1. The HIDDEN risks of chemo – and how to DEFEAT them

    It’s sick that there’s no need for debate as to whether chemotherapy is toxic.

    It IS.

    It’s toxic to human cells 100 percent of the time, causing both physical damage and mental distress.

    And no part suffers more than your heart.

    Now, mainstream has given up on trying to “prove” otherwise.

    You’d think that would mean they’re ready to talk about moving BEYOND CHEMO and giving patients BETTER and SAFER options that can destroy the tumor without ruining lives...


    The focus remains on pushing chemo on you full throttle, even if at least some people may have other options. And in some cases, there’s a PROVEN, SAFE natural therapy that could be just right for you...

    Holding the chemo line

    The big debate now is simply over which forms of chemo are a little less sickening than the others.

    New research focuses not on a chemo alternative, but in trying to figure out which form of the treatment is “least worst” for your heart.

    What’d they find?

    No surprise:All of the drugs are bad for your heart to some degree. Of the chemo meds in the study:

    • Daunorubicin did a little less damage to the heart than doxorubicin; and
    • Mitoxantrone was found to be worse than anyone expected.

    This study focused on childhood cancer survivors since – in theory – they should be around for the many years needed to determine the long-term heart risks.

    But make no mistake about it: Chemo is just as dangerous for the heart in older patients.

    In many cases, it’s even worse.

    That’s why EVERY cancer patient needs to take these TWO STEPS before choosing chemo.

    Step 1: Do you REALLY need chemo? Do some homework. Get a second opinion. And ask every doctor, directly, “What are my other options and what will happen if I don’t get chemo?”

    Some patients will of course need chemo. But you’d be surprised at how often you have other options.

    Step 2: If you DO need chemo, there’s a single natural therapy that can accomplish several things, all at once.

    You need high doses of vitamin C, placed directly into the bloodstream intravenously.

    This all-natural therapy – backed by dozens of studies – is proven to:

    • Make chemo more effective so you need less
    • Help limit the side effects of the chemo
    • Fight the tumor on its own, giving you a better chance of survival

    The catch?

    Well, there isn’t one really except this: While every mainstream oncologist SHOULD offer IV-C alongside chemo, almost none of them do.

    You’ll have to work with a holistic integrative physician experienced in natural cancer care.

  2. Chemotherapy can trigger rapid aging… unless you take action

    How to FIGHT the SECRET DAMAGE of cancer treatment

    The cancer might be gone...

    If you’re lucky, it’s gone for good.

    But the treatment?

    That can leave behind permanent damage...

    They can AGE you from the inside… meaning that even if you survive that cancer today, you could face a higher risk of EVERYTHING ELSE tomorrow.

    In a moment, I’ll show you how to FIGHT BACK against the devastation cancer treatments leave in their wake.

    First, the new research your oncologist hopes you never see…

    The UGLY TRUTH about chemo and radiation

    Chemo and radiation are supposed to attack cancer cells, stripping away their defenses and forcing them to die instead of spreading and growing.

    But the truth is, neither treatment can tell the difference between a healthy cell and a cancer cell.

    In other words, they attack EVERY cell!

    Once the cancer is gone, it’s hopefully gone for good.But those healthy cells? Well, they’re not so healthy anymore.

    A new study looked at those cells in breast cancer patients between three and six years AFTER treatment.

    What they found was incredible, lasting damage.

    Their DNA actually looked “OLDER”:

    • Enzyme damage: They had lower levels of the enzyme telomerase, which regulates aging inside your DNA.
    • Shorter telomeres: Telomerase helps protect the telomeres (the caps on the end of each DNA strand that indicate cellular aging). The cancer patients had shorter telomeres, which means those cells were closer to dying.

    Shorter telomeres are a KEY warning sign of rapid aging  -- and all the risks that come with it, including disease and early death.

    In the study, the women with this inner damage were already showing the outward warning signs of more rapid aging, with cognitive struggles and problems with motor speed.

    So let me give you two tips on not only surviving the cancer, but beating the treatment...

    First, make sure you actually NEED those treatments.

    Chemo and radiation are often given as a first resort, when in many cases they should be last resorts.

    Many breast cancers, for example, can be treated with a simple lumpectomy (and some “stage zero” cancers may not need treatment at all).

    Second, if you DO need treatment, don’t expect the oncologists to warn you about the symptoms or work to minimize these DNA-damaging side effects.

    They don’t think it’s part of their job!

    Instead, add a holistic medical doctor to your team.

    Natural therapies such as intravenous vitamin C, for example, can both limit the sickening side effects of chemo and enhance its effectiveness!

    Additionally, herbal medicine such as ginseng can help prevent side effects – including those cognitive struggles seen in the new study – while also detoxifying so your cells suffer less damage.


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