If you're taking diabetes meds, there's an urgent new warning out there that you just have to see.

Public Citizen is urging the FDA to ban the drug Victoza because of links to thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, and severe allergic reactions.

In addition, Public Citizen says patients who take this injectable med have quadruple the risk of acute pancreatitis of those who take other diabetes meds. The group estimates that up to 2,000 patients have gotten the condition from the drug since it was approved in 2010.

Naturally, the company that makes the drug insists that it's safe. What else would they say? I have yet to see a drug maker respond to a safety warning with an apology.

But the drug's own label tells me this stuff is bad news. It says right on it that it has caused thyroid cancer in lab animals -- and while it also says it's unclear whether that risk extends to humans, that's clear enough for me.

If you're a patient taking this med -- and with $1 billion in sales last year, I know plenty of patients are -- talk to your doctor about your other options.

Of course, most doctors will just shift you from one bad med to another. And if you have diabetes, odds are you're taking several bad meds at the same time.

That's why I recommend that diabetics work with a holistic doctor instead -- because in many cases, holistic doctors can help their patients find the natural alternatives that can reduce their meds.

Considering the risks of these meds, fewer is better. But there's something even better than fewer -- and that's none at all.

You've heard that you can't cure diabetes, but you heard wrong. By committing to healthy lifestyle changes, you can reach the point where you'll no longer need meds or even insulin.

I know you can, because I've seen it happen in my own clinic time and again.