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  1. Beat high blood pressure – WITHOUT risky medications!

    When the bigwigs of the drug industry want to sell more meds, they don’t invent a new drug people could actually use.

    Not in most cases.

    Nah… that’s hard work!

    It’s much, much easier to find NEW ways to sell OLD meds. And if you want some proof, just take a look into your pill organizer.

    If you spot two… three… or maybe FOUR different blood pressure meds, I’ve got news for you today.

    They’re not necessarily there because you NEED the darned things.

    They’re there because of this outrageous and irresponsible marketing plan to get MORE people on MORE drugs for conditions they MAY NOT even have!

    And nowhere is that more true than when it comes to blood pressure.

    The TRUTH about your so-called high blood pressure

    A new report finds nearly HALF of American adults now have high blood pressure.

    Worse still, 75 percent of seniors have hypertension.

    But dig into the details of the study and you’ll see the picture’s not NEARLY as dire as those numbers would have you believe.

    See, it’s not our blood pressure that’s changing and getting worse.

    It’s the GUIDELINES!

    A few years back, they redefined hypertension. They dropped it from 140/90 down to 130/80. With one stroke of the guideline pen, an estimated 31 million Americans who were “healthy” before suddenly had hypertension.

    Now THAT’S how you beef up the market for a drug!

    The new study even looked at what would happen if you went by the OLD guidelines: Just 31 percent of Americans would have hypertension instead of half.

    And even many of them may not need treatment!

    In 2018, Oxford researchers found that medicating people even for the old threshold – 140/90 – had no evidence of any benefit in low-risk patients.

    There were no reductions in the risk of heart attack or stroke.

    Instead, the found danger, with people on the meds suffering from a higher risk of:

    • Hypotension (BP that’s too low)
    • Fainting
    • Kidney damage

    Blood pressure meds have also been linked to memory loss and falls – and falls, of course, can lead to head injuries, bone breaks and even death.

    Now, I’m not saying high blood pressure isn’t risk factor; of course it is, especially if you’re already in rough shape.

    But I will say this: The rush to cut BP to lower and lower and lower levels… across all age groups… often to targets that CAN’T be hit WITHOUT meds… has done far more harm than good, especially in America’s seniors.

    And the 130/80 target is just nuts in many cases.

    Some experts believe that seniors may not need treatment until a systolic (“top number”) reading of 150 or even 160.

    In reality, there’s no one-size-fits-all number; talk to a doctor experienced in integrative or functional medicine to determine the best target FOR YOU based on ALL of your factors including age, history and other risks.

    If you DO need to bring you BP down, you may not need medication. You can often do the trick by balancing out your electrolytes with calcium, magnesium and potassium – lot of leafy green veggies work -- or simply losing 5-10 pounds of bodyweight.

    If you DO need to bring you BP down, you may not need medication. You can often to the trick by balancing out your electrolytes with calcium, magnesium and potassium.

  2. Blood pressure cut with a hot bath

    Get the benefits of exercise… without moving a muscle!

    It may sound like a dream, but today I’ve got a hot tip on how to give your body a workout...

    And you don’t have to move a muscle!

    Yep, it’s just about the most relaxing way to “exercise” around...

    So gentle you can literally sip a glass of wine while you do it!

    Folks, this is just about the most pleasant way to sweat of all...

    When you just CAN’T exercise…

    Don’t get me wrong; you want to get out and get moving whenever possible.

    It’s fun. It’s invigorating. And it’s HEALTHY.

    But sometimes you can’t – especially in the cold, dark days of winter.

    And there are times when injuries and poor health can make getting any real exercise downright impossible.

    That’s where this new tip comes in...

    New research reveals how you can get some of the metabolic benefits and inflammation-fighting power of a workout, MINUS the workout.

    The secret is a hot bath!

    Instead of working up a sweat while running or having a sadistic personal trainer put you through the paces, you can get your sweat from the steam of your tub.

    The new study finds a hot bath works in at least THREE ways, and all of them are similar to the benefits you get from exercise:

    • Circulation benefits: A hot bath causes a spike your body’s production of nitric oxide, which helps open up blood vessels to keep things flowing smoothly. A boost in nitric oxide can even help cut blood pressure.
    • Anti-inflammatory benefits: Right after the hot bath, volunteers had a spike inflammation. You might think that’s bad, and it would be if inflammation levels stayed high. But that’s how exercise works, too: It triggers a quick spike in inflammation, followed by a dip. Sure enough, after two weeks of hot baths, overall inflammation levels PLUNGED.
    • Sugar Solution: That nitric oxide I mentioned? It has another trick up its sleeve. It helps your body to use up glucose, which probably helps explain this next major bathing benefit... After two weeks, volunteers who took the baths saw their fasting blood sugar levels drop!

    Now, there are a couple of downsides here...

    The folks in the study didn’t just take a quick dip. They were in the tub for a full hour, nearly every day.

    And while the benefits are real, they’ll work BEST if you’re making some other healthy changes along with them… like the ones you’ll no doubt be making when the New Year arrives.

    Maybe a daily soak should be one of your resolutions!

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    What your blood pressure reading is REALLY telling you To most doctors, blood pressure is something to measure and medicate. They never pause to wonder what it MEANS. They just look at the number – and when it hits a certain level, it’s time for meds (or more meds if you’re already being treated). I’m NOT “most doctors,” and I...
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  11. Cherries can cut blood pressure levels

    Montmorency cherries can help cut blood pressure levels so effectively that they work as well as some drugs.
  12. Blood pressure app doesn’t work

    A blood pressure app that was available for both iPhone and Android doesn’t work, missing dangerously high BP levels some 80 percent of the time.
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  19. Two easy tricks that can lower your BP

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