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  1. Back pain increases death risk in women

    [WARNING] This common ache could turn into DEADLY risk

    Ladies, you know how quickly back pain can make life miserable.

    It keeps you from doing the things you love… and it can make sleep nearly impossible.

    But those problems may be just the tip of the iceberg.

    See, a new study finds back pain won’t just ruin your life...

    It could END it!

    The good news is I’ve got an easy, EFFECTIVE solution that can help keep you safe.

    When nagging pain turns deadly

    In the study of more than 8,000 senior women, researchers found chronic back pain can increase your risk of dying by 24 percent over a decade and a half.

    That risk is highest among women with pain severe enough to disrupt daily activity.

    The study doesn’t touch on the actual cause of the risk, which is at least partially due to the pain itself. Pain is a sign of inflammation, and inflammation is a known risk factor for heart attack… stroke… and more.

    It’s even linked to some forms of cancer.

    Chronic pain from chronic back problems means chronic inflammation, which in turn can magnify all of those risks and then some.

    But that’s only part of it.

    I’d bet there’s another cause of that death risk… and it’s not the pain itself.

    It’s the TREATMENT!

    Common pain pills, including the over-the-counter meds so many older people turn to daily, have been linked to heart problems and other serious risks.

    And prescription meds are even worse; one look at the headlines will tell you about the deadly toll of opioid overuse.

    But what if there was a way you could FIGHT the inflammation that’s causing your pain, and AVOID the use of the drugs that can lead to other problems?

    I told you earlier I had GOOD NEWS...

    How to fight “back”

    You’ve got a few different options that are safer, easier, and more effective at fighting inflammation than most OTC and prescription meds.

    The best treatment will depend on the specific cause.

    Start with natural anti-inflammatories such as curcumin, as well as topical pain relievers such as MSM.

    The following therapies also all help ease pain, fight inflammation and deliver lasting relief:

    • Chiropractic
    • Acupuncture
    • Cold laser
    • Massage
  2. Back pain linked to disability in seniors

    This common pain could lead directly to disability

    If you're locked in an on-again, off-again battle with back pain, you know that things can change on a moment's notice.

    One minute, you're having a GREAT day, able to get out and do the things you love.

    You can stay active... engaged... and healthy.

    The next, things go south. Maybe you feel a pop or a click. Maybe you "slept funny" and wake up sore. Or maybe it just seems to happen out of the blue.

    Whatever the cause, there's no going out now -- and even if you do get outside, that back pain will ensure that you can't enjoy yourself.

    Now, the latest research shows how you're hardly alone.

    Half of all seniors are battling back pain -- and it's not just a little soreness that you can tune out.

    In many cases, it leads to struggles with walking, making it so difficult that many folks end up not going out at all.

    That, in turn, leads to reduced mobility and poorer health, and -- over time -- it could steal some of your independence as you turn to others for help with daily tasks.

    People who walk less also have a higher risk of chronic disease, including heart disease, and death.

    The study shows the problem, but it doesn't point to a solution.

    That's the rub, isn't it? Most docs will tell you that there really ISN'T a solution, beyond gobbling painkillers whenever your back acts up.

    That's not an answer. That's a cop-out that leads to more pain and disability.

    There are real solutions for back pain, but too many docs have no clue where to even begin to look. Most just pass out the pain pills. When the drugs stop working -- and they will -- they'll send you off for surgery.

    Since the surgery doesn't actually address the cause of the pain, many people don't improve.

    Some get worse.

    Don't fall into that rut, because you can beat the pain without meds and without surgery.

    First, look to your habits. Poor posture and low levels of physical activity -- including walking -- can cause or worsen pain. That triggers a downward spiral: Your pain causes your posture to get even worse and makes you walk even less.

    It might seem tough to get moving when you've got pain, but keep at it. Walking and stretching can lead to dramatic improvements in pain levels.

