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  1. Prostate cancer treatment plan is all wrong, and study proves it

    Common prostate treatment is a DEADLY mistake

    Guys, they’ll say your prostate cancer is gone, this time hopefully for good. The operation was a success, and you’re now… officially… cancer-free.

    But don’t start shaking hands just yet.

    They’ll also tell you something else...

    You’re NOT out of the woods!

    If you’ve already had more than one battle with prostate cancer, you know there’s always a risk it can return yet again.

    And since these tumors can be fueled by testosterone, they’ll urge you take drugs to cut your levels of these “manly” hormones if the cancer returns.

    But new research exposes the SINISTER truth about these meds…

    And it’s something EVERY MAN facing this disease a second time needs to know before going into treatment.

    Because these drugs could set off a tragic chain of events that makes your cancer battle look like a picnic!

    The TRUE toll of hormone therapy after prostate cancer

    The new study focused on the only thing worse than a cancer scare… and that’s when the cancer comes back.

    All of the men in the study had been treated for prostate cancer with surgery, only to see the disease return later.

    They were probably reassured to learn there’s a plan in place for it – one you’d THINK would be backed by rigorous science.


    There’s a plan all right, but it’s never truly been put to the test.

    Until now.

    Under the guidelines, prostate cancer that returns after surgery is supposed to be treated with a one-two punch of radiation followed by those hormone drugs.

    Some of the guys in the study got just that.

    But some of them unknowingly got something else: They were given that same radiation treatment, but a placebo instead of the hormone drug.

    And in one set of men, this approach was not only SAFER…but it also worked BETTER and helped to SAVE lives.

    Guys with low PSA who took the hormone drug, on the other hand, had:

    • NO overall survival benefit;
    • TWO TIMES the risk of death from all other causes; and
    • THREE TO FOUR TIMES the risk of serious heart and/or neurological problems!

    They also, of course, had to face potential side effects of low testosterone including sexual dysfunction and urinary problems. Low testosterone can also lead to muscle loss, brain fog, fatigue and more.

    These guys suffered all that thinking it would help to protect them… to save them… to ensure they’d live a long and healthy life.

    Instead, they got the opposite.

    The study finds guys with high PSA might still benefit from the drugs.

    But let’s face it: This is more proof of the reality that EVERY cancer is different. And any attempt at a “guideline” that applies to ALL MEN and ALL CANCERS is pure folly.

    So talk to you doctor about your overall risk. Next, talk to another doctor to get a second opinion. And make the best decision tailored to YOUR needs.

    And finally, call a holistic medical doctor who can help work with you on natural therapies that can help ensure the cancer never returns.

    If you’re in the San Diego area, my team can help. Make an appointment to see one of the doctors here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in the area? I’m also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

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  2. Aspirin pushed on patients who should NEVER take it

    The senior “drug problem” no one is talking about

    It’s secretly become one of the biggest health problems facing the nation… and it’s NOT a disease or any other kind of condition.

    It’s just the opposite…

    This isn’t something that HAPPENS to you via bad lifestyle, genes, toxins or luck.

    It’s something that’s DONE to you… caused by some the very people you TRUST!

    The mainstream medical establishment is still pushing “baby” aspirin on tens of millions of Americans who DON’T need it – and the latest research reveals how you or your loved ones could be among them!

    Why you probably DON’T need daily aspirin

    You’ve read right here in House Calls that “aspirin therapy” is UNNECESSARY and DANGEROUS for most people, especially seniors.

    A few years ago, that was considered a wacky idea from the fringes of “alternative” medicine.

    That’s the phrase they use to try to discredit science-backed holistic medicine.

    Well, guess what? Earlier this year, both the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology quietly became part of the “fringe!"

    After aspirin flunked a series of new studies, they were forced to admit that the drug is too dangerous for most people, and updated their guidelines to recommend AGAINST IT for most people without a history of heart problems.

