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  1. Breast cancer treatment can trigger cognitive struggles

    Beat this “secret” breast cancer side effect

    Ladies, cancer docs will promise you the sun, the moon and the stars…

    They’ll wow you with stories about how their “modern” treatments are helping more women than ever beat breast cancer.

    But there’s one thing they WON’T talk about…

    They won’t say a WORD about what happens to women like you AFTER the treatment.

    Lots of women see their health take a permanent turn for the worse. Not because of their cancer… but because of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

    Women who survive both cancer and their treatment often find themselves living in a permanent fog afterward, struggling with both memory and other brain problems.

    Now, a recent study tried to claim that breast cancer survivors DON’T have a higher risk of cognitive problems.

    That’s the overall claim, but it’s not the whole story.

    The researchers found one set of patients who DO often suffer from brain issues.

    Breast cancer survivors between the ages of 60 and 98 who have a very common genetic mutation often flunk cognitive tests, especially after chemotherapy.

    The biggest struggles come in the critical areas of attention, processing speed and that all-important executive functioning.

    Researchers  trying to dismiss this as a “small subset” of patients, but up to 1 in 4 women carry this gene, and most don’t know it.

    It’s called APOE-4, and it’s most commonly linked to Alzheimer’s.

    In cancer patients, it’s as if the treatment – especially chemo – flips the switch on that gene and kicks it into overdrive, putting you at risk for decline and setting the stage for either dementia or dementia-like problems.

    But you can fight back in two ways.

    First, not all cancers need aggressive treatments and some don’t need to be treated at all, so be sure to get all your options before deciding.

    And second, if you do need treatment, natural therapies such as omega-3 fish oil, glutathione and citicoline can help limit the damage and help protect you from the cellular stress of cancer care, including chemo.

    Your best bet is to work closely with a holistic medical doctor.

  2. Breast cancer survival jumps with vitamin D

    Amazing nutrient BOOSTS breast cancer survival by 20%

    It’s the ONE pill every woman with breast cancer absolutely MUST take.

    And it’s not a toxic drug with sickening side effects.

    But it can help you SURVIVE this disease in ways that NO DRUG IN THE WORLD can promise!

    This nutrient is so simple, so humble, so common and so inexpensive that I almost hesitate to name it.

    For now, let’s call it by its scientific name: Cholecalciferol.

    I’ll get to its more common name in a moment, right after I give you the skinny on THREE recent studies that reveal the role cholecalciferol plays in preventing, fighting and even CURING breast cancer.

    First up, if you DON’T have the disease – yet – one of the studies shows how a little cholecalciferol can help make sure you never get it.

    Boosting your levels of this single easy-to-find compound will cut your breast cancer risk by as much as 80 percent!

    The second study not only confirms that this natural therapy will cut your cancer risk, but finds the biggest benefit goes to women who need help most: Older women, who face a higher risk of disease in the first place.

    But what if you already have cancer?

    That’s where this stuff REALLY shines.

    That second study finds that in addition to PREVENTING cancer, that very same cholecalciferol will cut your risk of DYING from the disease in HALF!

    Too good to be true?

    Well, I’ve got yet another new study on this.

    Researchers in Ireland looked not only at blood levels of a marker for cholecalciferol, but specifically women with breast cancer who were taking supplements to help boost those levels.

    These women had a 20 percent HIGHER rate of survival than women who weren’t taking the supplements.

    Even when the mainstream admits that you need cholecalciferol, they’ll insist supplements won’t help and you shouldn’t even bother.

    The new study proves them wrong, showing why every older woman should be taking cholecalciferol, whether they’ve had breast cancer or are just looking to avoid it.

    Never heard of it? Sure you have: It’s better known as vitamin D3, and it’s available for pennies a day from just about any vitamin shop.

