1. Cancer linked to deep fat in the belly

    BLOCK this 'hidden' cause of cancer

    It's the secret cause of cancer, hidden deep inside your own body -- and by the time any doctor even discovers it's there, it could be too late.


    Don't be!

    New research not only exposes how these deadly cancers form, but it also reveals something even more important.

    And that's a way to fight back.

    This new study shows exactly how you can BLOCK these cancers from forming at their most important stage of development.

    That, in turn, could be the most powerful weapon yet against this killer disease.

    The new study focused on the visceral fat that forms deep in your abdomen and around your organs. You can't see this layer -- it sits under that outer layer of all-too-visible "jelly in the belly" fat -- but if you're a little big around the middle, you almost certainly have some of this stuff hidden below.

    The new study finds this deep layer malfunctions and cranks out a protein called fibroblast growth factor-2, or FGF2.

    Think of this stuff as a zombie from a monster movie, but on a cellular level.

    When FGF2 "bites" into healthy cells, they transform into cancer cells -- creating an army of "monster cells" that can form a deadly tumor.

    In a series of experiments, researchers transferred these zombie cells from human fat tissue into mice. Sure enough, they quickly converted the surrounding healthy tissue into cancer cells, and tumors formed.

    That helps explain why obesity has such a strong link to cancer AND one way those tumors can form.

    And that means you need to take action to fight those zombies before they can turn your own healthy cells into a killer cancer.

    Obviously, you want to burn off that deep fat, which has also been linked to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease and death.

    But don't turn to tricks and gimmicks.

    I know you've seen a million commercials about exercise gadgets and workout programs that supposedly target belly fat. Usually, they're some form of painful crunch or other type of ab workout.

    None of that stuff works very well at burning off deep fat.

    There's a much more effective way, and that's to chase it out of your body with a back-to-basics diet of clean living by eating natural foods and avoiding anything processed (especially refined carbohydrates).

    It'll take a little time, and you might not SEE the results at first. But if you keep at it, your waistline will shrink. As that outer layer of belly fat starts to fade, that deep fat inside your abdomen will burn off as well, cutting your waistline and your cancer risk at the same time.

  2. Cancer cells killed with intravenous C

    All-natural cancer breakthrough could save your life

    It's the cancer breakthrough the world has been looking for.

    Well, except for me.

    I haven't been looking for this one -- because I found it YEARS ago!

    New research on mice backs vitamin C as a powerful weapon that can block one of the most frightening and deadliest forms of cancer. And if this study translates to humans, you can bet that it will forever change how leukemia is treated.

    It will no longer be a terrifying diagnosis with a high death rate... but a perfectly manageable condition that can reversed with the help of this completely safe and 100 percent natural therapy.

    The way it works is deep down on a genetic level. See, one problem that leads to certain forms of leukemia and some other cancers is a gene that's gone haywire.

    It's supposed to help stem cells figure out what to do and when to die after their work is done. Instead, because of the faulty gene, they never get that signal.

    They keep living... keep cranking out new cells... and keep spreading.

    That's the very definition of cancer.

    But all good systems have a backup, right? And your body is no exception -- because it has a pretty ingenious design in that it has a backup of everything.

    You've got two copies of every gene, and these cancers are generally caused by a failure in just one of them.

    That's where vitamin C comes in.

    It can help the backup to take control, amplifying the signals of the "good" gene so that ALL of the cells can get the message.

    In the new study, those stem cells went back to work and died on schedule, especially when the vitamin C treatments were combined with a class of cancer-fighting drugs called PARP inhibitors.

    Obviously, there's more work to be done to see if this has the same effect in humans.

    But vitamin C has already proven to fight cancer cells in a number of ways. It can work on its own, in some cases, and can enhance mainstream treatments such as chemotherapy, helping to make it more effective while reducing side effects.

    The problem with C is getting it.

    You can't get anything close to what you need from oral supplements. Your stomach will rebel long before you get the levels that are effective against cancer and you'll suffer diarrhea.

    Intravenous C puts the nutrient directly into the blood, raising the levels quickly and dramatically. The result is an immune system boost that can help the body fight off everything from common infections to deadly cancers.

    If you think C might help you, speak to a holistic medical doctor. If you're in the San Diego area, I have more than two decades of experience in using IVC to help cancer patients, including members of my own family.

    Make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in the area? I'm also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

    And don't forget to connect with me on Facebook!

  3. Cancer linked to gum disease in women

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  4. Cancer cells KILLED by vitamin C

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  5. Cancer survives on sugar

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  6. Cancer linked to ‘bad luck,’ but you can change that

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  7. Cancer linked to obesity

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  8. Advanced cancer eased with half-hour walks

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  9. Cancer cells DIE from this natural treatment

    Cancer is a killer disease, but it doesn’t have to kill you. New research backs a safe holistic therapy that’s proven to wipe out cancer cells.
  10. Cancer drugs don’t work

    Cancer drugs approved in recent years carry a high price tag – but a new analysis reveals they’re not worth a penny, because they don’t work!
  11. Cancer risk predicted with simple inflammation test

    Cancer can be caused by inflammation, and a key marker of the condition can predict your risk of dying from the disease.
  12. Cancer survivors face depression risk

    Cancer survivors are twice as likely as patients without cancer to face mood disorders such as depression, which can linger for years after treatments have ended. But taking antidepressants isn’t the answer, because all you need are some common-sense, drug-free therapies.
  13. Cancer often leads to second tumors

    Cancer isn’t over when you “beat” the disease: 1 in 12 patients face a second tumor in a new location.
  14. Cancer-causing toxins found in Americans

    Cancer is often caused by toxins in food and environment, and government data shows that 420 of those dangerous chemicals are routinely turning up in Americans.
  15. Cancer drugs often don’t work

    Cancer drugs often given to seniors come with a huge price, few benefits, and plenty of side effects, study finds.
  16. Avoid HPV panic

    Two-thirds of all Americans carry the HPV virus, according to new research -- but there are natural ways to rid your body of it without resorting to dangerous vaccines.
  17. Vitamin D can help you beat cancer

    Vitamin D can help you fight cancer and win, especially if you have high levels of it before you're diagnosed, new research finds.
  18. Mouthwash linked to oral cancer symptoms

    Using mouthwash too often could actually increase your risk of oral cancers.
  19. Caramel coloring in cola is not caramel, but it’s quite dangerous

    Caramel coloring in cola is has nothing to do with caramel, but it's recognized as a carcinogen in California and might account for the various types of cancer linked to soda drinking.
  20. Diabetes risk factors

    Diabetes can increase your risk of cancer and boost your risk of dying from cancer by as much as 500 percent.

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