1. Cadmium found in common jewelry items

    [Warning] The ONE holiday gift you should NEVER give

    Can you believe Thanksgiving is just two weeks off? Better get cracking on those dinner plans!

    And while you’re out there, it might not be a bad idea to get a jump on your holiday shopping to avoid the crazy crowds that’ll mob the stores by the end of the month.

    But there’s one gift you should avoid, even though it might be pretty tempting.

    Jewelry ALWAYS seems like a solid gift for the women in your life... and when it’s on sale, it’s a win-win.

    You get a bargain. They get a nice, new bauble.

    But an alarming new report reveals how common jewelry sold in some of America’s most common discount retailers are loaded with the toxic metal cadmium.

    Yes… that gift could POISON your loved ones!

    In a moment, I’ll tell you how to shop smart and avoid this dangerous metal, which has been linked to cancer, kidney disease, dementia and more.

    I’ll even give you a super-simple tip that’ll help you and your loved ones detoxify if you think you’ve been exposed (and given that cadmium has also been found in food and water, odds are you’ve ALL been exposed).

    First, the SHOCKING new report that should have you eyeing jewelry from major retailers with suspicion.

    A series of tests have found high levels of cadmium not in dollar-store junk and flea-market bargain bins… but relatively nice pieces sold in popular chains such as Ross, Nordstrom Rack and Papaya.

    One of the necklaces tested didn’t just “have” some cadmium.

    It was 100 percent cadmium!

    Several others were at least 90 percent cadmium and dozens more were 40 percent or higher, according to tests conducted by the nonprofit organization Center for Environmental Health.

    This doesn’t mean you have to shell out huge money at a place like Tiffany’s if you want to get a decent piece of jewelry for your wife, daughter or granddaughter.

    But you DO have to be careful about what you buy.

    A bargain might be tempting, but no discount is worth the price of a poisoning.

    The common thread here isn’t just a handful of retailers. It’s the source: China.

    Read labels closely and if you’re buying jewelry as a gift open your wallet a little wider and get something made in the USA, Canada or a fancy European brand.

    But none of that will do you much good if you’ve already been exposed. And, as I mentioned earlier, odds are you’ve all been exposed even if you’ve never touched a cadmium necklace.

    Don’t worry; I’ve got just the thing to help you detoxify.

    The freshwater algae chlorella, often sold as a supplement, can help pull out metals.

    In addition, the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum can specifically bind to cadmium and pull it out of your blood.

    You’ll find it in fermented foods and also quality probiotic supplements.

    For complete metals testing and a detox regimen customized to your needs, make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine in the San Diego area.

    Not in Southern California? I’m also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

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  2. Acupuncture and hypnosis proven to help quit smoking

    Go alternative to quit smoking

    I can think of plenty of great reasons to quit smoking -- and I can think of just as many fruitless ways to try to achieve that goal.

    From dangerous drugs to worthless patches, it's easy to get frustrated when you think you've tried "everything," but still find yourself puffing away on your cancer sticks.

    Don't give up, because a new study shows that some of the safe and natural anti-smoking therapies I recommend all the time are far more effective than anything the mainstream has to offer.

    Researchers say their review of 14 studies finds that both acupuncture and hypnosis are more effective than going cold turkey with no treatment. In some cases, the acupuncture patients had triple the success rate of those who didn't get any help quitting.

    The new analysis doesn't offer a direct comparison of either acupuncture or hypnosis to nicotine patches and gums, but a 2008 study on laser acupuncture found that 55 percent of those who received the treatment were not smoking within six months.

    That's remarkable -- because up to 93 percent of smokers who try nicotine replacement therapies such as patches and gums are either back to smoking or still smoking six months later.

    That makes the acupuncture eight times more effective.

    Surprised? Not me -- I see it all the time. I have a terrific acupuncturist on my staff who has helped plenty of my patients kick butts for good.

    And if any of my patients smoke but aren't trying to quit, they hear it from me every time they walk in.

    It's not that I want to be a nag. It's that in addition to the obvious risks -- cancer emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, smoker's cough, bad breath, and more -- smokers face a number of other serious health concerns.

    Cigarettes expose smokers -- and those around them -- to toxic heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. Cigarettes from tobacco grown with certain fertilizers can also contain polonium, a radioactive element.

    And let's not forget all the other dangerous chemicals and additives deliberately put into cigarettes. I've seen estimates that there are up to 4,000 chemicals in each cigarette.

    That's a lot of toxins gathered in one place, all headed into your body every time you inhale.

    You don't want that. Quit now -- while you still can.

  3. How to avoid pancreatic cancer

    They're called "trace" elements for a reason: Tiny amounts of the right stuff can boost your health and save your life... while even a drop of the wrong stuff can end it. Now, the latest research shows how these same trace elements can play a major role in your risk of getting or avoiding one of the deadliest forms of cancer on the planet -- pancreatic cancer.

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