1. The OTHER pandemic… hiding in plain sight!

    It’s like a bully who socks people in the face, returns later to laugh at the black eye and then comes back a third time to sell ice for the bruises.

    Insanity, right?

    Welcome to mainstream medicine, 2021!

    They’re taken a deadly pandemic and made it WORSE with inconsistencies, hypocrisies and outright lies.

    That’s spread fear and panic, leading to mental breakdowns across the country.

    Now, the mainstream bullies are pointing out… almost gleefully… that more people than ever are suffering from anxiety and depression.

    And like that bully selling ice, they’re trying to sell YOU meds for the problem THEY helped create.

    But I’m here to hit back at the bully – because I’ve helped my own patients beat these conditions… without even touching my prescription pad!

    The OTHER pandemic that’s STILL getting worse

    These SHOULD be bright days.

    The weather’s warm… the cases are down… and people are getting back out.

    But you wouldn’t know it from the media!

    They're STILL running with the narrative that’s driven Americans into a constant state of fear and panic – worrying everyone sick with the threat of variants, vaccine failures and younger people getting the infection.

    The result is what you see in the latest snapshot of America’s mental health: We’re on a nation on the verge of a MASSIVE breakdown!

    The new study finds that 42 percent of Americans had either anxiety or depression at some point between August of 2020 and January of this year.

    And of course, they’re selling ice packs: ONE IN FOUR adults in the country are now taking meds for these conditions.

    Before the pandemic, that number usually hovered at around 10 percent.

    They’ve more than doubled the sales of mood meds during the coronavirus pandemic… despite the fact that these drugs DO NOT PREVENT and DO NOT TREAT coronavirus.

    What a racket!

    They’ve essentially cooked up a second pandemic, and now they’re profiting off it – and I’m sick of it.

    Of course you should be careful out there. Of course you should use common sense and protect yourself with a mask and other measures.

    But DO NOT let the media hacks drag your entire life into the gutter over this, either.

    Make sure you ENJOY YOURSELF when and where you can do so safely.

    And if you’re still suffering from mood problems, there are better options than the meds they’ve got 25 percent of the nation taking.

    For depression, the best natural options include 5HTP (especially in combination with theanine) as well was SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) or curcumin.

    And if you’re battling anxiety, consider CBD, probiotics and/or herbal medicines including herbal teas.

    Make sure you let your doctor know your plans.

  2. Depression can be CURED without sickening meds

    Blaming SENIORS for their own depression?! (The latest CLUELESS report from mainstream)

    The mainstream claims it’s about to make a big effort to treat depression in seniors.

    But don’t thank ’em yet…

    Sure, it’s good they’re finally recognizing the condition strikes more frequently (and often, more severely) in older folks.

    But in a stunningly tone-deaf new report, they’re suggesting the problem isn’t REALLY the depression.

    It’s YOU!

    That’s right: they’re blaming older folks for refusing to take SICKENING antidepressant drugs!

    Gee, I wonder why they’d want to avoid those??

    In a moment, I’ll give you what they WON’T:

    A real solution for depression that won’t make you SICK or TIRED.

    It’s just the ticket to beating even the WORST cases of depression. And with it, there are:

    • No drugs
    • No side effects

    First, let’s check out this ugly new report...

    Blaming the patient for depression

    Yep. It’s the old blame game again. When THEY can’t solve the problem, they don’t look for new answers…

    They look for culprits, and it’s usually YOU.

    The new report complains that 15 percent of patients who get an antidepressant prescription from a primary care doctor never start taking them.

    Of those who start, another 15 percent skip doses and eventually – by the end of the first year – nearly 40 percent have quit.

    But what do they expect???

    After all, these drugs can literally make you SICK and TIRED.

    Common antidepressant drugs can ruin your life in more ways than I can count. They can cause:

    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Constipation
    • Fatigue
    • Insomnia
    • Weight gain
    • Personality changes
    • Even sex problems!

    The real wonder is why anyone takes these drugs in the first place!

    Folks, despite the mainstream’s push, these drugs aren’t the only way to beat depression.

    There are literally DOZENS of other options -- many of which work just as well or better, and WITHOUT those awful risks.

    Let me share my favorites…

    Nature’s 3 best mood-boosters

    • Curcumin: This compound, found inside the spice turmeric, has gone head-to-head against antidepressant drugs and matched them EVERY STEP of the way. In one study, it was found to work as well as fluoxetine (aka Prozac) over six weeks, but WITHOUT the side effects.
    • 5-HTP: In Europe, if you tell a doctor you’re depressed, 5-HTP is what he might recommend. It’s a natural remedy that’s often the FIRST option in Europe as it can be transformed by your body into the neurotransmitter serotonin to fight depression and anxiety. But you don’t have to travel to get it -- it’s widely available in the U.S.
    • Prayer: Don’t forget the most natural “remedy” of all. Ask for a little strength, and He’ll give it to you.

