1. Cholesterol control could take a frightening turn

    The summer movie season’s a bust as coronavirus keeps theaters off-limits in many places.

    But if you want the thrills and chills of a horror flick, you don’t need to check out the big screen.

    Just take a look at what Big Pharma’s up to!

    They’re cooking up a new treatment for cholesterol they claim will change the game – but when you see the details, you’ll find more scares than ANYTHING in a movie.

    Because they’re not just targeting cholesterol anymore.

    They’re zeroing in on your genes.

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong???

    BUSTED: The cholesterol myth… exposed

    New research offers a peek of where the industry’s heading.

    They’re trying to unlock the GENETIC CODE for cholesterol control.

    By comparing human and mice cells to spot the similarities, they believe they’ve found the gene that’s basically an on-off switch for cholesterol production in the liver.

    In experiments on mice, they found the Sestrin1 gene switches cholesterol production “on” when you’re not getting enough of it from diet… and then “off” when you are.

    When they shut down the gene in mice, cholesterol levels in the blood shot up since they were no longer regulating it naturally.

    Now, of course, there’s talk of trying to turn that into a drug, one that can just as easily turn cholesterol on and off inside your body.

    But do you REALLY want to let them mess with your GENETIC CODE just to cut cholesterol???

    Not on your life!

    Of course, that’s what they claim is on the line with cholesterol: Your life. And if your levels jump, you’re at risk.

    But this relentless focus on LDL isn’t about your life or your health.

    It’s about PROFITS.

    After earning billions of statins, the industry has been trying to repeat that success with newer and even more expensive treatments – like the PCSK9 inhibitors with a wholesale cost of more than $14,000 a year.

    Even WITH insurance, patients have to shell out some $300 a month for these drugs!

    But waddaya get for all that dough?

    A 1-in-66 chance of avoiding secondary outcomes such as a non-fatal heart attack or chest pain requiring hospitalization and a 1-in-166 chance of avoiding death for any reason. Cost per life saved is $2,324,000.

    Instead of using these easy-to-grasp numbers, the study authors present you with percentages, which can make the benefits appear more important than they really may be.

    Also, this is just one study. Shouldn’t we wait for more studies before we know the truth about this enormously costly drug to be touting its supposed promise.

    Here’s a fact: More than HALF of all patients who have their first heart attack have NORMAL cholesterol.

    If LDL were the big, bad guy, how could that be???

    There are other very important pieces of the cholesterol puzzle such as Lp(a), short for lipoprotein(a). This very specific – and very nasty – form of cholesterol is a much bigger warning sign of plaque in the arteries.

    Up to ONE IN FIVE Americans have this risk factor right now… and most DON’T know it!

    I usually combine a test for Lp(a) with a CIMT ultrasound for an even closer look at plaque levels. If plaques are forming inside the arteries, I find a combination of natural therapies can often cut Lp(a), bring LDL levels in line and restore the arteries, all at the same time:

    • Vitamin K2
    • Kyolic Garlic
    • CoQ10 (ideally MitoQ)
    • Turmeric
    • Fish oil (or increased fish meals)

    Of course none of this will help much if you’re eating processed foods, so cut back – or better still, cut OUT – the junk. Get a little more movement and a little more sleep and you’ll be well on the way to a TOTAL health solution.

  2. Strange “MIRACLE FRUIT” slashes LDL, strengthens blood vessels

    Gooseberry? Sounds like something out of a children’s book!

    But this strange little berry with the funny-sounding name is actually hiding an INCREDIBLE secret…

    One of the compounds locked deep inside every little berry can wipe out some of the BIGGEST risks facing older Americans!

    And now, new research confirms some of the biggest benefits of all, revealing how it can:

    • ENHANCE blood flow
    • STRENGTHEN arteries
    • POWER UP your immune system
    • SLASH cholesterol
    • WIPE OUT inflammation

    …all at once!

    And even more importantly… it can do the job with ZERO serious adverse events!

    How this funny-sounding berry could save your life

    The new study tested an extract from this berry called amla.

    Yeah, from one funny name to another!

    But there’s nothing funny about the results, as you can see in this study of folks with metabolic syndrome.

    That’s a collection of risk factors such obesity and high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

    It often leads to diabetes and heart disease.

    And sadly, it’s a major risk factor for an early death.

    But amla can turn it around…

    Within just 12 weeks, folks with metabolic syndrome given amla supplements REMARKABLE changes.

    First, and maybe most importantly, it improved the function of the endothelial layer.

    That’s the lining in the blood vessels that helps push blood along to keep circulation moving and to stop the flow from getting slow and sluggish.

    As you get older… and as you suffer the damage of metabolic syndrome… that lining starts to wear out, and your blood starts to move more like mud.

    Amla helped REVERSE that damage to ensure healthy circulation.

    The benefits didn’t stop there…

    Amla also helped gently bring cholesterol levels back into balance, cutting:

    • Total cholesterol by 11 percent
    • LDL cholesterol by 21 percent
    • Triglycerides by 19 percent

    …and it RAISED levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol by 7 percent!

