Weight Loss

  1. Weight-loss plans can backfire, and here’s why

    Why is it so easy to gain weight back? (It's not what you think!)

    Losing weight is a battle for every pound.

    When you've fought hard to burn a little off, the last thing in the world you want is to give any of it back.

    Not even an ounce.

    Yet as any dieter knows... it happens. It happens so often that most people who lose weight end up gaining much of it back.

    Some even end up with more around the middle than ever.

    Now, a new study shows why, and it's not just a return of old bad habits.

    Your diet success is quietly being undermined by hidden poisons.

    They're all around you right now -- possibly in your food and even in the very chair you're sitting in.

    They're chemicals called perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFASs, and they're found in furniture... clothing... non-stick pans... and more.

    PFASs are even used in fast-food wrappers.

    In the new study, researchers tracked more than 621 dieting overweight and obese people to see how they did it. More importantly, they also tracked them afterward to see who gained the weight back, and why.

    Overall, the folks with the highest blood levels of the chemicals also had the highest risk of regaining their weight.

    And ladies, you're facing the biggest risk here: Women with high levels of PFASs in the blood regained nearly five extra pounds when compared to women with low levels.

    Tests also revealed the reason for it, showing how these chemicals can slow your metabolism to a crawl, making it harder to burn off weight and easier to gain it back.

    If that's not reason enough to worry about PFASs, they've also been linked to other health risks, including cancer and immune system problems.

    You want to avoid them as much as you can.

    The real question is: Can you?

    Odds are, you can't eliminate them completely, but you can take steps to cut your exposure dramatically.

    First, avoid packaged foods -- especially fast foods, as the chemical is often found in the wrappers.

    Second, dust often -- and wear a mask when you do -- since the PFASs in your furniture upholstery slowly break down over time and get released into the air, where they join your house dust and can be inhaled.

    Consider furniture covers made of natural materials that can help limit the release of the chemicals into the air around your room.

    And third, choose products less likely to have PFASs. "Non-stick," "oil-repelling," and "stain-resistant" are all phrases that should trigger warning bells -- whether they're listed on cookware, clothing, or anything else -- as they're almost always a sign of PFASs at work.

  2. Pain eased with a little weight loss

    Ease ANY pain with this ONE little change

    Here's one from the Department of No Kidding: Lose a little weight, and you can expect to have less pain.

    Not just certain types of aches, mind you.

    Name that pain, and it'll disappear down the drain!

    From common joint and back problems... to aches in your arms and chest... shedding a few pounds can help ease it all, according to the latest.

    You don't say!

    The new study finds that weight loss can even help improve pain in oddball places such as your jaw.

    Now, of course, if you're already at your ideal weight, then losing a few more pounds won't make much difference when it comes to pain.

    But that's not a problem most folks have.

    The average American is now overweight or even obese, and those extra pounds are taking a real toll on your body, which is why the new study of 123 obese patients finds that losing even a little weight can dramatically ease just about any form of pain.

    The study finds that you can see real and lasting benefits by losing 10 percent of your body weight over 12 weeks.

    If you're at 200 pounds, that's just 20 pounds. If you're at 250 pounds, your target is 25 pounds.

    If you can get it done, you can enjoy less pain -- and that's not all. The study also finds that weight loss can boost your energy and improve your mental health, too.

    As I said, NO KIDDING.

    OF COURSE weight loss packs all of those benefits. That same 10 percent drop in weight loss can also help with everything from sleep to hormone function, too.

    And let's not forget that losing weight will also cut your risk of chronic and deadly disease, including diabetes and heart disease.

    But it's the pain benefit that's getting all the attention right now, in part because the mainstream can't seem to figure out why it works.

    Sure, it understands how losing weight can take the load off the knees, hip, and back and chase away joint pain. But its members are scratching their heads over why it can also ease other types of aches and agonies, including that jaw pain.

    The easy answer is that extra weight -- and the conditions that come along with it -- are among the biggest drivers of inflammation in your body.

    And inflammation is a major source of pain.

    So, for maximum benefits, don't just lose weight. Lose weight with an all-natural diet with minimal processed foods, which can help to reduce inflammation more dramatically, leading to bigger, better and faster improvements in everything from your waistline to your pain levels.

  3. Weight loss slashes breast cancer risk

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  4. Burn fat with berberine – not drugs!

