1. Diabetes eye damage prevented with regular exams

    Protect your eyes from diabetes with this easy step

    Don't let your guard down!

    Diabetes is a relentless enemy working 24/7 to tear you apart from the inside, and it'll seize ANY opening it can.

    Let your blood sugar slip... and it'll damage your organs. Ignore a minor injury... and it could become a festering infection.

    And if you don't keep close watch over your eyes... you could go blind!

    Now, the latest research shows a simple step you can take to protect your peepers and prevent one of the most devastating consequences of diabetes.

    It's a condition called diabetic retinopathy, when high blood sugar literally eats away at the retina.

    It's a top cause of vision loss in Americans, especially older folks, leading to serious impairment and even blindness -- IF it's not caught in time.

    That big IF is your ticket out of this mess, and the new study shows how.

    It reveals how taking one simple, protective step early can protect your eyes, prevent the damage, and preserve your independence -- all at the same time.

    All you have to is get your eyes checked at least once a year.

    Simple, right? Yet too many people wait far too long between eye exams, and they pay a big price for it: The warning signs of retinopathy don't get caught early, so the condition is never treated when it's still manageable.

    But if you get checked at least once a year, your risk of sight impairment -- including serious vision loss and blindness -- will be cut in HALF!

    I know what you might be thinking.

    If it's that easy to stop, why are so many people with diabetes still losing their eyesight?

    The simplest answer is that they're just too busy dealing with the far more obvious, pressing, and in some cases painful signs of diabetes.

    Something that's not especially noticeable early on -- like the ever-so-slight loss in vision that marks the start or retinopathy -- can get lost in the shuffle.

    Even when you start to spot it, you might assume it's just the usual slight loss of sight that hits us all as we get older.

    But it's not.

    It's the diabetes at work, out to get you -- and that's why it's critical to take two steps.

    First, don't ignore vision loss. If you're squinting and straining... if you think you might need a stronger prescription on your glasses... don't assume it's age.

    Get checked out.

    And second, even if you haven't noticed anything wrong... even if you've NEVER worn glasses... get your eyes checked every year, whether you have diabetes or not.

  2. Diabetes damage reversed with green tea

    Miracle drink can fight diabetes damage

    It's the GREEN solution to diabetes and anyone at risk for the disease -- and no, I'm not talking about some new "Save the Planet" scheme.

    Healthy green TEA is already known as one of nature's most miraculous cures for everything from heart troubles to cancer.

    Now, the latest research on mice reveals even bigger benefits for people facing diabetes.

    And if the same holds true in humans -- as I suspect it will -- that means this GREEN cure could help you to fight off some of the biggest health problems facing Americans today, including obesity and memory loss in addition to diabetes.

    The key is a powerful natural substance locked inside every delicate little leaf.

    It's called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, better known as EGCG -- and to test its effects on diabetes symptoms, researchers put mice on the rodent equivalent of the diet of doom.

    That's exactly what it sounds like: A lifestyle almost guaranteed to doom you to diabetes, heart disease, and an early death.

    Unfortunately, this diet also has another much more common name.

    It's the Western diet that's followed by tens of millions of Americans... and it's the key driver in the epidemic of obesity and diabetes facing the nation.

    In the study, the mice fed this disastrous diet saw the same results as humans.

    They got fat -- real fast -- and experienced all the health problems that follow, including insulin resistance and cognitive struggles.

    In the case of mice, that means they had a hard time finding their way out of a maze.

    But one set of mice were given a little something extra with that Western diet: a daily dose of that all-powerful EGCG.

    And the results were bordering on the miraculous.

    These mice not only weighed less... but they also had less cognitive damage from insulin resistance... and they began zipping through those mazes.

    Generally with mouse studies, I'd say don't get your hopes up too much until we see more studies, especially on humans.

    But in this case, feel free to break out the kettle and brew away -- because there are DOZENS of studies that back the incredible health effects of green tea and EGCG in humans.

    Just don't be too much like these mice.

    Clearly, the EGCG can help counteract some of the damage of the Western diet. But if you keep following that lifestyle, you could drink this stuff by the gallon and it's not going to help.

    Switch to a healthier diet instead, then get plenty of green tea to help reverse any damage you might already be suffering from.

