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  1. Weight gain BLOCKED with this one delicious snack

    This delicious treat can STOP weight gain in its tracks

    It’s one of the most visible – and FRUSTRATING – parts of aging.

    I’m not talking about the wrinkles on your face or the gray in your hair.

    No, it’s those extra pounds that slowly and quietly build up around your waistline year after year.

    Now, new research reveals an effortless secret that can BLOCK and REVERSE that weight hain.

    It’ll keep the extra pounds off your waistline -- and maybe even melt off some of what’s already there...

    Treat yourself with this WEIGHT-BUSTER

    All you have to do is break out your nutcracker!

    No, not the decorative one that always comes out this time of year.

    Get the kind you can USE – the kind that can pop your favorite nuts open so you can enjoy nature’s greatest treat – and keep it on hand all year long.

    Two new studies find that just a handful of nuts can help STOP weight gain, and that’s a trick that’ll especially come in handy in the holiday season.

    The trick isn’t just to add nuts.

    It’s to REPLACE something else with nuts.

    Make that one swap, and the first study finds you’ll have MUCH LESS of that age-related weight gain the creeps up on you over time.

    That makes perfect sense; these protein-packed, mineral-rich superstars of the snack world are loaded with healthy fats.

    Snacks like potato chips, on the other hand, are empty calories with zero nutrition.

    When you eat those empty carbs – like chips or sugary treats – two things happen. Your blood sugar levels spike and fall, and the hormones that signal “hunger” and “satisfaction” don’t quite get the right message.

    That causes you to feel hungry shortly afterward, so you eat more.

    It’s the real reason you “can’t eat just one.”

    Nuts are just the OPPOSITE.

    They won’t cause the blood sugar roller coaster. And the healthy fats and other nutrients help signal your body – and your hormones – that you’ve eaten and you’re happy.

    In other words, you’ll be less likely to go looking for another snack!

    And that’s not the only way they can help.

    The second study finds that Brazil nuts, in particular, not only help you feel fuller so you eat less overall, but they can also keep blood sugar in check and regulate your body’s production of insulin.

    Other studies have found nuts, in general as a daily treat, can cut the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer -- even death.

    Yes, all that… just from a simple snack!

  2. Cholesterol drugs linked to horrible new risks

    Get PERFECT cholesterol… without TOUCHING a drug

    They’re some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the nation, especially among older patients...

    I’m talking about cholesterol-lowering statins.

    And there’s a ONE out of THREE chance you’re taking one right now.

    You may have even experienced the terrible side effects, like severe muscle pain… memory problems… sexual dysfunction… and even blood sugar spikes.

    Well, I’ve got another solution.

    There’s a way to you can get off these meds – and whip your cholesterol into shape.

    I’ll let you in on this simple secret in a moment… but first, let’s take a look at what you’re up against...

    For Big Pharma...it’s ALWAYS about the money

    New research exposes the ugly truth about statins.

    See, this study finds that the side effects aren’t simply a risk...

    They’re practically a guarantee!

    And they’re so bad that more than half of older patients DON’T take the drugs as they’re “supposed to” and nearly half QUIT COMPLETELY.

    It’s not hard to figure out why.

    Of course, there’s good reason mainstream’s urging you to get on these drugs (and stay on them) despite all of those risks, and it has nothing to do with your health.

    It’s all about the money!

    These drugs are some of the most PROFITABLE meds on the planet, even after they’ve gone generic – and Big Pharma’s doing everything they can to make sure patients keep taking them.

    They don’t even care that the drugs target the WRONG risk factor!

    See, statins target LDL-C (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol), which has been linked to coronary heart disease.

    But LDL, by itself, isn’t the problem.

    The problem happens when those cholesterol particles get slammed by free radicals. It causes them to oxidize and stick to artery walls.

    If you can stop the OXIDATION, then even “high” LDL will flow through harmlessly.

    Alternatively, even “low” LDL – when it’s being slammed by free radicals and thus oxidizing -- can stick to the arteries, disrupt the flow of blood, and lead to heart attack and other problems.

    That’s why the majority of heart attack patients have NORMAL cholesterol!

    Instead, here’s a drug-free plan will not only ensure PERFECT cholesterol by science-backed measures, but protect you from major heart problems...

    Your drug-free alternative

    Don’t blindly attack LDL with drugs such as statins.

    Fight the oxidation instead!

    The “super antioxidant” astaxanthin, for example, is 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C and is proven to BLOCK free radicals and the oxidation that comes along with it.

    You’ll find it on its own, but for best results look for a cholesterol support formula that combines it with other proven natural therapies.

  3. Weight loss speeds up with this one little trick

    Drop 5 pounds in just ONE SECOND! Can you lose weight in just one second? It sounds too good to be true. Heck, it sounds downright impossible. But there’s a quick trick that’ll literally take you about a second a day. It’s painless... Effortless... And you already have everything you need on hand... The easiest weight loss trick of all...
  4. Depression treatments that work in the toughest cases

    Skip this depression drug SCAM… and learn to make your blues DISAPPEAR Big Pharma’s a big believer in second chances… as long as they can make a pile of money in the process. They just LOVE taking old, rejected drugs and bringing them back to terrorize patients all over again. And they’re about to do it one more time... A...
  5. Incontinence defeated… WITHOUT drugs

    End embarrassing bladder leaks WITHOUT drugs It’s one of the most COMMON health problems facing older women. I’m talking about that leaky bladder… and how it always seems to act up at the WORST possible time. It can STOP YOU from doing everything you love.... Going out for fun evenings with friends – even a trip to the supermarket...
  6. Cellphones in new brain tumor link

