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  1. Ginseng benefits can help beat erectile dysfunction

    Natural cures for erection problems

    It's one of the most common male complaints -- but too many men are too embarrassed to talk to their doctors about it.

    So instead of getting real, natural help like ginseng benefits for erectile dysfunction, many men engage in the riskiest sexual behavior of all: They buy penis pills such as Viagra from shady online pharmacies.

    These drugs are dangerous enough in the best of times. But when you buy them from the back alleys of the Internet, you could get something even worse -- including tainted or even phony drugs.

    But you don't need to mess around with these meds either from real pharmacies or online, because there are natural treatments that have withstood both the test of time and rigorous modern science.

    One new study backs ginseng, a common remedy that's been used in Asia for centuries.

    More than 100 men with erection problems were given either ginseng or a placebo. After eight weeks, men on ginseng benefits had small but measurable improvements across the board.

    Of course, some men need more than small improvements. And for some men, the ginseng benefits may not even work at all. So while it's an option I sometimes recommend to my own patients, it's not the first one on the list.

    Some of your other natural choices include:

    L-arginine:This is usually the first supplement I recommend to men with erection problems. This essential amino acid can help improve blood flow. And when blood flows freely, it can flow to the places you need it most -- and yes, that includes "down there."

    Ginkgo biloba: In one study, 60 mg a day restored sexual function in half of the impotent men who tried it. Higher doses will often have better results, so try between 180 mg and 240 mg a day.

    For more all-natural solutions to impotence and other erection problems, see my book "Prescription for Natural Cures." Some men may need to try more than one remedy -- or even combine remedies -- until they find one that works best.

    It's worth the trial-and-error.

    Unlike sex drugs, these all-natural option, including ginseng benefits, have little risk of side effects.

    Sex drugs, on the other hand, can pack a few side effects that can ruin your life -- including vision problems, hearing loss, cold symptoms, headaches, and other troubling conditions.

    There's even a chance they can cause the infamous four-hour erection -- which might sound like fun, until you realize it's actually a very painful condition that requires immediate emergency medical care.

    That's not exactly a recipe for romance with your wife.

    In addition, many male sex problems are caused by low levels of testosterone -- and no penis pill in the world can correct that. So instead of turning to drugs, turn to a holistic physician who can test your hormone levels. If you're deficient, he can help restore you testosterone levels naturally.

    And for expert hormone testing and treatment, make an appointment to see me at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

  2. Chili pepper compound capsaicin can lower cholesterol

    Chili pepper spice can boost heart health

    Here's some good news for all you lovers of spicy foods: A key compound found in chili peppers can help protect your heart.

    That compound is capsaicin, part of a family of compounds called capsaicinoids, and it's long been recognized for its heart-friendly benefits (along with another I'll tell you about in a moment). And now, a new study finds it can slash levels of LDL cholesterol and improve overall arterial health.

    Researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong gave two sets of hamsters a high-fat diet with one difference: One set of hamsters got plenty of capsaicinoids in their diet, while the other got none.

    Those that got all those spicy capsaicinoids had lower levels of LDL ("bad") cholesterol. More importantly, the capsaicin also blocked the gene that causes arteries to contract -- allowing blood to flow more freely to the heart.

    It's a small study on hamsters, but it's not the first to find capsaicin can protect the heart. Other studies have shown that this spicy compound can help slash your triglycerides, thin your blood and reduce the damage of oxidation in your arteries.

    The only "catch" here is that capsaicin is the same compound that gives peppers their heat. Habanero peppers and Scotch bonnets, for example, have the most -- and not everyone can handle those.

    If you can't take the heat yourself, you can get capsaicin in capsule form.

    Capsaicin is also a key ingredient in some very effective pain-relief balms for people suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, diabetic neuropathy, and more.

    And for pain relief, you'll want a topical balm rather than capsules or Scotch bonnets.

    You'll actually feel the heat when you rub it in -- it might even hurt a little at first. And whatever you do, don't touch your eyes or any other sensitive spots after handling it, or you'll be in for the sting of your life.

    One important safety note: Don't take capsaicin in any form if you're on blood-thinning medication.

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