1. The BRAIN-ENHANCING power of “chilling out”

    When did health advice become such a NAG???

    Everything you hear… everything you read… everything THEY tell you to do is always such a bummer.

    Well, my friend, I’m here to say the key to good health isn’t in depriving yourself of life’s great joys.

    In fact, most of the NAG stuff is flat-out wrong!

    You CAN lose weight without starving yourself…

    You CAN get fit without painful exercise…

    And you certainly DON’T have to fear the onset of cognitive decline as an inevitable part of aging.

    The latest research reveals how saving your brain could be a whole lot simpler than ANYONE believes.

    Because this action is in many ways almost no action at all!

    What your LEISURE TIME says about your COGNITIVE health

    We can call it relaxation… leisure… fun… or just plain downtime.

    Whatever you want to call it, it’s just as important as your “active” time, especially when it comes to brain health.

    Now, to be clear, this form of leisure ISN’T vegging out in front of the TV with a bowl of chips in one hand and the remote in the other.

    It’s mentally active stuff – like reading a book, playing a game, chatting with friends. Or, in non-pandemic times, going out with the gang for dinner and movie, taking classes or joining a club… and all the interactions and conversations you have along the way.

    Higher levels of these activities at and beyond the age of 66 cuts the risk of dementia by about 18 percent over 8 years, although the benefit decreases a little over longer periods of time.


    Don’t rush out and join a club, sign up for classes or pick up a new book just yet.

    There’s a catch.

    Isn’t there always?

    It’s CLEAR these things are helpful when it comes to brainpower and cognition, and they’re certainly important when it comes to overall quality of life.

    But there’s a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg argument going on here, too.

    On the one hand, it could be that these activities give your brain enough of a mental “workout” to keep healthy.

    Or it could be the other way around: People in the earliest stages of decline… before it’s even diagnosed… may begin to withdraw from those activities.

    There’s a pretty big debate going on over that.

    I tend to believe it could be a bit of both.

    You can protect yourself in either scenario with two easy steps:

    • Engage and challenge yourself: Whether it’s chatting with friends, reading a book, or doing some puzzles, give your brain a “leisure” workout each day.
    • Watch your habits: If you find yourself losing interest in things… if puzzles and clubs and conversations feel like work rather than fun… it COULD be a warning sign.

    If you recognize it EARLY, that gives you the most important weapon of all in the battle against dementia: TIME.

    There’s no single solution for cognitive struggles because there’s no single cause. If you’re healthy, keep it that way with a brain-friendly diet with minimal sugars and gluten and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

    If you’re starting to struggle, work with a physician who can test for, diagnose and TREAT the possible causes, especially the three MAIN triggers: toxins (heavy metals in particular)… hidden infection… and leaky gut syndrome.

    These simple tests – readily available to ANY doctor, by the way, not just integrative physicians – could make all the difference in the world.

  2. Dementia linked to hearing loss

    REVERSE dementia risk and PROTECT memory

    The first place to look… the first chance to act… the first opportunity to STOP dementia… isn’t where you’d expect.

    It’s NOT in your brain.

    No; as it turns out, it’s in another place that’s not far off...

    Your EARS just might hold the key to your brain health!

    And if you find yourself turning the TV louder and louder, or if you’re always asking people to repeat themselves, then I’ve got news for you today, my friend.


    But I’ve also got something else for you.

    I’ve got your golden ticket out of this mess with a way to REVERSE hearing loss—and SAVE your brain at the same time.

    How hearing loss leads to memory loss – and how to REVERSE it

    The latest research reveals a link I’ve warned you about before: Hearing loss leads to memory loss, which in turn leads to cognitive decline… dementia… and even death.

    One reason for the link is the old use-it-or-lose-it aspect of brain health.

    The regions used to decode sounds are also important to your overall cognition. When your ears stop picking up those sounds, that part of the brain slowly goes dim.

    But the new study takes it a step further and shows how FIXING that hearing loss can REVERSE the risk.

    A simple hearing aid, for example, will send your dementia plunging by 18 percent.

    To be clear: there is NO DRUG that can promise that benefit. None.

    But a hearing aid can, and that’s not all it can do, with the same new study finding it can cut your risk of:

    • DEPRESSION by 11 percent
    • ANXIETY by 11 percent
    • FALLS and FALL-RELATED INJURIES by 13 percent

    OK, you’re thinking… but I still don’t want a hearing aid.

    I get that.

    And here’s the thing:

    You might be able to get ALL of those brain-boosting, memory-protecting, mood-enhancing benefits…


    See, these aren’t necessarily the benefits of a hearing aid specifically. They’re the benefits of hearing – the benefits of ensuring this critical part of your brain keeps operating.

    In many cases, hearing loss is a sign of poor circulation in the ear, where the blood vessels are already very narrow.

    Even a little bit of constriction can cut off the flow of blood and lead to hearing loss, but natural therapies such as gingko can send it rushing back in – giving you back your hearing (and potentially CURING related conditions such as tinnitus).

    If that fails, then you might need a hearing aid after all.

    Today’s models are smaller, cheaper, more comfortable and less noticeable than ever before – and if you belong to a “warehouse club” type store, you can often get a top-of-the-line model for less.

  3. Stop “THICK” blood from damaging your brain!

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  6. Dementia can be found – and STOPPED – 10 years early

    AMAZING 5-min. test spots dementia a DECADE early (Now you can FIGHT BACK!) They’ll TELL YOU there’s no cure for dementia, and not even a treatment... But the truth is, you CAN beat this nasty disease… if you find it early enough. And new research reveals the best hope against dementia yet: The earliest possible warning sign ever uncovered. A...
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  11. Dementia linked to hearing loss

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