    CONFIRMED: Cellphones linked to deadly BRAIN TUMORS! There’s a habit we’ve settled into over the past couple decades because it’s just so darned convenient. We’re spending HOURS a day on our cell phones. Unfortunately, this modern “convenience” can also turn DEADLY. For years, the cell phone companies have tried to convince us that cell phones are as harmless as kittens...
  7. Diabetes drug gets new push despite amputation risk

    TERRIFYING diabetes drug being pushed on MILLIONS It’s a DANGEROUS drug that’s RUINING lives. This medication needs to be pulled from the market… But instead, they’re doing just the OPPOSITE! They’re EXPANDING it to reach MORE consumers and put MORE lives on the line. And if you have diabetes, one of those lives could be yours! The FDA has...
  8. Blood pressure guidelines FLUNK major new study

    Don’t fall for this MASSIVE blood pressure SCAM Another one bites the dust! I’m talking about the new blood pressure guidelines announced last year with great fanfare. You’ll recall they were supposed to IMPROVE health and SAVE lives. I warned at the time that those guidelines were wrong. And now, a MASSIVE new study not only confirms my warning, but...
  9. Alzheimer’s disease linked to THESE early warning signs

    How to CATCH dementia early (BEFORE it’s too late) It’s a breakthrough that could save your brain… and your independence. You have a chance to spot the FIRST… and in some cases ONLY… warning sign of dementia. It’s an opportunity to take quick action when it matters most… Because when it comes to this devastating condition, the LONGER you wait...
  10. Cancer drug side effects DESTROYED with natural oils

    WIPE OUT this devastating cancer treatment side effect When you’re getting treated for cancer, it can feel like you’re being sent right through the gates of you-know-where... Even when the treatments “work,” they can DESTROY your overall quality of life, turning even minor functions into painful struggles. In too many cases, just BREATHING can hurt! Now, new research reveals one...
  11. Tryptophan can improve sleep and mood if you get it the RIGHT way

    The BIGGEST myth about your Thanksgiving turkey! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! I hope you enjoy a delicious feast surrounded by those you care about most, and savor the company as much as the meal. Some families laugh. Some argue. Some watch the game... But before the day is out, one person is almost guaranteed to yawn with great satisfaction and...
  12. Osteoporosis now striking more MEN

    Attention guys: Don’t let this “secret disease” WRECK your bones It’s not supposed to be a “guy” problem. Weak and brittle bones… especially osteoporosis… are supposed to be a “women’s disease” – or at least that’s what you’ve heard. But MILLIONS of older men are silently suffering from weaker bones, and many are even facing the risk of osteoporosis. And...
  13. Fatty liver disease patients to get sickening meds

    Ignore Big Pharma’s cash grab… and SAVE your liver for PENNIES a day! It’s a SILENT illness… once very rare… that’s striking MILLIONS of older Americans. Yet the mainstream isn’t looking at the liver disease epidemic as a health crisis that needs immediate action and safe treatment. No, they’re looking at it as something else entirely: a MARKETING opportunity! That’s...
  14. Antibiotics lead to long-term gut damage

    This bogus SCARE TACTIC could DESTROY your gut It’s the ONE key to protecting yourself from infection… digestive problems… mood disorders... and more. It’s a single step that will SOLVE ALL OF THESE problems at once. Yet right now, the mainstream is doubling down on an effort to SCARE YOU AWAY from it! See, there’s been yet another attack...
  15. Heart attack risk JUMPS during grief

    The DEADLY heart risk you’ll NEVER see coming (And how to FIGHT BACK!) It’s the SECRET… and serious… health problem that’s quietly KILLING America’s seniors. And it’s something most doctors NEVER warn you about. In most cases, they can’t... Because it happens so fast, your doc won’t even have the chance! Today, I’m going to give you what your doctor...
  16. Immunotherapy can DESTROY tumors – even WITHOUT meds

    Meet the miraculous CHRISTMAS CURE for CANCER! It’s one of the most unmistakable signs of the holiday season… one you’ve no doubt seen popping up already. But this humble green bough is more than just a quaint, centuries-old Christmas custom. It’s also hiding one of nature’s most powerful cancer-fighting compounds. Talk about a Christmas miracle! And it’s one you might...
  17. Cancer defeated with organic diet

    FIGHT cancer and SAVE your life with this supermarket swap Here’s a quick way to BEAT cancer – and you won’t need to visit a doctor, a pharmacy or even a vitamin shop. There’s one easy swap you can make in the supermarket that can do the trick. It’ll mean paying a little more for your groceries, but I’ve even...
  18. Dementia’s first warning sign – and how to spot it

    REVERSE the very first sign of dementia THIS could be your first sign of dementia… It’s not what you’d expect... Or even WHERE you’d expect it. It’s not the telltale memory loss, or even the frustrating “senior moments” that can make you worried you’re starting to lose it. In fact, it’s not a problem in your brain at all! New...
  19. Memory loss linked to hearing loss

    The SURPRISING secret that can REVERSE memory loss There’s ONE quick action you can take today that can BLOCK decline in your brain and STOP the onset of dementia, and it’s as simple as this: All you need to do is make sure you don’t have this KNOWN risk factor that’s popped up repeatedly in studies. It’s a condition that...
  20. Blood pressure linked to hidden lead in your body

    What your blood pressure reading is REALLY telling you To most doctors, blood pressure is something to measure and medicate. They never pause to wonder what it MEANS. They just look at the number – and when it hits a certain level, it’s time for meds (or more meds if you’re already being treated). I’m NOT “most doctors,” and I...