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  1. Diet soda linked to dementia

    This popular drink could ruin your brain

    It's a choice millions make every day... sometimes several times a day... and they do it so subconsciously, it's not even a choice anymore.

    They reach for a diet soda.

    They've stopped thinking about it because most assume they don't have to -- zero calories must mean zero risk and zero guilt.

    But new research reveals there's ZERO truth to that -- because "diet" drinks could do to your brain what the sugary ones will do to your teeth.

    They can rot it right out of your head!

    Just one diet soda per day can increase your risk of dementia... Alzheimer's disease... and even stroke.

    It's not a small bump in the odds either.

    That one soda per day will TRIPLE your risk of ischemic stroke, the most common form of stroke and one of the nation's leading causes of death and disability.

    The numbers are nearly as bad for dementia.

    A single diet soft drink per day will increase your risk of Alzheimer's by 289 percent.

    That's compared to folks who drink diet soda once a week or less. But let's face it: Even once a week is 52 times per year too often.

    If you were to compare a daily drinker to someone who NEVER has a diet cola, the risk of stroke and Alzheimer's could be even higher.

    And that may not even be the worst of the risks.

    Other studies show diet sodas don't deliver on the promise built right into the name. They won't help you to "diet," and they might even help CAUSE weight gain and diabetes.

    While diet sodas contain no sugar or calories, they contain a science lab's worth of chemicals including dangerous no-cal sweeteners and preservatives. One chemical in colas, phosphoric acid, has been linked to bone loss, while "caramel color" has been linked to cancer.

    Regular sugary soda and other soft drinks, of course, are even worse. A second new study finds that folks with high fructose intake -- mostly people who drink this toxic sugar-water -- have signs of the BRAIN DAMAGE linked to dementia.

    They have smaller brain volume, especially in the hippocampus, which is one of the most important parts of the brain for learning and memory.

    As a result, the study finds folks with high fructose intake are more likely to flunk memory tests.

    So, pass on soda in all its forms.

    If you want a refreshing spring drink, try infusing water or seltzer with fruit or switching to iced tea.

  2. Diet soda worsens blood sugar control

    Your 'diet' could be wrecking your blood sugar

    A diabetes diagnosis is a big-time wakeup call -- and when most folks get the news, they make immediate changes.

    Unfortunately, most folks change all the wrong things!

    They've got the right intentions. We all do when it comes to our health, right?

    They know it's time to kick the sugar habit... but sometimes, the best of intentions can lead to the worst of actions.

    So instead of making a clean break, they swap their sugary treats -- especially soda -- for the no-cal, sugar-free, "diet" versions.

    Out with the Coke, and in with the Diet Coke.


    But as you've read here in House Calls over the years, diet sodas aren't much healthier than the sugary ones they replace.

    Now, new research shows how diet sodas can actually UNDERMINE your diet and lead to WORSE control over blood sugar if you have diabetes.

    In the study, 81 overweight or obese diabetic women were put on a diet for weight loss. Some were allowed to keep drinking diet soda, others were told to quit the soda and drink water instead.

    And if you're still drinking diet soda, you might want to make that swap right now yourself -- because the women who switched to water lost about 20 percent more weight over 24 weeks and shaved an extra half point off their BMI.

    They also enjoyed bigger improvements in fasting plasma glucose, fasting insulin, beta-cell function -- just about all the key measures you need to look for when you're locked in a battle with diabetes.

    These are the kinds of changes that can help you finally gain the upper hand in the fight against this disease, even if you've had so many false starts before.

    And it comes from replacing diet soda with water. Anyone can do that, right?

    Of course, the mainstream is perplexed by this.

    On paper, there shouldn't have been any difference in weight loss and blood sugar control. The women who drank diet soda didn't eat more calories, and they didn't have any extra sugar.

    But there's no Sherlock Holmes mystery here.

    Diet soda may not have sugar, but it's pretty clear from years of research that the chemical sweeteners inside damage the body in other ways, leading to problems with appetite and more. They can also trick the brain so that when you get real sugar the body no longer responds to it in the same way.

    As a result, diet soda can undermine weight loss... cause weight gain and more belly fat... and actually increase the risk of diabetes.

    Plain old water is a great substitution -- but if you want a little flavor, infuse it with fruit.

  3. Diet soda

    Diet soda can trick the brain and change how you eat – and not in a good way. It could make you eat MORE. It’s the exact opposite of a diet!
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