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  1. MUST-READ: What EVERY colon cancer patient needs ASAP

    Cancer surgery is one of the most frightening experiences you could go through.

    Even if the doctor assures you they caught it early…

    Even if he insists most people recover just fine…

    Even if he swears you’ve got an excellent shot at beating the disease…

    You want more.

    And today, I’ve got it.

    New research reveals a way to ensure you not only SURVIVE colorectal cancer, but have a:

    • Faster
    • Smoother
    • And easier recovery!

    This powerful natural remedy can cut your risk of death by nearly 40 percent.

    And the best part? It’s not an extra drug or chemo that’ll sap you of your strength and energy…

    That’s right—you won’t have to feel sicker than you’ve ever been in your life in order to get that benefit.

    Instead, this is a natural vitamin…

    And it’s one you almost certainly NEED anyway!

    The nutrient that can SAVE your COLON

    A lot of studies look at risk; the prevention of this or that with the help of certain vitamins.

    And those are all great. Obviously the best way to beat a disease is to not get it in the first place.

    But that doesn’t do you much good if you already have colorectal cancer.

    That’s why this newest study is so important: It looks at what happens AFTER you’re treated for the disease, and how to have the BEST possible outcome.

    And it finds the answer is plain old vitamin D.

    Simply put, the higher your D levels, the better your outcome.

    This applies both right after your procedure AND in the days and weeks that follow.

    If you start out with high D levels, your odds of surviving the disease jump by between 34 percent and 38 percent.

    That’s incredible, but that’s not all…

    The study finds high D levels will even SLASH your risk of dying from everything else by between 35 percent and 38 percent.

    The researchers behind this study believe that D has such a powerful life-or-death impact on colorectal cancer patients that the levels of this vitamin can actually be used to predict survival.

    If you’re going in for treatment, talk to your doc about taking D supplements ahead of time since key is in making sure you have enough in your system BEFORE the operation.

    The study finds that your D levels can drop rapidly during the procedure and in the 24 hours that follow. You could lose between a third and a half of your blood levels of this nutrient as your body tries to put it all to work to save your life.

    Don’t have cancer?

    Don’t wait!

    Boost your levels just the same – because other studies have shown that high vitamin D levels can cut your risk of getting this form of the disease by up to a third.

  2. EVERY colon cancer survivor needs to read this

    Surviving cancer once is no cakewalk.

    But beating it a second time?

    That’s a battle you don’t want to face – because there’s always a chance you won’t be so lucky the next time around.

    Now, new research reveals ONE MISTAKE many colon cancer survivors make.

    And it’s one that could cost them their lives...

    One test you should NEVER skip

    In a moment, I’m going to reveal three simple steps you can take at home that’ll ensure you never have to face this disease again.

    But first, new research reveals how too many folks who’ve survived colon cancer aren’t engaging in the most important step of all.

    Colon cancer survivors who don’t have a colonoscopy in the years that follow have THREE TIMES the risk of dying from the disease.

    Now, I’m sure every single colon cancer patient KNOWS the importance of a colonoscopy.

    And I bet they PLAN to get one.

    But not right away. After all, you’ve just fought that battle – and won – so when you finally get the all-clear sign, you can put it off a little while, right?

    Well, the new study finds that’s exactly when you DON’T want to rest your rear.

    The key is to get at least one screening in the three years after your cancer battle.

    Don’t stop there.

    3 steps for EVERY colon cancer survivor

    Step one: Eat more fish, and take a fish oil supplement.

    This is basic, right? Fish in omega-3 fatty acids are good for you in so many ways, but when you’re fighting colon cancer… or are working to stop it from returning… seafood isn’t just “good for you.”

    It’s CRITICAL to your survival!

    A 2016 study found boosting omega-3 intake after a colon cancer diagnosis will cut your risk of dying from the disease by a STUNNING 70 percent!

    Step two: Eat more nuts.

    Again, no surprise that nuts are healthy. What might be surprising, though, is that these delicious treats can fight tumor cells—especially the ones behind colorectal cancer.

    A 2016 study found eating tree nuts after surviving colon cancer will cut your risk of recurrence by 46 percent and death from the disease by 53 percent.

    There’s one other way nuts help. When you’re snacking on nuts, you’re NOT eating other junk – and avoiding the “other junk,” especially at snack time, is critical to the next step...

    Step three: Avoid all processed foods in general – including processed meats – which contain chemicals such as preservatives, colors and flavors that have been linked to cancer risk.

    That’s good advice in general, for anyone.

    But for colorectal cancer survivors, there’s one form of processed food in particular you need to restrict or avoid completely...

    Refined carbs – aka, pretty much all junk food including both snacks and sugar-sweetened beverages – can almost guarantee the disease will come back.

    A 2012 study of more than 1,000 colon cancer survivors found eating refined carbs will increase the risk of recurrence and/or death from the disease by a terrifying 80 percent.

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  8. Colon cancer test falls short

    This screening could MISS deadly cancer! It's the dark side to one of the biggest cancer screening breakthroughs in decades. The FIT test takes seconds. You just need to collect a fecal sample in the comfort of your own bathroom and send it off to a lab -- and, if it comes back negative, you're off the hook. In theory...
  9. Colon cancer recurrence cut by eating nuts

    Stop colon cancer from coming back with this one trick If you've fought a battle with cancer and won, you know the war's not over. It never is. There's always the very real fear it could return -- and next time around, you might not be so lucky. That's especially true if you've had colon cancer. While this disease is...
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    How to survive advanced colon cancer It's one of the most common forms of cancer in the nation, one that strikes nearly one in 20 Americans at some point in their lives. And unfortunately, it's also one of the deadliest. Colorectal cancers can often be treated and defeated IF they're caught early; but since many people avoid colonoscopies, it's not...
  11. Cut colon cancer risk with omega-3 fatty acids

    Colon cancer is one of the deadliest forms of the disease, but boosting your intake of the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can slash your risk of dying from it.
  12. Colonoscopies and polyps

    Docs who take their time during a colonoscopy are more likely to spot potentially cancerous growths, according to a new study.
  13. Keeping cancer risk factors away

    Standing up, going for a walk and getting some regular movement can slash your risk of at least two major forms of cancer.
  14. Magnesium benefits reduce disease risk

    Essential mineral magnesium could reduce your risk of dying from heart disease by 50 percent and your colon cancer risk by 11 percent or more.
  15. Colonoscopies save lives

    There are plenty of cancer screenings you don't need, but there's one you do: Colonoscopy can slash your risk of death from colon cancer by 56 percent.
  16. Getting fit slashes risk of cancer and heart disease

    A new study finds that keeping fit can dramatically slash your risk for lung and colon cancer as well as heart disease.
  17. Fast colonoscopies miss more precancerous cells

    Some doctors are moving too fast when performing colonoscopies and those lost couple of minutes of scope time could turn out to be deadly when they miss polyps and precancerous growthsthat could eventually become killer cancer.
  18. Colon cancer powered by refined carbohydrates

    Sugar and other carbs can actually feed some tumors. And if you've already had some forms of cancer, carbs can increase the odds of a recurrence.
  19. The benefits of magnesium help keep cancer away

    Magnesium can help cut your risk of colon cancer by 11 percent -- but that's not the only reason to take this essential mineral.
  20. Obesity is the number two cause of cancer

    Obesity is a major cause of cancer, second only to smoking.

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