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  1. The lung disease you didn’t know you had… and how to BEAT it

    You don’t see many people wearing ribbons for it. There are no big celebrity-backed awareness campaigns.

    And it’s not something they talk about on TV much, if at all.

    But right now… at this very moment… tens of thousands of older Americans are quietly suffering from the earliest stages of a potentially devastating lung disease.

    By the time they know it’s there, it might be too late to do much about it.

    Today, I’m going to share with you the early-warning signals so you know EXACTLY when you’re at risk for pulmonary fibrosis and can seek help FAST, when it has a chance to matter most.

    More importantly, I’ve also got something else: a completely natural way that promises to help FIGHT this condition and STOP it from ruining your golden years!

    A dangerous condition… hiding in plain sight

    Some 200,000 Americans are living with pulmonary fibrosis – and every week, up to 1,000 more patients are diagnosed with the condition, which leads to dangerous scarring on your lungs.

    That makes it difficult to breathe – and almost impossible for your body to get the oxygen it needs.

    Over time, it can lead to lung failure and even death.

    It’s not always clear WHY it happens.

    In most cases, doctors STILL don’t know the cause.

    But we do know this: Quick action can slow it down… and new research shows one step you can take right now against this disease in its earliest stages.

    The secret is a compound locked inside green tea.

    In a small study, patients given 600 mg of the tea compound epigallocatechin gallate – better known as EGCG – had remarkable changes within just two weeks.

    Both blood tests and lung biopsy samples showed LOWER LEVELS of the protein known to cause those scars compared to patients who didn’t get the supplements.

    And if this research holds up, that could make EGCG and excellent choice – especially to folks in the critical earliest stages of this condition.

    So… how do you know if you’re at risk?

    Many people don’t, because the first symptoms are often so mild you might think it’s something else.

    It usually starts with a dry cough.

    Some might blame allergies. Some might think it’s “that darned cold that keeps coming back.”

    In reality, it could be your first sign – one that needs to get checked out, especially if it’s accompanied by the other most common symptom: shortness of breath.

    Again, it may seem minor at first. And you might want to blame it on your age.

    But there’s a chance it’s not minor, and not your age, especially if it gets worse.

    Get yourself checked out. Get some tests. And talk to your doctor about this new discovery – because if the new study is any indication, EGCG could play a key role in slowing this condition down and protecting your lungs.

  2. This daily “ritual” could add YEARS to your life!

    In times of troubles and stress… just like what we’re going through right now… sometimes the best actions you can take are the simplest ones.

    Go ahead. Turn on the kettle. Let the water boil. And brew yourself a piping hot mug of your favorite tea.

    I feel a little more relaxed just thinking about this comforting daily ritual!

    But there’s more to tea than just the power to help you pause and enjoy a little calm.

    A lot more…

    Because new research reveals how making a habit out of it could SAVE you from heart disease and add YEARS to your life!

    How a TEA habit can SAVE your heart

    Tea drinkers live longer.

    That’s been shown in study after study, including the new one.

    But this latest report takes it a step further, revealing some of the best ways to get the benefits and why it works so well.

    Overall, folks who drink tea – especially green tea – three or more times a week have about a 20 percent lower risk of heart disease.

    Tea is also loaded with compounds that can help stop arteries from hardening, a major risk factor in two of our leading causes of death: heart attack and stroke.

    And sure enough, the study confirms that tea drinkers have a lower risk of those, too, cutting the risk of death from cardiovascular conditions by 22 percent, and death from ANY condition by 15 percent.

    The longer you keep at it, the more those risks plunge. When the researchers followed up with people as much as eight years later, the benefits essentially doubled.

    Those who were STILL drinking tea three or more times a week had a 39 percent lower risk of heart disease, a 56 percent lower risk of death from heart disease, and a 29 percent lower risk of death from all causes.

    That’s not all tea can do, of course. Other studies have found the tasty beverage can also:

    • FIGHT cancer
    • BLOCK tumor recurrence
    • ENHANCE memory
    • PREVENT dementia
    • SLOW aging
    • And MORE

    …it could even help you to lose weight!

    The biggest benefits tend to be from green tea, which is loaded with potent flavonoids such as epicatechin, catechin, and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG).

    In the new study, about half of the tea drinkers preferred green tea.

    Just eight percent preferred black tea – and these folks didn’t see any real benefit.

    But I would write off black tea, either. It comes from the same leaves, the only difference being that black tea is oxidized, a process that alters the antioxidant makeup.

    That doesn’t make black tea bad; only different – and potentially with different benefits…

    Other studies show black tea can deliver protection from diabetes, heart disease and more.

    If you like both, drink both. If you prefer one, stick to what you like.

    Just make a habit it out if, especially here in these troubled times. With or without all of those other benefits, sometimes the best thing for you it to just sit back, relax and sip a cup of tea.

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