1. Antioxidants prevent vision problems

    Protect your eyes with antioxidants

    Cataracts are one of the most common conditions of aging -- so common, that many seniors assume these vision problems are unavoidable.

    They're not.

    Cataracts are caused by oxidative damage in the lens of the eye. Since antioxidants fight that damage, they can help prevent cataracts and vision problems -- and that's why new research confirms that a diet rich in these nutrients can slash your cataract risk by 13 percent.

    While the study was on women, I have no doubt we'd see similar results in men. The only flaw in this study is that it looked only at total antioxidants and didn't attempt to sort out which ones might be best for preventing cataracts and other vision problems.

    That's where I come in -- because I've been keeping track of the research on this, and I can tell you exactly which nutrients are best for the eyes, especially cataracts.

    Start with the basics: vitamins A, C and E. They're especially efficient at getting into the eye and working to undo the damage of oxidative stress, and I believe that a diet rich in these nutrients will cut your cataract risk by a lot more than 13 percent.

    And if cataracts are already starting to form, it's not too late -- boosting your antioxidant intake now can help delay or even prevent surgery.

    Along with the nutrients I just mentioned, add bilberry to the mix. In one study, 100 mg of vitamin E and 360 mg of bilberry per day delayed the progression of cataracts in 97 percent of patients.

    The key is starting on these natural treatments early -- but because many people are often in denial about vision problems, they tend to wait. And many don't seek help until it's too late.

    Don't wait.

    If you can't see as well as you used to -- or if you spouse or friends are commenting on your vision (or maybe your driving) -- get help now so you can avoid the scalpel later.

  2. Fruits and veggies can help your heart and mood

    Pick produce to be happier and healthier

    You don't need me to tell you that you should eat plenty of fruits and veggies. After all, Mom already took care of that.

    But have you ever really taken her excellent advice to heart?

    If you haven't yet officially declared the produce aisle your favorite spot in the grocery store, let's see what we can do to change that.

    Fruits and veggies are practically spilling over with the essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you need to fight disease and stay healthy. These nutrients literally help us to fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, aging and more.

    A large Swedish study tracking the health of 32,500 women for a decade found that those ladies who ate more fruits and veggies were healthier. Even more impressive, they had a hefty 20 percent lower heart-attack risk, according to the study published in The American Journal of Medicine.

    And some research out of Britain finds that that all that might be standing between you and real happiness is a lack of fresh produce. When British scientists dug into the health data of 80,000 men and women they found that those that eat the most fruits and veggies also reported being the happiest overall.

    But the key to these healthier, happier, and heart-attack-free lives all hinged on one little factor... and that's the number of servings.

    In the Swedish study the women who avoided heart attacks were enjoying a delicious seven servings of fruits and veggies a day. And those happy Brits were bouncing through their days downing seven delicious servings a day too.

    Sadly only fourteen percent of adults are getting the seven servings a day they need. Don't be one of them! Grab the shopping bags and plan a trip to the produce aisle TODAY.

  3. Vitamin D plus grapes can boost immune system function

    A combination of vitamin D and the resveratrol found in red grapes can boost a critical immune system gene.
  4. Antioxidants in veggies can cut heart risk

    The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the lower your heart risk, according to the latest research on antioxidant-rich foods.
  5. Alcohol-free wine can help blood sugar

    Wine with the alcohol removed can help control blood sugar without any of the risks that come from drinking actual booze.
  6. Alcohol can cancel out wine's heart benefits

    The best way to get the supposed benefits of wine is to skip the alcohol and go right to the polyphenols.
  7. Green tea can wipe out tumors

    Green tea drinkers have a lower risk of cancer. Now, a new study shows how green tea sent straight to the cancer can wipe out up to 40 percent of skin tumors.
  8. Vegetables with the power to beat cancer

    A compound in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli can help destroy cancer.
  9. Green tea can keep you on your toes

    Drop for drop, it's hard to top green tea when it comes to health benefits. The drink has been shown to help fight cancer, boost the immune system, and even help you to live longer. And now, a new study shows that it can keep you active and on your feet -- especially if you're getting up there in years.
  10. Berries boost your brain

    And now, a new review of the research shows how berries can actually supercharge your brain and improve the way your neurons communicate. That adds up to better motor control and cognition and lower levels of dangerous inflammation -- all from a handful of delicious blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, or cranberries.
  11. Healthy aging begins with a sip

    If anyone knows a thing or two about healthy aging, it's the Japanese. They live longer and better than anyone else on the planet, nearly five years longer than Americans on average. So what's the secret?
  12. One more reason to drink beer

    In fact, you can get just about all the benefits of wine and then some from plain old beer -- and the latest research confirms that a cold brew is every bit as good for your heart as a glass of red.
  13. Get wine benefits from your wine

    One of the best things about enjoying the health benefits of red wine is the wine itself. So naturally, some researchers are trying to spoil the party -- because a new study looks at the benefits of the polyphenols in red wine... when taken without the actual wine.
  14. The mineral your prostate is begging you for

    When you talk to your doctor about prostate health, the last thing you'd expect from him is a drug that'll make your prostate about as unhealthy as it could possibly be.
  15. Antioxidants fight disease risk

    It's pretty basic stuff: Eat the right foods, and odds are you'll live longer and better.
  16. Straighten out your wrinkles with these natural cures

    Free radicals hurt more than just your heart and eyes. They can also do a lot of damage to your skin.

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