    Second, there are a number of non-drug therapies -- including topical MSM, acupuncture, massage, and osteopathic spinal manipulation -- that can work wonders for the most common forms of back pain.

  3. Back pain eased with simple exercises

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  4. Back pain linked to hidden spinal fractures

    The REAL cause of your back pain... revealed! Your doc will claim it's just run-of-the-mill back pain. Even after multiple visits... even after X-rays and/or MRIs... he'll say there's no problem inside the back itself. He'll tell you to pop some pain pills and work on stretching and moving. Then, one day, after MORE visits and MORE complaints, he spots...
  5. Back pain improves with spinal manipulation

    BREAKING: The major back pain study you NEED to see! And... with a crack, an entire branch of mainstream medicine is in danger of crumbling. That crack is the sound of the tension being released from your spine during an adjustment in the skilled hands of an experienced osteopath or chiropractor. The crumble is the pill-mill approach to pain relief...
  6. New back pain guidelines revolutionize care

    You’ll LOVE the new guidelines for back pain I woke up this morning and found myself smack in the middle of mainstream medicine -- and I haven't moved an inch. Trust me, I'm not changing my approach. But the mainstream is changing theirs, swinging AWAY from damaging drugs for today's most common pain condition. When it comes to back pain...
  7. Back pain isn’t helped by NSAIDs

    This common drug does NOTHING for back pain If you've had those on-again, off-again battles with back pain, you know the score. You're never truly free of back pain. The best you can hope for is to free yourself from it... FOR NOW. At least, that's what the mainstream will have you think -- because the best they can do...
  8. Back pain is costing us billions

    Beat back pain without breaking the bank I bet you can remember the old stick-shift cars. They sure were great, weren't they? They were great right until the moment you felt the clutch slip. Then, they weren't so great. You knew immediately what that little slip meant: Open that wallet up, because there's an expensive repair in your future. Most...
  9. Back pain scans lead to unnecessary surgery

    Back pain doesn’t always need a CT scan, X-ray, or MRI – because in too many cases, those images lead to surgeries that don’t work.
  10. Back pain responds to better sleep

    Back pain can be worsened by poor sleep habits, as new research finds the cells in the spinal discs have their own internal clocks.
  11. Cut back pain risk with motor control exercise

    We all face back pain at some point, but new research finds that simple motor control exercises can cut your risk of facing it.
  12. Steroid shot no help for back pain

    Steroid shots work no better than saline injections for back pain, according to new research. Find out what really works here.
  13. 20 million seniors fighting pain, find natural pain relievers now

    New numbers show that close to 20 million American seniors are battling chronic pain. You don't have to be one of them.
  14. Ease shoulder and neck pain

    Neck and shoulder pain is common in office work. But working out with a small weight right at your desk could help beat that pain.
  15. Epidural steroid injection for back pain

    Steroids commonly given to back pain patients can increase the risk of a fracture, according to the latest research.
  16. Cure back pain with natural anti-inflammatories

    You don't need drugs or surgery to beat back pain. Try these safe all-natural treatments instead.
  17. Steroids for back pain fall short

    It's one of the most common conditions in the country -- but no matter how many times your doctor has seen it, he still doesn't know the first thing about treating it. I'm talking about back pain.
  18. Mind over belly in battle of the bowels

    If you're suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, the problem might not be entirely in your stomach.
  19. Yoga can beat back pain -- and that's no stretch

    I know plenty of people who won't try yoga because, well, it's yoga -- and they think they'd feel ridiculous doing it. But if you're battling back pain, do yourself a favor: Open your mind before you open another jar of pills -- because yoga can help beat your pain, and two new studies prove it.
  20. Move your back, ease the pain

    The last thing anyone with a sore back wants to do is move it around ... and the natural reaction is to find a spot where you can sit as stiff as a board and move as little as possible.The other natural reaction, of course, is a fistful of painkillers. Don't give in to either reaction.

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