1. What the mainstream WON’T tell you about stronger bone

    Ask 10 people what you need for stronger bone, and 10 out of 10 will say “calcium!”

    But are they right… or is this yet another BIG health myth?

    Well, friend, if you’re drinking milk and enjoying cheese and yogurt to boost your calcium and protect your bones, I’ve got some news for you today.

    All that effort wasn’t in vain.

    Not exactly.

    But it’s not enough, either – because new research confirms what I’ve shared with you before: When it comes to keeping your frame tough as the years wear on, you need more help.

    A lot more.

    And you won’t find it in a glass of milk or a bowl of yogurt.

    Fortunately, it’s not hard to get either – once you know where to look.

    How to keep bone strong as you grow old

    Calcium usually gets all the credit, but it’s really just one tiny piece of the puzzle. By itself, it’s almost useless – because your body can’t hold onto it without some vitamin D.

    When you get both… not ONE, but BOTH… a study last year found your risk of hip fracture – a top cause of injury, disability and death in seniors – drops by 16 percent.

    But hold on.

    Because that’s STILL not all, and that’s where the new study comes in to help complete the picture.

    It focuses on a very special form of vitamin K that the mainstream barely even acknowledges.

    This form… which is NOT the same vitamin K you get from leafy greens… plays a key role in bone health by taking the calcium the vitamin D has helped you to absorb and putting it into bone where it belongs.

    Now, experts at Tufts University believe they’ve found a way to raise levels of this hard-to-get form of vitamin K. Their experiments on mice found it can be created by certain bacteria in the gut – and that by enhancing these bacteria, they can increase the production.

    They found that when those K levels from the bacteria jump, bone matrix improves.

    That’s a key sign of bone strength – and when bone matrix drops, it becomes more brittle, making it more prone to breaks, fractures and pain.

    Based on the mouse studies, the researchers at Tufts believe the key to stronger bone is in enhancing these special gut bacteria – and hope this discovery will someday lead to a new “treatment,” aka a drug… but why wait?

    If you’re getting older, you need help NOW!

    And you can get it – because there are other ways to boost that very special form of K.

    It’s called K2, and it can be tough to get from diet alone… unless you eat a Japanese fermented soybean product called natto, which is just loaded with the stuff.

    Studies out of Japan find older people who eat the most natto have stronger, healthier bone – including less decline in bone mineral density over the years.

    Since most of us don’t eat natto, it’s easier to get K2 from a supplement. There’s a formula I recommend to my own patients called Bone Strength Take Care that not only has K2, but also the rest of the essentials including calcium, magnesium and D.

    You can find it online and in stores.

  2. Bone loss blocked with 4 essential nutrients

    STOP your bones from SNAPPING with these 4 ingredients

    Can you imagine scientists urging people to STOP doing science?

    Well, you don’t have to imagine. It just happened.

    A group of scientists is trying to claim that vitamin D won’t help strengthen your bones or stop you from falling.

    And here’s where things get fishy -- they’re also warning other scientists to STOP looking into it, saying this study is the last word on the issue.

    Hmmm… well, that got me awfully suspicious.

    So I did the one thing these scientists were afraid of – I checked their work.

    And it didn’t take me long to spot something so sloppy… and so irresponsible… that I can understand why they don’t want anyone else investigating this.

    They’re afraid they’ll be exposed and embarrassed!

    They’ve sure made it sound like they’ve done a definitive job. On paper, they claim to have analyzed 81 randomized controlled trials – the gold standard of scientific research! – with a combined total of nearly 54,000 patients.

    And after running all that data through their numbers-crunching machines, they found that vitamin D supplements don’t deliver on any level for bone health.

    They don’t cut the risk of fractures… don’t improve bone mineral density… and don’t cut the risk of falling.

    But don’t toss out your D supplements yet.

    They made two HUGE and GLARING mistakes.

    First, they claim the dose doesn’t make a difference, with high-dose supplements also failing to help.

    But guess what they consider a “high” dose? Just 800 IU per day!

    Most people need at least three times those levels!

    Heck, one study in the analysis found that D protected against bone loss in the hip in older women, but ONLY at levels of at least 1,000 IU.

    You’d think that would be worth following up on.


    The second error is even worse… almost unforgivably so.

    Most of the studies in the analysis looked at vitamin D alone, while a small fraction looked at the combined effect of calcium and D.

    But that’s NOT how it works!

    Vitamin D doesn’t work alone. It can’t. Even combined with calcium you’re only getting part of the picture.

    When it comes to bone health, you need four ingredients: vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and vitamin K. Each one helps your body put the others to use – and if you’re missing out on any of them, you may not get any bone-building benefit at all.

    You can find each of these on their own or as part of a bone support formula; just speak to a doc first as vitamin K isn’t a good choice for people taking certain drugs such as the blood thinner warfarin.

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  5. Build bone by eating more yogurt

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