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  5. Weight loss accelerated with olive oil

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  6. Disability linked to being sedentary

    How to hold onto your independence as you get older MOVE it... or LOSE it! When it comes down to it, that's the most important piece of advice I could ever give you -- especially if you're a little older. Sure, you need to eat right and watch your nutrition. Those are important parts of the "big" picture, including protection...
  7. Simple trick to fitness can stop deadly disease

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  8. Testosterone levels sink due to common chemical

    This 'hidden' chemical can sap your manhood Guys, you know what "right" feels like... and right now, it feels like everything has gone wrong at once. You've got less energy than a high schooler during exams week. You're gaining weight like a bear heading into hibernation. And your libido seems to have clocked out for a break -- years ago...
  9. Weight-loss devices linked to deadly risk

    WARNING: Weight-loss treatment linked to death risk There's an urgent new warning for anyone considering the "latest and greatest" weight-loss method. This one's getting plenty of attention because it has a sales pitch that's tough to beat. You DON'T have to follow any restrictive diet... and you DON'T need any real surgery. But you DO lose weight -- and lots...
  10. How soda messes up your metabolism

    Just ONE soda can do this to your body It's 2017, and no one's under any illusions anymore. Soda's bad, right? We all know that, yet I bet you've had a soda at some point recently. Don't be too hard on yourself over it -- soda's a multi-billion-dollar industry, so you're hardly alone. The reason it remains popular is simple...
  11. Dust chemicals linked to weight gain

    You won't believe what else could be making you fat You know how all the wrong foods and drinks can make you fat. But most folks don't realize that you could stick to a perfect diet and STILL struggle to lose weight. In some cases, you might even gain it. One reason for it isn't in something you're eating. It's...
  12. Weight loss protects against heart failure

    Spot your heart risk with this one easy step You can't get a heart scan any old time you feel like it. But you CAN get a glimpse of the health of your heart easily enough -- and it's with something that's probably sitting in the bathroom right now. It's your scale. Some folks step on it every morning. Others...
  13. Curcumin wipes out liver fat

    Melt away the most DANGEROUS type of fat... effortlessly A little extra belly fat is easy enough to cover up. Loose clothes and a tighter belt might not be comfortable, but no one will know you've gained a couple of pounds. Except you. You'll be painfully aware of it -- literally, if the belt is so tight you can hardly...
  14. Metabolic syndrome risks can rise quickly

    How two weeks can wreck your health It can happen in a hurry. One day, you're enjoying the gentle warmth of May, spending as much time as you can outdoors. But then June hits -- and with it those nasty, sticky heat waves, all you want to do is shut the windows, seal the doors, and crank up the A/C...
  15. Cinnamon can fight damage of fatty foods

    Boost your metabolism with this spicy secret Autumn might be four long and steamy months away, but there's one part of the season we should keep around all year long. Cinnamon isn't just for pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, and hot drinks on cool nights. It also packs a powerful punch when it comes to your health. Studies show it can...
  16. Waistline is more important than weight

    This one measurement tells you everything Forget the scale... and break out the measuring tape. We all like to associate our weight with our health, but let's face it: It's not because it's the BEST measurement. It's the EASIEST! We can step on the scale and get an instant answer (even if it's one that makes you want to hide...
  17. Obesity is dangerous even if you’re “metabolically healthy”

    'Healthy obesity' doesn't exist You want a sure sign of how backward the world is spinning right now? Some folks are so politically correct that they actually think it's RUDE when a doctor tells them they're unhealthy because of their weight. It's true! That's not rude; that's just being honest. And I'm certainly not going to lie to my patients...
  18. Cancer linked to obesity

    Cut your risk of 11 forms of cancer today! The arrival of spring next week is a good time to give your home the once-over to look for trouble spots, especially if you live someplace where the winter was rough. The windows might need some caulk... the back door may have taken a beating... and who knows what may have...
  19. Stress hormones linked to weight gain

    Why you struggle to lose weight – and how to fix it I'll bet you have some friends who seem like they were born with the metabolism of a lion. Doesn't seem to matter how much they eat, they stay lean and fit. Most of us aren't so lucky. Sometimes, it seems like we're stuck with the metabolism of a...
  20. Food addiction is a hidden epidemic

    How to break the addiction you didn’t know you had "Me? An addict??? I'm not one of THOSE people!" If someone asks if you're an addict, that might be your response, especially if you never take anything stronger than a vitamin and rarely drink, if at all. But addiction is about more than booze and drugs. Millions of Americans are...

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