    While you can find EGCG available as a supplement, I prefer to get mine the old-fashioned way: from freshly brewed green tea, served either hot or over ice.

  3. Diabetes linked to common toxin

    The REAL cause of diabetes and heart disease It's the HIDDEN cause of major chronic disease -- one that I've been warning my patients about for years. Now, the medical mainstream is FINALLY catching up! An urgent new study confirms everything I've been saying all along, revealing a "secret" risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. And it's one that...
  4. Diabetes? You may not need those blood sugar tests

    Just say NO to finger prick blood tests! Most of us have no clue what the worst part of the day will be. But if you've got diabetes, you can take a pretty good guess: It'll be when you have to stab yourself in the finger and squeeze out a little blood to check your sugar levels. You've heard how...
  5. Amputation risk linked to diabetes drug

    The new drug warning EVERY diabetic needs to see There's an urgent new warning EVERY diabetic needs to see -- and it comes STRAIGHT from the FDA. One of the most commonly used new drugs given to diabetics -- a medication that's done BILLIONS in sales -- can lead to a horrific side effect. I hope you haven't eaten before...
  6. Diabetes reversed with fasting diet

    The FAST way to beat diabetes There's NO hope... and NO cure. That's what your doctor will claim, anyway. If you've got diabetes, he'll tell you this is your life now -- that you've got no choice but to commit to his regimen of drugs, finger pricks, more drugs, insulin shots and... you guessed it... STILL more drugs. Well, friend...
  7. Diabetes deadlier than we thought

    Urgent new warning for diabetics If you've got diabetes, it's time to stop putting it off. You know what I'm talking about, right? You've been putting off the changes you KNOW you need to make. Well, my friend, you're running out of time. You need to take action NOW, because the latest numbers show how you're in far worse shape...
  8. Diabetes linked to bone breaks

    Diabetes can do more than wreck your heart. It can weaken your bone, increasing the risk of breaks and fractures in women.
  9. Easy-to-follow program turns diabetes around completely

    Diabetes Detox is a groundbreaking new plan to reverse the symptoms of diabetes within 30 days.
  10. Diabetes control is getting worse

    Diabetes control has gotten worse in recent years despite the introduction of newer and more powerful medications. Looks like those drugs aren’t so good after all!
  11. Diabetes drugs aren’t getting better

    Diabetes drugs aren’t getting better despite years of research – with a new study showing how none of the new drugs out there are any more effective than metformin.
  12. Diabetes linked to poor sleep in men

    Diabetes isn’t always caused by diet alone. There are other risk factors – and for men, poor sleep could be one of them.
  13. Diabetes can be controlled with diet

    Diabetes often means a lifetime of drugs, but new research finds that changes to your diet can do more for the disease than any meds out there.
  14. Stop diabetes damage in your brain

    Diabetes can damage or even kill brain cells, but you can turn it around with a little bit of weight loss.
  15. Diabetes linked to brain damage

    Diabetes can cause damage in the brain, preventing an enzyme from clearing out the plaques and tangles that lead to Alzheimer’s disease.
  16. Diabetes can be cured – if you follow the right diet

    Diabetes doesn’t have to be a lifelong sentence. New research proves you can beat and even cure the disease if you follow the right diet.
  17. Diabetes meds are overused by seniors

    Seniors with diabetes should have their meds reduced when they hit their blood pressure and blood sugar targets, but new research shows it rarely happens.
  18. Disease fighting health benefits of almonds

    Almonds can help fight off major disease and keep blood sugar under control, according to multiple new studies.
  19. Mediterranean diet can prevent diabetes

    Prevent Diabetes with diet

    The Garden of Eden wasn't in Greece or Italy -- but I'm convinced that a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean meats and fish is as close to the Original Diet as you'll find.

    These are the foods we've been designed to eat, and you don't need to turn to the Bible for proof of that.

    No, modern science confirms that a back-to-basics diet rich in Biblical foods is just about the healthiest lifestyle around, helping to fight disease and extend lives.

    And now, new research confirms that if you go Mediterranean, you could prevent diabetes -- a scourge that some 80 million Americans either already have, or are on the verge of getting. Continue reading

  20. Diabetes risk factors

    Diabetes can increase your risk of cancer and boost your risk of dying from cancer by as much as 500 percent.

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