1. What EVERY senior needs to know BEFORE knee surgery

    There’s a class of painkiller out there right now so dangerous that EVERYONE in medicine is under orders to limit it.

    And when I say EVERYONE, I mean there’s not a doc in the nation who isn’t aware of this.

    So what are they doing?

    A shocking new study finds they’re giving it out MORE often… and to the very patients MOST at risk!

    They’re pumping seniors full of opioids after knee surgery at a pace never seen before – and that could have massive repercussions across the nation.

    But not you. Not today.

    And not anymore!

    Because I’ve got a two-step action plan to save your knees, end the pain and feel better than ever… without opioids, and without surgery!

    BEAT knee pain without drugs or surgery

    If it hasn’t happened to you yet, just wait.

    There are few guarantees in life, but knee pain is one of them – because it’s just a fact that your joints take a beating over the years.

    First they creak and moan.

    Then they SCREAM.

    If you’re at creak-and-moan levels, docs will typically just give you pain pills, often the over-the-counter stuff.

    But when the knees start to SCREAM, they break out the scalpel.

    It’s joint replacement time!

    And that, my friend, is when it happens – when they give you drug you want nothing to do with… just to help you over the hump of the surgery’s painful recovery period.

    Like I said earlier, docs were warned to STOP dishing out opioids so frequently, especially to seniors. Even when you don’t become addicted to them, they can leave you woozy, unsteady and even cause cognitive problems – side effects that can be magnified in older folks.

    Yet the study finds seniors are getting them more, not less.

    Just a few years ago, 82 percent of patients who had knee or hip replacement surgery were on opioids within 60 days of the procedure.

    That number’s unacceptably high… and should be coming WAY down.

    But today, 90 percent of patients are given these drugs after the surgery!

    Clearly, doctors aren’t doing their part to end the use, misuse, overuse and outright abuse of these meds.

    So let me step in here with TWO ACTIONS you can take to ensure you’re never in a position to need these meds.

    ACTION #1: Do you REALLY need that knee replacement? I know the surgeon SAID you do… but he’s a surgeon. OF course he’s gonna say that!

    You know the old saying. Never ask the barber if you need a haircut.

    In reality, a 2018 study found that up to a third of the operations NEVER should’ve been done, and many of the rest were kinda iffy. Overall, they found just 44 percent of knee replacements fully met clinical guidelines for surgery.

    Call it a sign to always get a second or even third opinion. And if you do need surgery, talk to the doc beforehand about post-op recovery plans, making it clear you want the safest option… not opioids.

    ACTION #2: Don’t need surgery yet? Good – now, let’s keep it that way!

    You can STOP the progression of damage, FIGHT the pain, EASE inflammation and RESTORE function and movement… and you can do it without drugs.

    As readers of Health Revelations learned earlier this month, UC-II collagen – which is pulled from chicken bones, of all things – has not only beaten placebos in studies but was also shown to be TWICE as effective as glucosamine and chondroitin.

    It’s available both on its own – for as little as $8 a month – and in combination with other pain-fighting treatments in knee formulas.

  2. Arthritis shots can lead to FASTER knee decline

    This popular arthritis treatment is a BUST

    What’s the most important part of your body?

    My answer will probably surprise you… because I wouldn’t pick my brain, heart or any of the vital organs.

    It’s my KNEES!

    Sure, if my heart stopped I’d by dead like anyone else.

    But if I couldn’t get up, head out and go for a walk? Well, that would be a kind of death for me too – so believe me when I tell you that I’d do just about ANYTHING to protect my knees from arthritis.

    I don’t worry about it too much, despite being right around the age where wear-and-tear arthritis usually takes its toll…

    Because I’ve got an Old World secret for knee protection. It’s backed by modern science – and I’ll spill the beans on it in a moment.

    First, let me tell you about something I’d NEVER do… no matter how much pain I’m in… and no matter how DESPERATE I might be.

    It’s a quick and common treatment that’s been given to millions of older Americans.

    But new research exposes the ugly truth about corticosteroid shots.

    They not only WON’T help…

    They could actually make your knees even worse!

    Beat knee pain (no shots or drugs required)

    Whether it’s an evening stroll through the gorgeous foothills of western Massachusetts, or a long ramble through the stunning Scottish countryside, my legs get plenty of work on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Walking might be the slowest form of transportation.

    But it’s the best way to get around, SEE the world (or at least your neighborhood), and keep fit and healthy all at once.

    When your knees start to go, you start to slow. It becomes difficult and maybe even impossible to get around – and in what can’t be a coincidence, those arthritis-induced mobility problems often lead to a rapid decline in overall health.

    Save your knees, and you can stop that decline.

    Just don’t count on corticosteroid shots to get the job done…

    A new study shows that they likely WON’T help with pain – and even when they do, the relief levels will be pretty small.

    But a stunningly high percentage of patients who get these shots suffer horrifying complications.

