1. CONFIRMED: A single diet change REVERSES diabetes

    They act like it’s some kind of pipe dream – that your odds of reversing diabetes are the same as hitting the Powerball.

    But new research shows how you could hit the jackpot… not in lottery cash, but for a much, much bigger prize.

    Because this report PROVES once and for all the you CAN reverse diabetes, regain control over your blood sugar and return to life free of this disease.

    And all you gotta do is UNLEARN everything they’ve been telling you!

    How to FINALLY beat diabetes… for GOOD!

    They don’t teach you how to beat diabetes.

    They don’t… because it’s NOT profitable!

    After all, if you beat the disease, you won’t need their meds and insulin – and they can’t have that now, can they?

    So all the advice is aimed at what’s called “disease management,” which is thinly veiled code for a lifetime of struggling with diabetes and taking those sickening (but profitable) drugs.

    Even the DIET advice is built around this process as they insist on pushing a low-fat diet with plenty of allegedly “healthy” carbs.

    But carbs of any kind… even “healthy” carbs… can send blood sugar levels soaring – and when sugar soars, you need drugs.

    It becomes a self-defeating cycle.

    But the new report shows a way to end that cycle for good, confirming that the one diet the mainstream WON’T recommend can turn diabetes around completely.

    And that… as you may have guessed… is the low-carb diet.

    They’ll flip out if you even MENTION it, wagging their fingers in your face as if you’re a wayward teenager caught smoking pot.

    Go ahead and wag your finger right back, because this study shows going low-carb is your best shot at going into disease remission, boosting your chances of success by a third, according to the analysis of 23 clinical trials.

    Along with better blood sugar control and – may I repeat – disease REMISSION, the folks who went on the low-carb diet also enjoyed other major benefits including:

    • Weight loss
    • Healthier levels of body fat
    • Less use of medication

    How great’s that last one? Wouldn’t you love to use fewer meds? Wouldn’t you love to DITCH them completely???

    Here’s your chance!

    The study even finds you don’t need to force yourself onto the most extreme form of a low-carb diet. Just cutting your daily calories to about 26 percent carbs can do the trick, although I personally reducing carb intake even more for best results.

    There is ONE warning in the study, and it’s this: After a full year, the benefits leveled off.

    That’s because… well… you know how people are with diets.

    They don’t last.

    The old bad habits creep back in – and eventually, you’re back to square one.

    So keep that in the back of your mind going in and really commit to the lifestyle so you can win the jackpot of better health, a longer life and a shot at reducing and even eliminating diabetes meds with your doctor’s help.

  2. RESOLUTION: Beat diabetes, lose weight and save your heart

    Don’t wait until the New Year to make your resolution.

    If you have diabetes, new research shows you can’t wait anymore – because you’re facing a far bigger and much deadlier risk than most people realize.

    It’s not just “heart problems.”

    It could be heart failure – a condition that too often leads to a rapid decline in health and an early death.

    Even when it doesn’t end your life, it can end life as you know it, leading to struggles with daily activity and a constant need for medical attention.

    But new research reveals one quick action that can:

    • Reverse the risk
    • Protect your health
    • Restore quality of life
    • Cut your risk of dying

    And it starts with the kind of change many people make when they ring in the New Year.

    How to STOP heart failure even if you have diabetes

    Diabetes is like the snowball that turns into an avalanche.

    First it’s just the diabetes… then you get other health problems… then the heart problems start… and eventually, you’re snowed under.

    But the worst of the risks is almost certainly heart failure, a condition so deadly that almost half are dead within five years.

    Diabetes can DOUBLE and even QUADRUPLE your odds of facing this condition, depending on your specifics.

    Now, the new study shows how to make sure you don’t end up in that sinking ship.

    There’s a way to protect yourself from this deadly risk – and while it SOUNDS hard, I’ve got a way to make it VERY easy for you.

    The study finds that people with diabetes who lose weight overall have a lower risk of heart failure over the years… but when they looked into the details, they found it wasn’t just the weight loss that did the job.

    It was losing FAT specifically.

    The folks who lost just 10 percent of body fat saw two key risks plunge:

    • Heart failure with preserved ejection fracture dropped by 22 percent
    • Heart failure with reduced ejection fracture dropped by 24 percent

    Folks who lost lean mass didn’t see any benefit – bad news for people who follow mainstream diets.

    But let’s face it: Those diets are lousy to begin with.

    They take too much work… exclude too many foods… and most people eventually give up.

    So take another approach.

    There’s ONE dietary tweak that can accomplish two very important things at once for patients with diabetes:

    • It can CONTROL blood sugar naturally
    • It can force your body to BURN OFF fat

    It’s a ketogenic diet… a popular form of the low-carb diet.

    When you eat carbs, your body burns glucose for fuel, storing whatever’s left as fat. But when you restrict carbs, your body turns to another fuel source: ketones, which it gets by breaking down fat inside your body.

    It’s a literal FAT-BURNING diet!

    That leads to not only weight loss, but specifically fat loss. And without those carbs, you also get better blood sugar control and insulin regulation.

    Follow it closely, and you won’t just lose weight and cut your heart failure risk. You can reverse the diabetes itself – and by working with your doctor, may be able to reduce or even eliminate your medications.

    Already have heart failure? It’s NOT too late! A study earlier this week found that going keto can also offer protections in people who have the disease.

    I recommend you review this with your own doctor or seek the guidance of an experienced integrative or functional medicine doctor.

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