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  1. Stress hormones linked to weight gain

    Why you struggle to lose weight – and how to fix it

    I'll bet you have some friends who seem like they were born with the metabolism of a lion.

    Doesn't seem to matter how much they eat, they stay lean and fit.

    Most of us aren't so lucky. Sometimes, it seems like we're stuck with the metabolism of a hippo!

    It hardly seems fair.

    Now, the latest research reveals the secret to transforming yourself from a hippo into a lion -- a simple trick that can help you BURN calories faster, FEEL more energetic, and LOSE weight effortlessly.

    That's because this study reveals the difference between you and your friend with the red-hot metabolism.

    It's not luck... it's not diet... and it's not exercise. It's not even good genes!

    While all those things can certainly help, the new study finds the REAL reason so many folks gain weight easily and struggle to lose it.

    It's STRESS.

    The more of it you have, and the longer you've had it, the more likely you'll gain weight.

    The higher your levels of the "stress hormone" cortisol, the more likely you'll be overweight or obese, with a bigger waistline and a higher BMI, according to the study of some 2,500 older men and women.

    What makes this study so groundbreaking is that the researchers used a newer test for cortisol. Instead of looking at blood or urine, which only show how much cortisol is circulating right now, they used hair samples.

    Hair follicles can show cortisol levels going back months, giving a much better picture of long-term stress and chronic stress.

    The study also looked at long-term obesity, and found an even clearer connection to stress: The more of it you have, the more likely you will have been battling your waistline for at least four years.

    So, the key to controlling your weight and getting your metabolism back on track is simple: Fight stress.

    And that's GOOD news, because it's a whole lot easier than you think.

    The answer is inside your adrenal glands, which crank out cortisol in response to stress.

    For too many folks, the daily stress of modern living causes the adrenals to pump out cortisol constantly, leading to chronically high levels similar to what was revealed in the new study.

    If they keep at it, they'll wear down and burn out.

    But there's one simple way to give your adrenals the healthy support they need. It's an herbal remedy that's been used in India for centuries called ashwagandha, but this isn't folk medicine.

    Modern science shows this is the real deal, able to cut stress and reduce levels of cortisol.

    I was so impressed by the research backing ashwagandha that I developed an all-natural adrenal support formula called Adrenal Performance Plus. Along with cortisol-lowering ashwagandha, every easy-to-swallow capsule is also packed with a powerful blend of proven stress-fighting nutrients.

    Together, these natural remedies can help ease stress, relieve fatigue, boost energy and even help clear the cobwebs out of your mind -- and you can learn more about it, including how to see the results for yourself risk-free, right here.

  2. Food addiction is a hidden epidemic

    How to break the addiction you didn’t know you had

    "Me? An addict??? I'm not one of THOSE people!"

    If someone asks if you're an addict, that might be your response, especially if you never take anything stronger than a vitamin and rarely drink, if at all.

    But addiction is about more than booze and drugs.

    Millions of Americans are addicted to something just as dangerous and just as deadly -- and, like most addicts, they have no idea they have a problem.

    You might even be one of them without realizing it!

    Food addictions are real and serious. Sweeteners such as sugar and chemical additives in modern processed foods make everything seem more delicious... but that's not all.

    They trigger a release of opioid-like chemicals in the brain that give you a quick rush of pleasure.

    Once it wears off, you're looking for your next "fix."

    It might be a donut instead of heroin, but make no mistake about it: That craving is exactly how addiction works.

    It's the addiction problem hiding in plain sight, and goes a long way toward explaining why some three-quarters of Americans are now overweight or obese yet never seem to lose any weight despite years -- and sometimes DECADES -- of trying diet after diet after diet.

    I recently met with a leading Christian author who's come up with a groundbreaking new plan to break this devastating cycle by recognizing food addiction as a dependency that needs more than just a little willpower to overcome.

    Dr. Michael Brown isn't a medical doctor. His doctorate is in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures.

    But right now, he's perhaps best known as the TV host and inspirational speaker who's lost nearly 100 pounds by overcoming food addiction, and is now motivating others to do the same.

