Nothing puts a damper on the day quite like back pain flaring up.

You’re not going to the beach anymore. You’re not even going to the mailbox.

You’re going to bed!

And even there, you end up twistingturning… and propping up the pillows to find that just-right angle where you don’t hurt quite so much.

Yeah, I’ve been there too. Who hasn’t? Back pain is like death and taxes; it’s pretty much a certainty in life.

So believe me when I say I completely understand the temptation of back surgery – and why so many Americans are having it.

They’ll do ANYTHING to finally get their lives back.

But new research exposes the truth about one of the most common operations of all.

And if you have back pain yourself, you’re going to want to learn about this before you even CONSIDER surgery.

The TRUTH about common back surgery

Surgeons love pushing spinal fusion over decompression because… well… here’s the reality of the situation: It’s much more profitable, costing up to twice as much as the less-invasive decompression.

It’s certainly NOT because it’s better.

While there might be SOME cases where fusion is needed, the new study finds people get very similar results and a quicker recovery overall from the simpler decompression procedure when compared to the minimally invasive form of spinal fusion.

The results are similar enough that the researchers basically think the operations are roughly equal, and both light years ahead of a full spinal fusion, which requires months of recovery time.

Given the costs, risks and recovery, it sounds to me like decompression is the real winner.

But don’t sign up for THAT surgery either – because there are other options that could get you back in shape with almost no cost and zero risk.

First, see if your pain is a lifestyle issue. With back pain, it could anything from poor posture… to a chair that’s just a little TOO worn-in… to a bad pillow or old mattress.

Second, consider natural anti-inflammatories – including topical pain relievers – as well as non-surgical therapies including acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, heat, TENS and/or physical therapy.

And third, if you’ve tried all that and you’re still in pain, you have another option before surgery. Ozone gas can shrink a herniated disc by as much as 15 percent. With less disc, there is less pressure and with less pressure, there’s less pain.

As a result, a 2012 study in Germany found a single ozone injected delivered TOTAL RELIEF to 37 percent of patients, and significant relief to another 33 percent.

What’s more, that study found it had the same level of success as surgery but without the pain of the operation or the agonizing recovery period (not to mention almost no risk of complications).

Of course, it’s one thing to KNOW this works.

It’s quite another to find a doc who can do it – so ask around. A doctor who practices integrative or functional medicine can point you in the right direction, or at the very least help customize other non-surgical options for back pain to help get you the relief you deserve.