    Exercise, fish oil, B vitamins and more can all help chase away the blues without the risks.

    For the best results, try two or more of these natural therapies at once!

  3. Depression treatments that work in the toughest cases

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  4. Depression drugs could be deadly in heart patients

    This common drug can be deadly in heart patients Your doctor will SAY that he's doing it to help you. He'll INSIST that he's trying to save your life. He'll SWEAR up and down that treating depression after a heart attack is key to your overall survival. He's right about that last part. Fighting mood disorders IS essential to recovery...
  5. Depression linked to shorter life

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  6. Depression caused by inflammation

    The TRUE cause of depression... revealed! You know you're not "just sad." When you're facing serious depression, you know there's something wrong beyond a little sadness. Your doc will tell you it's all in your mind and prescribe brain-scrambling meds. Now, scientists have admitted that you're right and your doc is wrong -- and it shows exactly why those antidepressant...
  7. B vitamins defeat depression

    The real cause of depression, and how to fix it Depression can feel like a test -- and, in some ways, it is. But it's not a test for you. It's a test for your doctor -- and if his immediate reaction is to put you on antidepressant drugs, he's flunked that test. He's failed you in a BIG way...
  8. Depression linked to heart risk

    EVERY heart patient needs to watch for this warning sign When you've got heart disease, you know what's on the line. One American dies of this condition every 49 seconds -- so, every single minute matters, and every single day is like a bonus. Now, the latest research reveals one MAJOR risk factor that could add years to your life...
  9. Beat depression with natural hormones

    How older women can beat mood problems When it comes to one of the most common conditions facing older women, the mainstream has just two answers. There's psychotherapy for the depression and other mood problems that often strike in your later years -- which is BAD, because it never really tackles the true cause. And that means it's often ineffective...
  10. Depression could be an artery problem

    The hidden cause of depression... and how to fix it Depressed... YOU? It just doesn't seem possible! You've never had a problem with depression before, and even now you can't think of a single reason to sing so much as a note of the blues. Yet somehow, you just don't quite feel right. You're glum... down the dumps... and, let's...
  11. Depression increases heart risk

    The heart risk factor your doc will never mention This just might be the single biggest risk factor for death in heart patients -- and it's not any of the things you're thinking of right now. It's not your age... the form of heart disease you have... or a complicating condition like diabetes. It's not even smoking. As big as...
  12. Depression boosts cancer death risk

    The cancer battle your doc WON'T tell you about When you've got cancer, you know you've got to fight the tumor. You've got to stop it from growing and spreading. And that's pretty much ALL your doctor will focus on. But new research shows how that's only half the battle -- because your MOOD could actually play a key role...
  13. Depression doesn’t mean you need antidepressants

    According to a new study, depression is under-treated – but don’t fall for this blatant push to get more Americans on meds. There are safer ways to beat the blues.
  14. Ketamine ‘party drug’ give fast-track status for depression

    Ketamine is a ‘party drug’ abused on the club scene and even used by rapists – but now, it could be heading to pharmacies for depression patients.
  15. Depression linked to oxidative stress and cellular damage

    Depression isn’t just a mental disease – it’s a physical one that causes damaging oxidative stress to your cells, increasing your risk of chronic disease.
  16. Depression linked to heart attack and stroke

    Depression alone is miserable enough, but new research finds that the longer you have the condition, the higher your risk of heart attack and stroke.
  17. Vitamin D improves quality of life

    Higher levels of vitamin D can improve your quality of life, including your mental health, and reduce the risk of disability. Find out the best way to up your D, and learn just how much to shoot for.
  18. Dangers of antidepressants

    New dangers linked to mood meds Some 30 million Americans take antidepressants every year. They're used by so many people so often that you almost certainly know someone who's taking them. And now, new research confirms that the majority of these patients are battling serious and damaging psychological side effects. In fact, of the 1,829 patients taking antidepressants surveyed in the new study: Continue reading →
  19. Smoking cigarettes damages mental health

    Smoking can cause depression, anxiety and more -- and new research confirms that quitting the habit can help chase these and other mood disorders away.
  20. Mild depression in diabetics can lead to mobility problems

    Depressed diabetics have a higher risk of worsening disease and even physical problems.

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