The dangers of Chinese imports

Looks like China is finally getting a taste of its own bad medicine -- or, in this case, a taste of its own tainted food.

Seems a little accident at a Coca-Cola plant there caused a batch of drinks to become contaminated with chlorine. Apparently, there was a mix-up with the pipes during maintenance.

Some 120,000 cases of beverages were contaminated, 76,000 of which ended up being distributed to an unsuspecting Chinese public.

Coke is apologizing, which is more than what we usually get from China after the tainted food scandals that have come and gone over the years -- and will no doubt come again and again.

Now, I'm not going to make light of this because it shouldn't happen to anyone, anywhere. Food and drink should be safe no matter where you live.

But after years of us getting tainted toys and contaminated food from China, I can't help but think there's a little cosmic justice here.

The Chinese have been caught red-handed sending us fish laced with antibiotics, vegetables loaded up with pesticides and fungicides, and even tainted toothpaste -- and let's not forget the tainted pet food scandal.

They've even been sending us contaminated honey -- although it's hard to prove that it comes from China thanks to a practice known as "honey laundering" that removes all the pollen that could be used to identify the source.

That laundered honey is then shipped to a third country before finally making its way to the United States -- where it's often sold as store brands and under discount labels, and nowhere on the package will it say "Made in China."

Expect this to get worse, not better: The FDA inspects less than 1 percent of food imports.

I guess they're too busy going after vitamin makers to focus on the "F" in "FDA."

Support the local food movement instead -- buy locally, and buy organic.