Weight Loss

  1. Extra exercise won’t lead to extra weight loss

    A little less exercise can go a long way

    As the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain.”

    Exercise is only supposed to be healthy if you suffer, right?

    Well, my friend, life’s too short to waste on something you hate. But I’ll bet you don’t really hate exercise. You hate what you think exercise is supposed to be: an hour of misery, pain, torture, and sweat at worst… or a boring and mind-numbing hour on a treadmill at best.

    I say it’s time we take that stupid saying and toss it, because new research shows that more pain is actually no gain at all.

    In fact, the harder you work out… the less you could have to show for it!

    Moderation is the key to everything in life, and that includes fitness.

    As you step up your activity levels, your metabolism hits a plateau, and your body stops burning calories, according to the new study of 332 adults from five countries.

    It’s as if the body makes an adjustment to stop itself from losing too much at once. It’s similar to what happens when you starve: Your metabolism slows so your body can hang onto what little it has for as long as it can.

    This study shows exactly why you can’t just push yourself harder in the gym and expect to lose weight.

    You have to eat less – and eat better – too.

    It’s not as hard as it sounds. The Mediterranean diet, for example, will help you to lose weight while still enjoying many of the foods you already love.

    And as the new study shows, your “exercise” doesn’t have to be anything painful. It could be a stroll through your local park at a brisk pace or an active hobby such as tennis, dancing, or a bike ride.

    If you need more help getting active, invite the grandkids over and tell them no iPhones or iPads allowed.

    Once the electronics are off, you can bet they’ll keep you on your toes.

  2. Low-fat diet can be deadly

    Why the low-fat diet can be a deadly mistake

    Looking back, I’m sure you can think of a ton of things that seemed like good ideas…at the time.

    Can you say “bell bottoms”…“disco”…or…“Crocs”?

    Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but there’s one very current bad idea that I want to address right now – because it may do so much damage, we may not be able to reap the benefits of hindsight until it’s too late.

    It’s one of the most popular diets today: the low-fat diet.

    For more than half a century, doctors across the country and even major health organizations have been pushing the badly oversimplified message that we need to cut our fat intake. But a major new study finds that this bad advice has been KILLING people around the world.

    By now, almost everyone recognizes that there are good fats and bad ones, yet some 50,000 Americans die every year of heart disease because they’re not eating the good, healthy fats – specifically, the polyunsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds and fatty fish.

    That’s a recipe for a diet disaster, because missing out on polyunsaturated fats means missing out on the omega-3 fatty acids that are so essential to your heart, brain, eyes, and more.

    As for those saturated fats that are supposed to be so darned bad for you, they’re not quite the villain they’ve been made out to be.

    Sure, if you consume too much of them, they are – but the study finds that just 3.6 percent of all deaths from heart disease are due to eating too much saturated fat.

    By comparison, more than 10 percent of all deaths from the disease are from NOT getting ENOUGH of the essential polyunsaturated fats.

    The new study isn’t perfect. It recommends people get more omega-6 fatty acids, when in reality, we should be more focused on increasing our intake of omega-3 fatty acids and achieving a roughly equal balance of omega 3 to omega 6.

    Right now, most Americans consume roughly 15 times more omega 6 than omega 3. And I don’t know about you, but I haven’t noticed the country getting any HEALTHIER as a result.

    You can swing your fat ratio around for the better and enjoy many of the foods you already love – and even drop a few pounds – by switching to a common-sense Mediterranean diet.

    Not coincidentally, this diet has proven to cut your heart risk almost in half, and you can read all about it for free right here.

  3. Parkinson’s disease

    Parkinson’s disease gets worse as you lose weight, according to new research that could help us figure out who needs help most.
  4. Obesity is deadly – even if you’re ‘fit’

    Obesity is a killer, even if you have no other risk factors. New research shows how obese people who exercise die sooner than thin people who don’t.
  5. SlimSuccess can speed weight loss

    SlimSuccess can help you lose weight three times faster without starving yourself.
  6. Pears can cut obesity risk

    Pears are packed with nutrients and essential fiber, and new research shows how eating them more often could cut your risk of obesity by more than a third.
  7. Weight loss gets tougher as you get bigger

    Weight loss is tough enough already, but new research shows how obesity can make it even more difficult to lose even a little bit of weight.
  8. Weight loss surgery industry uses holidays to sell surgeries

    New studies claim weight-loss surgery can ease everything from joint pain to sex dysfunction. But you don’t need surgery… just the weight loss!
  9. High-fiber diet can help you to lose weight

    The no-effort "diet" trick to dropping 5 pounds FAST!

    You know what drives me nuts about diets? Everyone is always telling you what NOT to eat. Avoid this, don't touch that -- and eventually, you're left with nothing but celery and rice cakes.
    No wonder so many diets fail!
    There's a much simpler way to lose weight, and it starts not by removing your favorite foods… but adding a few more of the foods you already love.
    Too good to be true? Continue reading

  10. Brown fat is the key to weight loss

    Simple herb turns your body into a fat-torching machine

    Everyone who wants to shed a few pounds talks about "burning fat," and I know some folks who've tried everything from stimulants to stomach crunches hoping to get the job done.