    The new study finds 8 percent – nearly 1 in 10! – suffer from conditions such as:

    • Sudden, rapid acceleration of arthritis
    • Rapid destruction of the joint
    • Bone loss
    • Stress fractures
    • Osteonecrosis, aka “bone death.”

    Here’s the absolutely frustrating part of this: Docs still offer the shots, despite constant proof it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, a natural blend of enzymes from Germany that IS proven to work gets ignored.

    In fact, I’ll bet you’ve never heard of it.

    It’s called Wobenzym, and in a 2015 study it went head-to-head against both an NSAID painkiller and a placebo.

    It won by EVERY measure.

    In fact, it delivered just as much pain relief as the drug in patients with moderate to severe arthritis, AND helped to restore mobility and function… but without the risks that come from NSAIDs.

    A number of companies make it. One well-studied blend comes from a German company called Mucos, which is readily available here in the United States under its own name as well as in similar blends distributed by Garden of Life and Douglas Labs.

  3. Arthritis drugs always fail… but YOU can have success

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  4. Arthritis pain defeated with resveratrol

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  5. Arthritis patients getting too many pills

    What your doc won't tell you about arthritis relief When drugs fail, try... more drugs??? If that sounds downright batty, that's because IT IS. But a new report shows that patients battling the sheer misery of knee arthritis aren't getting the best and safest treatments -- because they're getting pain pills, and lots of them. You'd think when the pain...
  6. Arthritis drugs cost a lot and do little

    Beat arthritis and save money at the same time I don't know too many people with piles of extra cash sitting around these days. We're all looking for ways to save a little scratch and not waste money on things that don't even work. Yet that's exactly what's happening right now. A new CDC analysis finds arthritis costs us more...
  7. Arthritis caused by food sensitivities

    The hidden cause of arthritis pain... and how to stop it Researchers have just come closer than ever to discovering what I've known for years. They almost figured out one of the true causes of arthritis of the knees... but even with the evidence right in front of them, they STILL couldn't put the pieces together! The new study confirms...
  8. Fiber reduces knee arthritis risk

    Could a bowl of chili save your knees? It just might be the key to rescuing your knees from the pain and damage of arthritis... and you'll find it in a bowl of chili! All those beans in your chili -- especially if you like the three-bean variety -- are nature's best source of healthy fiber. You know how important...
  9. Arthroscopic surgery doesn’t work for arthritis

    What every arthritis patient needs to know about surgery If you've got knee pain -- and, let's face it, you probably do -- there's a good chance someone's about to scam you. Every year, Americans and their insurers cough up $3 billion on a quickie in-and-out job known as arthroscopic surgery, done 15,000 times every week. Docs claim this operation...
  10. Arthritis damage slows with daily walking

    This easy step can stop arthritis from getting worse "Is this it? I can handle this!" When arthritis first comes on, it might not seem too bad. Sure, there's some pain... and, of course, it's not exactly comfortable. But early on, it's often so mild that most folks are tempted to think it's no big deal. They have no idea...
  11. Arthritis painkillers pack serious heart risks

    Arthritis patients often turn to NSAID painkillers to ease their aching joints, but a new study shows how these drugs can be dangerous for folks with heart problems.
  12. Drug side effects make you feel worse

    Drug given for many common conditions can actually worse other common diseases, a new study confirms.
  13. Dangers of fungal diseases

    A common cause of illness your doctor will ignore Imagine running out of gas and calling AAA for help -- but when it comes, they never even ask what you need. And instead of filling your tank, they change your tires and leave. Crazy, right? Now, I'm sure that's never happened on the side of a highway. AAA is better than that. Continue reading →
  14. How to get on the path to healthy aging

    More than 20 million Americans are disabled because of osteoarthritis -- and in many cases, the condition is caused or worsened by obesity.
  15. Sulforaphane compound can stop osteoarthritis damage

    A compound hidden in broccoli and other vegetables can stop the damage that causes osteoarthritis, according to a new study.
  16. Walking exercise can help beat arthritis pain

    Walking can ease arthritis pain and restore function -- but two-thirds of senior with arthritis do little to no walking.
  17. High failure rate of joint operations

    Nearly half the patients who get joint surgery see little to no improvement -- but natural cures can often do what those operations can't.
  18. Obese people more likely to be hospitalized

    Gaining weight will also help you gain entry in the ER, as the overweight and obese have a much higher risk of hospitalization that people of normal weight.
  19. Chili pepper compound capsaicin can lower cholesterol

    A key compound found inside hot chili peppers can protect your heart and lower your LDL cholesterol levels.
  20. Tai chi can help prevent falls

    It's just about the slowest and easiest form of exercise on the planet -- but what tai chi lacks in flash, it more than makes up for in benefits. These simple Chinese stretching exercises have been shown to help seniors beat everything from pain to depression -- and now, new research shows that they can also help improve balance and prevent falls.

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