    But while mainstream doctors might obsess over cholesterol, there’s another marker that’s even more important: Inflammation.

    In many ways, this is the single biggest risk factor for serious heart problems – and yet amla was able to turn it around…

    The supplements slashed levels of hsCRP, a marker of inflammation, by 40 percent at lower doses and 54 percent at a higher dose.

    You can find amla, or gooseberry, on its own… but for the BEST results, look for it at the heart of a circulation-boosting, artery-enhancing formula with other all-natural superstars such as omega-7.

  3. Cholesterol drug coming soon is an expensive hoax

    WARNING: The next big cholesterol ‘treatment’ is the WORST ONE YET Millions of older Americans facing heart risk are about to get conned. Yet another lousy cholesterol treatment WON’T save your life. Instead, this $1,000-a-month swindle is mainstream’s big new push to line their pockets. I’ll share what they hope you never see. And I’ll give you the inside scoop...
  4. Cholesterol drugs linked to horrible new risks

    Get PERFECT cholesterol… without TOUCHING a drug They’re some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the nation, especially among older patients... I’m talking about cholesterol-lowering statins. And there’s a ONE out of THREE chance you’re taking one right now. You may have even experienced the terrible side effects, like severe muscle pain… memory problems… sexual dysfunction… and even blood...
  5. Cholesterol drugs DON’T extend lives

    REVEALED! Mainstream admits the TRUTH about cholesterol You might notice a change next time you’re at the doctor’s office. Your own doctor… even if he’s a mainstream physician… might start to sound a little more like me! Finally, my time-tested wisdom on cholesterol – based on decades of science, not drug-company marketing propaganda – is starting to take hold in...
  6. Control cholesterol with a compound from apples

    The “apple-a-day” secret to PERFECT cholesterol There’s an old cliché about “an apple a day.” You know how it goes. But new research finds more than a little truth in this one. Because a “secret” compound locked inside one very specific – and very rare – kind of apple may do more than just keep the doctor away. It could...
  7. LDL cholesterol ISN’T the risk factor it’s been made out to be!

    Is LDL more dangerous than you’ve thought? Hear that drumbeat? The mainstream is banging away at the cholesterol drum yet again – and this time, it has a study designed to panic you into dancing to the beat. It says that even if you’re healthy… even if you have NO other risk factors for heart problems… and even if you’re...
  8. Cholesterol levels slashed with green tea

    The 'green' secret to perfect cholesterol It's practically 2018... yet when it comes to cholesterol, your doc may as well be in the Stone Age. We know that LOWER isn't always better. We know that you actually NEED cholesterol, including the LDL cholesterol that's often dismissed as the "bad" kind. We know that it's far BETTER and far SAFER to...
  9. LDL cholesterol drops can be dangerous

    New warning over LOW cholesterol Docs are finally waking up to one of the biggest scams in medicine -- one you may have been a victim of yourself. The very meds that are supposed to "control" cholesterol can bring your levels down far too low. Even many mainstream physicians are starting to back off. And the drug industry is absolutely...
  10. HDL cholesterol boosted with almonds

    Go nuts over this cholesterol cure It's a natural treatment for cholesterol so simple that it's NUTS more doctors don't recommend it. But that could be about to change in a big way. New research shows how almonds can succeed where billions of dollars in research has failed -- and that's by improving your HDL cholesterol safely and effectively. HDL...
  11. Cut cholesterol naturally

    Cholesterol doesn’t need a drug. You can bring your levels down with natural treatments, such as green tea.
  12. Three simple ways to cut cholesterol

    Cholesterol can be cut without drugs and without the risks, and new research shows three quick and easy ways to slash your levels, from breakfast to dinnertime!
  13. Cholesterol makes little difference in heart health

    Cholesterol is often made out to be the big villain in heart health, but that's not how it works. You need the stuff -- and if you fall short, you could face bigger risks.
  14. Beat LDL cholesterol with beans

    Eating beans every day can cut your cholesterol levels naturally, reducing your LDL "bad" cholesterol by 5 percent, a new study finds.
  15. Strawberries can slash LDL levels

    Eat lots of strawberries, and your levels of LDL can drop dramatically, no drugs necessary. Strawberries can even reduce the most damaging form of LDL.
  16. New rules double use of cholesterol meds

    They say there are two things you never want to see being made: laws, and sausages. Let's add a third one to that list: medical guidelines. Especially for widely used drugs like cholesterol meds. The rules, regulations and procedures your doctor is expected to follow -- the guidelines he's supposed to use when making critical decisions about your health -- are the product of a badly flawed system heavily stacked in favor of the drug industry. Continue reading →
  17. Effects of obesity can kill you

    Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke and death even if you appear to be healthy by every other measure.
  18. New guidelines for statins

    There's a new push to put tens of millions of new patients onto cholesterol meds -- even if they're largely healthy and don't have high cholesterol.
  19. Statin drugs can rob you of your vision

    Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can increase your risk of cataracts by more than a quarter, according to new research.
  20. Polypill fails heart test

    A drug combining aspirin, a statin and two blood pressure meds fails to reduce heart problems, according to new research.

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