    But Harvard University found that message HASN’T gotten out there...

    Docs are STILL recommending it.

    And patients are STILL taking it… most of them with NO IDEA they’re taking their lives into their hands every time they swallow those pills.

    For most people without a history of heart problems, taking aspirin is much more likely to lead to a serious bleeding problem – including painful bleeding ulcers, dangerous internal bleeding, and even frightening “brain bleeds” – than to help prevent a heart problem.

    Even certain higher-risk patients – like people with diabetes but no history of a heart attack – are more likely to be hurt than helped by the drug.

    But what’s truly maddening is that NONE of this should have happened.

    The science has been against aspirin all along, and never should have been dismissed as “fringe” just because it went against mainstream thinking.

    Besides, there are better options – starting with curcumin.

    This natural anti-inflammatory can in a way act like aspirin and stop platelets from aggregating, but more gently and without the risks of bleeding and other problems.

    Sure, you might have to join us here on the “fringe.”

    But if the latest news is any indication, it’ll be mainstream thinking in just a few years anyway.

    You’ll just be ahead of the curve...

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  7. Prostate cancer treatment linked to heart risk

    Deadly warning over prostate cancer drug It’s an absolute travesty how men with prostate cancer are exploited by mainstream medicine. They see your cancer as a chance to make money by exploiting your fear over the “c” word; they’ll rush you into (a highly profitable) treatment before you have a chance to do your homework, make your own decisions...
  8. Aspirin therapy WRONGLY given to millions

    The mistake 10 million seniors make EVERY day You’ve heard it’s healthy… You’ve been told it could save your life… And maybe you’ve been ORDERED by your doctor to do it every single day. But new research reveals how there’s a strong chance you SHOULDN’T be taking daily aspirin at all. In fact, some 30 million Americans—including 10 million seniors—are...
  9. Obesity is NOT your fault

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    Flu vaccines are on the way, and some patients are getting an unusual shot made by artificial intelligence. Scary? Yep! Here’s an option that’s a whole lot simpler.
  12. Your MOST EFFECTIVE natural medicines… now under attack!

    Homeopathy is under attack around the world, including here in the U.S., despite being some of the most effective meds in the pharmacy. Get the scoop on what works best.
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    Cholesterol levels can be cut without drugs, with a new study revealing a compound hidden inside a strange fruit that can slash LDL, triglycerides and more.
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    Pain often accompanies both cancer and the treatment – but you can end the agony with these drug-free steps.
  15. Say “goodbye” to the WORST side effects of breast cancer treatment

    They’ll tell you what to expect when you go into treatment for breast cancer. Your doctors will warn you of the side effects... Your friends and loved ones will share their experiences… And you’ll read plenty about it online. But then it happens to you, and it’s a whole lot worse than what you expected, because it’s not just one...
  16. Take a year and a half of aging OFF your brain

    It’s like a bucket with a hole it in, slowly leaking water until there’s nothing left.   Except it’s not a bucket…   It’s your BRAIN.   It’s true: Your brain’s got a leak. You’re losing gray matter, right now, at this very moment.   The older you get, the more you lose—roughly 0.2 percent of volume per year. That’s all your precious memories...
  17. WIN a battle with cancer… BEFORE it even starts!

    Cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D have much better outcomes and survival than those who don’t – but there’s a trick to how and when to get it. Find out here!
  18. STOP heart failure…and SAVE your life

    Heart failure patients need to make ONE key change to the diet ASAP as new research reveals how this easy-to-follow plan can mean the difference between life and death.
  19. MUST-READ: What EVERY colon cancer patient needs ASAP

    Colon cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D are much more likely to survive the disease. Here’s what everyone needs to know BEFORE treatment.
  20. The HIDDEN cause of cancer – where you least expect it

    Cancer can be caused by exposure to arsenic, even at the levels found in tap water. A startling new study reveals the risk… and I’ve got the easy way to reverse it.