Beat depression with omega-3 fatty acids

Antidepressants are usually a bad idea at any age -- but they're especially dangerous for seniors, who face a higher risk of stroke, seizures, falls, and even death when they take the drugs.

And all of those risks are completely unnecessary -- because in most cases, the drugs themselves are unnecessary. You could be dealing with depression with safe and natural supplements, and new research backs one of the solutions I recommend most: omega-3 fatty acids.

Most people don't realize this, but the brain is 60 percent fat -- and without a steady supply of healthy fats in the diet, it could starve. And when your brain starves, you can suffer mood and memory problems and even start dealing with depression. 

For example, the 46 depressed senior women in the new study all had low levels of these critical fatty acids. They were given either 2.5 grams of omega-3s a day or a placebo -- and after 8 weeks, the women on the real omega-3s showed big-time improvements in dealing with depression when compared to the women on the placebo.

But don't wait for depression to strike to start taking an omega-3 supplement of your own. Start now, and you can prevent depression as well as those memory problems I just mentioned.

And that includes the worst memory problem of all: dementia.

Studies have shown that seniors with low levels of omega-3 fatty acids are more likely to face cognitive decline and a faster rate of brain shrink -- and while all our brains shrink a little as we age, a faster shrink is often a warning sign of dementia.

In one study, the brains of seniors with low levels of omega-3s had so much shrinkage that researchers said it was as if they were two years older than their real age.

The bottom line here is you need an omega-3 fatty acid supplement even when you're not dealing with depression -- ideally a quality fish oil from a maker your trust. Along with protecting mood and memory, fish oil can help prevent stroke and heart disease, fight inflammation, boost the immune system, and more.

Some studies have even shown that people who take fish oil have a lower risk of death from all causes.

I'm not done fishing yet -- keep reading for more.