  3. This ancient treatment SOOTHES away cancer pain

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  4. Breast cancer treatment ruins lives of elderly

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  5. Breast cancer risk plunges with this one diet swap

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  6. Breast cancer drug can cause joint pain

    Defeat the worst side effect of breast cancer treatment Surviving breast cancer is only part of the battle. Handling your treatment? That’s often another story altogether, as the side effects of drugs, chemo, radiation, and more can make you feel even worse than the cancer ever did. Tell your mainstream cancer doc, and he’ll practically shrug. Sure, he knows you’re...
  7. Breast cancer treatment puts heart at risk

    URGENT: New warning for breast cancer survivors It's the one thing they WON'T tell you about breast cancer treatments. Sure, your docs will admit that you'll be in for some of the worst days of your life. They'll warn that you'll be run-down and worn-out with fatigue. And they'll tell you straight up that you could lose everything from your...
  8. Breast cancer defeated with omega-3 fatty acids

    Omega-3s can fight breast cancer... but only if you get the right kind Time for a label-check, ladies, and if you're taking an omega-3 supplement -- as I hope you are -- I want you to pay extra close attention to the fine print. Don't just look for how much is in there. Look for where it comes from. There's...
  9. Breast cancer fueled by processed meats

    Breast tumors LOVE this common food Don't bring home the bacon, ladies. No, I'm not about to say something controversial about women in the workplace. I mean that literally. Bacon -- and all other processed meats, for that matter -- pack big-time health risks. You know that. I know that. We all know that, right? But many folks eat processed...
  10. Breast cancer patients often rushed into decisions

    Ladies, what's your doctor hiding from you? It's an ugly con that doctors and surgeons are using to enrich themselves... while hurting their own patients. Now, a new report exposes the truth. Women are being rushed into surgery for breast cancer, often choosing aggressive and invasive operations without getting all the information first. And you're not going to believe who...
  11. Breast cancer patients rejecting chemo

    Why women are refusing to be wrecked by this treatment Here's a "Me Too" story you WON'T hear from the mainstream media. Women across the country have been out-and-out abused by modern medicine. They've been put through poisonous, dangerous, and even downright deadly treatments they never needed for a cancer that never would've hurt them. Now, new research shows how...
  12. Breast cancer treatment eased with acupuncture

    Fight off the worst side effects of breast cancer treatment It's not how you pictured it. When you first get hit with a cancer diagnosis, you imagine that beating the disease would be cause for celebration. And certainly, you should celebrate a victory over this deadly disease. The problem is that you're often in no mood for a party. Treatment...
  13. Probiotics may stop breast cancer

    The bacteria that can wipe out breast cancer Could the key to beating one of the deadliest forms of cancer in the breast actually start... in your stomach? A new study suggests that what's in your gut could have the power to fight a tumor, protect your body, and maybe even save your life. And it all starts with the...
  14. Weight loss slashes breast cancer risk

    Cut your breast cancer risk by 42 percent Ladies, it's being billed as the easy way to slash your risk of some of today's leading killer cancers. One quick procedure, and you can wipe out cancer before ever has a chance to take hold. I bet you're thinking there's a catch. Of course there is... and it's a doozy! The...
  15. DESTROY breast cancer cells in just 15 minutes

    DESTROY breast cancer cells in just 15 minutes It's a powerful targeted therapy that can SEEK out breast cancer cells and DESTROY them before they ever have a chance to hurt you. If you have cancer and are taking the "watch and wait" approach, this can slow the tumor's growth enough that you never need treatment. If you're undergoing cancer...
  16. Breast cancer linked to dairy and cheese

    Cream cheese... causes breast cancer??? Ladies, you've been told it's not just important to your health. As you get older, it's CRITICAL to your bone. Dairy, your doc will insist, is an absolute must at this age. All I can say is: Wipe away that milk mustache and put the freeze on cheese! Because the latest research shows how too...
  17. Breast cancer risk slashed by Mediterranean diet

    A diet so good it can scare off breast cancer My friends know I'm more than a little obsessive about what I eat. I don't just follow the Mediterranean diet. I stick to it the way peanut butter (which is allowed, by the way) sticks to the roof of your mouth. It's not just me. This diet is catching on...
  18. Breast cancer treatment side effects are too common

    Beat the toxic side effects of cancer treatment Ladies, the worst part of breast cancer isn't always the disease itself. It's the TREATMENT! And if you ever need treatment for breast cancer, new research shows what you're in for. I have to warn you... it's not a pretty picture. But don't worry -- I'm going to help change that in...
  19. Breast cancer survival worsens with certain foods

    Breast cancer “survivors” can still eventually die of the disease – and new research shows certain foods can dramatically increase that risk.
  20. Breast cancer cells killed with capsaicin

    Turn up the heat on breast cancer Some folks love spicy food so much they can't eat anything unless it tastes like it came out of a volcano. Others will start crying at the slightest hint of pepper. Turns out it's not just certain people who can't take the heat. Some cells can't handle it, either: They literally DROP DEAD...

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