    Stimulants will leave you jittery, and crunches can leave you sore. And at the end of the day, odds are you'll have just as much fat around your achy, shaky middle as when you started.

    But don't give up hope.

    One of the best ways to burn fat is inside your body right now, waiting to be activated -- and the latest research finds a simple, safe and inexpensive herbal remedy could be the key to kicking it into overdrive.

    It's your brown fat. Continue reading

  11. A short walk can extend your life

    This 20-minute secret adds YEARS to your life!

    Just the word "exercise" alone is enough to make some folks break out into a cold sweat.

    But exercise isn't about how much you sweat and strain, and you certainly don't have to pony up big money to torture yourself in a gym to get fit.

    Exercise can be as simple as a brisk walk.

    You can do that, right? Of course you can -- and if you're able to walk for just 20 minutes a day, you could add YEARS to your life. That daily brisk walk is enough to move you from the "inactive" category, which comes with a risk of chronic disease and an early death, into the "moderately inactive" category. Continue reading

  12. There's no such thing as healthy obesity

    Overweight AND healthy? Not for much longer!

    Health is like the weather: Most people don't give it a second thought unless it's bad.

    But even when everything's going well, we can make predictions. When it comes to the weather, we know that certain cloud formations on the satellite images mean we can expect a storm.

    Consider your scale to be like that satellite.

    If the number is rising -- if you're afraid to even step on your scale -- THOSE are your cloud formations. There's a storm headed your way, and it's coming even if you're in otherwise perfect health today. Continue reading

  13. Weight loss surgery could be a huge mistake

    Researchers pull a fast one with bariatric surgery study

    So you know you need to lose some weight if you want to be healthy. If you're like millions of Americans, you've known it for years and have yet to do something about it.

    It's tempting to turn to a quick fix, like drugs or surgery, especially when you read the glowing mainstream media coverage of these things.

    One new study claims that obese patients who have bariatric surgery live longer than those who don't. Patients who are obese and don't have surgery die off at roughly double the rate.

    Sounds good right? Continue reading

  14. Bariatric surgery linked to vision loss

    WARNING: Weight loss surgery can STEAL your eyesight

    Bariatric surgery promises to help you to lose weight fast. A few snips in the stomach, and the pounds will just melt away.

    But you could lose a lot more than just body fat after that surgery.

    When the stomach is cut off and part of the intestine is bypassed, you lose some of the ability to process food -- which means you lose the ability to use and absorb some of the nutrients your body needs most. Continue reading

  15. Apples can help you lose weight

    Could ONE simple fruit end your weight loss woes?

    Let me know if this sounds familiar: You sweat and starve, starve and sweat, and then sweat and starve some more. Then, at the end of the week, you hop on the scale and find the needle has hardly budged.

    Frustrating? You bet it is.

    But the real secret to weight loss isn't always what you put into your stomach.

    It's what's already in there. Continue reading

  16. Cure metabolic syndrome with a Mediterranean biblical diet

    Biblical diet can reverse metabolic syndrome

    Metabolic syndrome is like the express lane for disease: a collection of risk factors so great -- and so common -- that millions of Americans are speeding toward a life of diabetes, heart disease and stroke RIGHT NOW.

    But here's your chance to get off at the next exit, and all you have to do is slow down and enjoy a back-to-basics diet filled with many of the foods you already love.

    It's the Mediterranean diet, or the closest thing you'll find in modern life to a biblical diet based on what we were DESIGNED to eat, not what the food industry and its guideline-writing government cronies are trying to shove down your throat. Continue reading

  17. Lose weight more quickly and easily than ever before with SlimSuccess

    Multiply your weight loss efforts with this "fat-busting" secret

    These days it seems like just thinking about a slice a cake can cause you to pack on the pounds.

    And you know you're not moving less or eating more, so why has losing the extra weight and keeping it off become so darn hard?

    Most people assume it's their metabolism. But the truth is it may not just be metabolism alone that's working against you here. Continue reading

  18. Slash calories and slash your sleep apnea risks

    Ease sleep apnea symptoms in WEEKS!

    If you want to rid yourself of sleep apnea, the terrifying condition in which you stop breathing in the night, there's one easy answer: Lose weight.

    Forget incredibly risky surgeries, oxygen masks and other gimmicks. At best, they're Band-Aid solutions that may help temporarily ease the condition, but won't solve the underlying problems that cause it.

    And at worst, they don't work at all. Continue reading

  19. What should my waistline measure?

    Revealed! Simple formula calculates PERFECT waistline

    One of the keys to healthy aging is making sure that the spare tire stays in your car and not on your middle.

    But just what should your waistline measure? Ask a dozen people and you might get a dozen different answers -- but new research finds a simple rule of thumb that could literally add years to your life.

    Take your height, and divide it in half, and make that number your target. Continue reading

  20. Restaurants meals are bad for you

    Another reason to eat home-cooked meals

    Eating out isn't cheap -- but if you want to know how it's really hurting you, don't look at your shrinking wallet.

    Look at your expanding waistline instead.

    New research shows that "eating out" is more like "pigging out" -- because the portions served in restaurants are much bigger than those we give ourselves at home. Continue reading

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