The bad news is that BPA is everywhere - and if you eat and drink from plastic containers, this hormone-like chemical is building up inside you right now.

The good news is that you can slash your levels in just three days - and all you need to do is swap packaged foods for the fresh stuff you should be eating anyway.

Three days - so what are you waiting for?

Researchers recruited five families - two parents and two small kids in each - from the San Francisco Bay area and collected urine samples over eight days: two days while on their normal diets, three days while eating fresh organic meals and snacks stored in glass and stainless steel, and three days back on their normal diets.

What they found was stunning.

After three days of eating fresh foods, BPA levels fell by an average of 60 percent. The researchers also found that levels of DHEP - a phthalate used in plastics that's another known endocrine disruptor - fell by 50 percent.

But those low levels didn't last: Researchers say that when the families went back to their normal diets, those levels shot right back up.

Lesson: Make the change - just make sure it's permanent.

Naturally, the chemicals industry claims this study is proof that BPA leaves the body quickly, and is therefore harmless.

Wrong on both counts.

In three days, the families who ate the fresh food lost 60 percent of their BPA - a great start, but since 40 percent of the BPA was still present, it's not quite proof that all of it will simply melt right out of the body.

And even if it did, it doesn't mean this stuff is harmless.

Studies have linked BPA exposure to diabetes, heart disease, early puberty and sexual problems. One study last year found that men with high levels of it had a range of sperm-related issues including low counts, concentration, vitality and motility. (Read more here.)

The best way to avoid BPA and the other chemicals hidden in plastics is to avoid anything served or stored in those plastics in the first place... along with metal cans, which are lined with BPA.

And never, ever microwave your food in plastic.

That means eating fresh meat and produce - but the benefits go far beyond lower levels of BPA: Real food can help you to lose weight and lower your risk for any number of diseases and conditions.