    His secret is spelled out in great detail in his book, Breaking The Stronghold of Food, written with his wife, Nancy. I'd recommend anyone struggling to lose weight to pick up a copy from Amazon or a local bookstore.

    The basics are pretty simple, but you can't do it alone -- which is why Dr. Brown turned to two important places for help.

    First, he turned to God. He acknowledged that he had a problem, repented of his addiction, and prayed for His grace.

    And second, he turned to his wife, making her a true partner in his recovery. He committed to eating only what she gave him.

    After spending time with Dr. Brown recently, I can tell you that he has incredible willpower, which keeps him on a healthy plant-based diet of all organic foods. And that, in turn, has given him boundless energy and intense focus in addition to dramatic weight loss.

    I'll share more on Dr. Brown and his inspirational story in next month's Health Revelations, including a quick no-cost test you can take at home that may reveal how addicted you are to food.

    And more importantly, I'll have more tips on how to break that cycle of addiction yourself.

    Keep an eye on your mailbox!

  3. Pain from obesity eased with inflammation-fighting foods

    The diet that can fight pain You know the risks. If you've let yourself go and gotten a little too big, you know you're facing diabetes and heart disease. But there's another risk -- one that doesn't get nearly as much attention, because you may not even realize it's being caused by your waistline. It's PAIN, and lots of it...
  4. Metabolic syndrome linked to cancer

    The risk you could face even if youre slim Remember the old "Get Out of Jail Free" card in Monopoly? There was nothing like getting that one -- you could play the game with confidence knowing that even if you were sent to the clink, you could get right back out. Some folks think being thin is a lot like...
  5. SlimSuccess can help you keep your resolutions

    SlimSuccess is the natural solution that can help you keep your resolutions, disarming fat cells so you can burn them off effortlessly.
  6. Sugar study funded by junk food companies

    Sugar is bad for you. That should be obvious, but a new study claims sugar’s been given a bum rap. Turns out that “study” was funded by the junk food industry!
  7. Aspartame linked to weight gain

    Aspartame, the ingredient in many diet sodas, can shut down a key part of digestion so that it's actually tougher to lose weight... and you could even gain it instead.
  8. Fish oil can fight inflammation as you lose weight

    Fish oil should be an important part of any diet, because the omega-3 fatty acids inside can fight inflammation as you lose weight.
  9. Obesity linked to dementia and liver cancer

    Obesity isn’t healthy. Everyone knows that – but new research shows just how bad it is, finding a direct link to dementia and liver cancer.
  10. Weight gain common over holidays

    Weight gain is common over the holidays – and over time, all those festivities could add 15 to 20 pounds to your waistline. Here’s how to fight back.
  11. Obesity drugs pushed by dangerous new study

    Obesity drugs don’t work especially well and come with huge risks – but a new study claims millions of Americans should be taking them anyway.
  12. Probiotics can speed weight loss

    Probiotics can help improve your digestion so you lose weight faster.
  13. Bariatric surgery increases risk of bone breaks

    Bariatric surgery can leave you battling nutritional deficiencies, leading to weaker bone and a higher risk of breaks.
  14. Ashwagandha can help you lose weight

    Ashwagandha, a natural stress-buster, can help you lose weight faster by stopping the cravings that doom so many diets.
  15. Water can help you lose weight

    Water isn’t just refreshing. Drink a tall glass before meals, and you’ll eat less, so you can lose more weight.
  16. Weight loss needs a year to kick in

    Weight loss isn’t the hardest part. Keeping it off is – and the secret isn’t in your diet, but how long you keep working at it.
  17. Mediterranean diet with more fat leads to more weight loss

    The Mediterranean diet wins again! New research shows how this healthy diet leads to more weight loss… even when you increase your fat intake.
  18. Weight-loss surgery can lead to depression

    Weight-loss surgery might shrink your stomach, but it could also mess with your mind, setting the stage for depression… or worsening the condition if you already have it.
  19. Ease rheumatoid arthritis with weight loss

    Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by your immune system, but it can be worsened by weight – and if you don’t drop a few pounds, you might never see any improvement.
  20. Weight loss gets a little easier when you eat more pulses

    Weight loss is only the first part of a diet. Keeping it off is the other – but a key ingredient in hummus can help ensure lost weight stays lost.

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