adrenal fatigue

  1. Ease signs of asthma naturally with vitamin D

    Natural cures for asthma

    Asthmatics, you probably know all too well what happens when you tell your doc that the usual meds aren't working as well relieving signs of asthma as they used to.

    You get even more meds -- including more powerful ones. And, sure, the drugs might increase your relief temporarily.

    But they also pack some increased risks.

    Now, the latest research shows you may not need the extra drugs or the extra risks to relieve signs of asthma-- just a safe and natural nutrient you should be taking anyway: vitamin D.

    While there's already plenty of evidence that the sunshine vitamin can help deliver real and lasting asthma relief, the new study shines a light on how it works.

    Asthmatics are known to have higher levels of a protein called interleukin-17A, or IL-17A. In most people, IL-17A helps support the immune system. But in asthmatics, the excess levels can worsen breathing problems and even reduce the effectiveness of medication, especially steroid drugs (and especially in people resistant to those drugs).

    This is where vitamin D comes in. It can slash levels of IL-17A so dramatically that a supplement alone could reduce the need for additional meds to treat signs of asthma, according to the study presented at a recent American Thoracic Society conference.

    The researchers plan a clinical trial next. But if they do it right, I can already assure you that the results will be positive -- because I've seen D work wonders in my own asthma patients time and again.

    Vitamin D of course is known as "the sunshine vitamin" because the human body is designed to make it from sunlight. But sun isn't the only way to get it -- and given the very real dangers of sunburn and skin cancer, it's not even the best way to get it.

    I recommend a vitamin D supplement for everyone, whether they have signs of asthma or not. Most people need a minimum of 2,000 IUs a day, but many people -- especially asthmatics -- may need up to 5,000 IUs a day, and some may need even more.

    A holistic doctor can help you determine how much you need and the best way to get it.

    D isn't the only natural supplement that can help control asthma symptoms and reduce your dependence on meds. Promising new research shows that ginger could also help by boosting the bronchodilating effects of common asthma drugs.

    In theory, that could lead to more effective treatments with less medication.

    But since the research on ginger is still early, stick with proven natural asthma remedies. Along with vitamin D, I often recommend choline, pycnogenol, and some highly effective homeopathic medicines.

    In addition, learn to recognize the triggers of your asthma symptoms in your environment and food. Some may be obvious and you probably already know what they are. Others may be found through thorough allergy testing.

    Finally, there are also a few other causes of asthma that most mainstream doctors and even many holistic physicians don't recognize yet, including fungal infections and adrenal fatigue.

    If your own doctor isn't helping you to get the asthma relief you need, look for a holistic doctor with experience in asthma and allergy control -- someone who knows all the possible causes and triggers and how to treat them.

  2. Herbs fight the fatigue of overworked adrenal glands

    Find the energy you've been missing

    Burned out, run down, worn, pooped, tuckered and just plain tired. Fatigue has a lot of names, but they all add up to the same thing: You feel beat.

    So you slurp down coffee and energy drinks only to find yourself right back where you started. But there's a simple secret that could be the key to unlocking your energy banks.

    The secret is in your adrenals, the pair of glands that sit just above your kidneys.

    Your adrenals play a role in lots of stuff -- regulating both your blood sugar and blood pressure, to name just two of the biggies -- but one of their most important jobs is releasing the stress hormone cortisol whenever your body needs it.

    Just one problem: In today's 24-hour society, everyday stressors can cause your body to signal that it needs cortisol ... so your adrenals pump this stuff out in order to help you copy with the stress.

    Eventually, your poor adrenals just can't keep up. They're burned-out, run-down, worn, pooped, tuckered and just plain tired themselves... and when they're fatigued, you're fatigued.

    It's the energy crisis of the 21st century, and I've got a 21st century solution with my adrenal support formula, Adrenal Performance Plus.

    Think of it as the antidote for the modern lifestyle -- ironic, when you consider that one of the main ingredients is an herb that's been traditionally used for centuries in India.

    It's called ashwagandha, and according to the Ayurvedic tradition it's an all-natural energy booster. Looks like these folks knew what they were doing way back when, because modern science is starting to back ashwagandha in a big way.

    In one recent clinical trial, ashwagandha extract was shown to relieve the fatigue, tension and exhaustion that accompany the everyday stresses of life. As a bonus, the patients who took it were able to concentrate better and remain more alert.

    That's why my secret to boundless energy begins with ashwagandha. But it doesn't end there. I also added rhodiola rosea, a traditional stress fighter and one of my favorite mood-enhancers.

    You'll find it in Adrenal Performance Plus -- along with five other all-natural adrenal-supporting energy boosters. Together, these seven ingredients help nourish and support your adrenals so you could finally get the energy you've been looking for, and I'm not talking about a little boost here and there.

    I'm talking about the power to change your life.

    Think of all things you've wanted to do and everything you've wanted to accomplish, but haven't gotten around to simply because you "don't have the energy."

    Next, imagine having more mental strength, willpower and raw energy to get all that done and then some.

    Now, stop imagining and visit this link to order your own supply of Adrenal Performance Plus.

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