digital scales that automatically sent data to a clinic when they did choose to step on it.

    Some used those scales daily. Some hopped on occasionally. And some almost never did.

    And between the two extremes, researchers spotted one key difference.

    The folks who almost never weighed themselves never lost weight… while the folks who stepped on the scale six or seven times a week lost 1.7 percent of their body weight over the course of a year.

    Obviously, if you’re on a diet, you want to lose more weight than that.

    But remember: these folks weren’t dieting.

    They lost up to 5 POUNDS by doing NOTHING AT ALL other than checking the scale each day!

    Combine it with other proven strategies for weight loss – including the Mediterranean diet that I’m such a big believer in – and you can watch the pounds practically melt away.

    That 1.7 percent is suddenly a huge head start. If you’re trying to lose 5 percent, you’re nearly half way there… and if you’re trying to drop 10 percent, that puts you nearly a fifth of the way toward your goal.

    Not bad for something that literally takes a second a day!

  3. Weight loss can be effortless with this one trick

    Why diets FAIL… and how to succeed WITHOUT one! It’s official: Your diet has already failed… even if you haven’t started it yet! New numbers from the federal government expose the ugly truth about decades of mainstream diet advice. NONE of it works! Just about EVERY diet is doomed from the beginning, which shouldn’t surprise you too much. You’ve no...
  4. Diet drugs rejected by mainstream authorities

    Big Pharma gets some BAD news… and it’s GOOD for you! It’s a SLAP in the FACE of the drug industry… and you’re not going to believe who delivered this incredible smackdown. The most mainstream health organization of all! The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force just REFUSED to back the industry’s “latest and greatest” meds. It’s REJECTED the diet drugs...
  5. Defeat obesity WITHOUT going on a diet

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  6. Mediterranean diet slashes death risk in half

    Cut your DEATH RISK by 50 percent! A prescription to CHEAT DEATH? I know that sounds downright impossible, too crazy to even imagine. Even if such a thing existed, you’d need a pile of money – and good connections – to get your hands on it. It’s not so crazy after all. I’m here today to tell you that there...
  7. Weight loss undermined by toxins in food, cosmetics

    The REAL reason you CAN’T lose weight Sometimes, it can feel like you’re just a MAGNET for excess weight. No matter what you do, you can’t shake those stubborn extra pounds. You might even GAIN a few… even when you’re working hard to LOSE them! How frustrating is that? The reason is simple: Your weight isn’t always about diet and...
  8. Weight loss speeds if you convert white fat to brown

    Force your body to BURN fat… with this quick trick! It’s everyone’s dream come to life. One little poke… one little jab… one tiny injection… and all your extra body fat will melt away. No surgery. No drugs. No side effects. Just rapid weight loss. Even if you’re afraid of needles, that has to sound tempting, right? That’s what researchers...
  9. Artificial sweeteners linked to weight gain

    This 'diet' switch can make you fatter It's the vicious cycle that leads to weight gain... obesity... and diabetes. And it could be CAUSED by trying to STOP it! Crazy, right? But new research shows how there's a right way and a wrong way to stop weight gain and prevent the onset of diabetes. And many people unknowingly pick the...
  10. Kaufmann diet attacks cancer at its root

    Destroy cancer with this groundbreaking at-home therapy It's the cancer-fighting secret that EVERYONE will be talking about in the near future. But today, I'm going to put you ahead of the curve. I've got tomorrow's news today -- because I've got the scoop on the groundbreaking research behind a proven technique that attacks the hidden cause of many cancers. This...
  11. Excess belly fat linked to death risk in women

    A deadly case of... muffin top?!? Ladies, you KNOW that the muffin top that turned up after menopause is unsightly, so I'm sure that you want it GONE. But that's not the only important reason to make that muffin crumble, as new research shows how that extra layer of fat around the middle isn't just a nuisance. It could also...
  12. ‘Mindful’ diet won’t help you lose weight

    Chew on this crazy new diet advice Sometimes, I just can't believe the nonsense I read. A new report in The Washington Post, of all places, claims that your diet isn't about WHAT you eat. It's about HOW you eat it and how you FEEL about your food. Now I understand where the "fake news" label comes from! This bit...
  13. Researchers’ ‘best’ diets are both duds

    Why the two 'best' diets DON'T work It's the battle of the diets, and we have a winner. A new study put two of the most popular diets up in a head-to-head match over one-year clinical trial. Some of the dieters went low-fat. The rest went low-carb. And the results are surprising a lot of people. There were almost no...
  14. Weight-loss plans can backfire, and here’s why

    Why is it so easy to gain weight back? (It's not what you think!) Losing weight is a battle for every pound. When you've fought hard to burn a little off, the last thing in the world you want is to give any of it back. Not even an ounce. Yet as any dieter knows... it happens. It happens so...
  15. Pain eased with a little weight loss

    Ease ANY pain with this ONE little change Here's one from the Department of No Kidding: Lose a little weight, and you can expect to have less pain. Not just certain types of aches, mind you. Name that pain, and it'll disappear down the drain! From common joint and back problems... to aches in your arms and chest... shedding a...
  16. Weight loss slashes breast cancer risk

    Cut your breast cancer risk by 42 percent Ladies, it's being billed as the easy way to slash your risk of some of today's leading killer cancers. One quick procedure, and you can wipe out cancer before ever has a chance to take hold. I bet you're thinking there's a catch. Of course there is... and it's a doozy! The...
  17. Burn fat with berberine – not drugs!

    Turbo-charge weight loss with this potent herbal secret It's the supposed breakthrough that the clueless media claim will lead to a powerful new weight-loss drug. Pop this magic pill, and your dangerous and unsightly layer of fat will transform into a calorie-burning machine. And you'll have a slimmer, trimmer you in no time at all. But don't get your hopes...
  18. Weight loss accelerated with olive oil

    Speed weight loss with this simple salad topping It's the simple secret to weight loss: Just sprinkle this stuff onto your food, and you can watch your waistline practically shrink before your eyes. It tastes great... and it's available at every supermarket in the nation. The secret? Plain old olive oil! For years, researchers have been baffled by why the...
  19. Disability linked to being sedentary

    How to hold onto your independence as you get older MOVE it... or LOSE it! When it comes down to it, that's the most important piece of advice I could ever give you -- especially if you're a little older. Sure, you need to eat right and watch your nutrition. Those are important parts of the "big" picture, including protection...
  20. Simple trick to fitness can stop deadly disease

    Get fit in just 21 minutes a day Change your health... and change your LIFE... in just 21 minutes? I know that sounds too good to be true, but new research reveals the effortless 21-minute secret to better health, stronger muscle, and a lower risk of chronic disease. It's so easy that anyone can do it. It won't cost you...

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