1. Diet success – finally! – with this one simple tweak

    The New Year’s resolution that could KILL you

    Everyone HATES dieting.

    Yet we all DO IT.

    And – spoiler alert – nearly ALL of us FAIL at it, too!

    But not you. Not this time.

    In a moment, I’ll reveal what’s been missing from your diet resolutions… the ONE KEY to success that’ll make 2019 the year for positive change.

    First, I want to share a warning about “yo-yo dieting”…

    The one resolution you should NEVER break

    Turns out giving up on a diet after a few weeks or months isn’t just bad for your resolution scorecard.

    It’s bad in another way, too… one that’s far more dangerous.

    Millions of Americans begin a diet every January and most of them don’t even make it to the Super Bowl.

    Heck, some of them don’t even outlast the Christmas tree!

    Much like those trees, they end up tossed out to the curb, dried up and forgotten.

    You’d think that would be the end of it. Your diet didn’t work. The weight came back (or never left). You’re back to square one… but at least you’re not worse off.

    Well, turns out you ARE worse off...

    New research reveals something worse for your health than being overweight or obese – and that’s losing the weight, only to have it come back.

    It’s not just frustrating.

    It’s outright dangerous!

    Two new studies look at the effects of so-called yo-yo dieting:

    • The first one finds being consistently overweight is actually BETTER than bouncing on the yo-yo. Those fluctuations will increase your risk of a heart attack and stroke by 40 percent.
    • The second one finds yo-yo dieting more than DOUBLES your risk of DEATH!

    These are all risks you DON’T have to face.

    And you certainly don’t have to accept being overweight (and all of the risks that come along with it) either.

    There’s a simple reason so many diets fail, and that’s the basic fact that most of them are UNREALISTIC and IMPOSSIBLE to follow for anything other than a short period.

    Starving while counting calories… giving up the foods you love on a low-fat diet… or sticking to bland and flavorless frozen meals… can all help you to lose weight -- briefly.

    But they all end the same way: failure, because you can’t do it forever.

    That’s why I recommend the one “forever” diet proven to work because it:

    • Doesn’t involve starving;
    • Giving up favorite foods; or
    • Frozen meals.

    The Mediterranean diet promises foods you already love in filling amounts.

    It’s easy to stick to because you’ll WANT to stick to it… and I’m going to prove it to you on Sunday.

    Watch your email. You won’t want to miss this one!

  2. ‘Mindful’ diet won’t help you lose weight

    Chew on this crazy new diet advice

    Sometimes, I just can't believe the nonsense I read.

    A new report in The Washington Post, of all places, claims that your diet isn't about WHAT you eat.

    It's about HOW you eat it and how you FEEL about your food.

    Now I understand where the "fake news" label comes from!

    This bit of nutty business comes from several strange reports on the concept of "mindfulness," or the notion that some level of thoughtfulness about what and how you eat can directly influence your weight loss.

    I'm not going to dismiss the notion of putting a little thought into your food.

    And I'd love it if "mindfulness" meant that they were calling on people to say grace before their meals.

    But you know that's not what they're talking about.

    It's just the usual New Age mumbo-jumbo that the mainstream just loves to prattle on and on about. The Washington Post even claims that studies show that this "mindfulness" -- including meditation -- can help dieters lose weight and keep the pounds off.

    Think that's bad?

    Wait... it gets worse!

    Just when you think that the report couldn't get any more ridiculous, it praises the concept of "slow chewing."

    That's when slower eating supposedly helps you lose weight.

    The newspaper even cited a study that claims fast chewers who slow down can cut their risk of obesity by 42 percent.

    Sounds good, right?

    Here's what it didn't mention: In order to make that claim, the study had to come up with a completely NEW definition of obesity!

    This wasn't just a minor change, either. Researchers behind the study shifted the BMI for obesity from 30 all the way down to 25, a difference of between 25 and 40 pounds depending on your height.

    That means they must've started out with folks who have a BMI even less than that -- people who are already very slender and not as prone to weight gain in the first place.

    You can't take a study like that seriously.

    Yet The Washington Post sure did.

    Here's the real deal: You absolutely SHOULD put some thought into your food, and nearly all of us could slow down a little (in everything, not just food).

    But if you want to lose weight... if you want to drop the pounds and keep them off... the answer isn't in "mindfulness" or "slow chewing."

    It's action!

    Switch to the varied and delicious Mediterranean lifestyle, which is modified to eliminate grains (even whole grains). Make that switch today, and you'll lose weight without having to worry about your chewing speed.

    And it never hurts to say grace.

    For one-on-one diet advice, make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in the San Diego area? I'm also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

    And don't forget to connect with me on Facebook!

  3. Researchers’ ‘best’ diets are both duds

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  7. Snacking can lead to fatty liver

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  8. The diet and exercise plan to living longer

    Diet and exercise can help you live healthier and longer while cutting your risk of death from heart problems by nearly half.
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    You can add more than a year to your life if you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, according to new research.
  11. Reach your diet goals with healthy habits

    Fruits and vegetables can help you to eat less even if you don't eat them. Just having them around can help remind you of good eating habits.
  12. High-glycemic index foods increase diabetes risk

    Foods high on the glycemic index -- especially sugars -- can dramatically increase the risk of diabetes, according to new research.
  13. A little exercise can add years to your life

    You don't need much exercise, but you do need it -- and new research shows that even a little can help you live a longer and happier life.
  14. Small dietary changes can help keep gout away

    You don't have to give up your favorite foods to avoid gout. New research shows exactly how much of you can eat and still avoid the pain.
  15. Mediterranean diet benefits are physical & mental

    People who stick to the Mediterranean diet have better overall physical and mental health, a new study confirms. Here's what you need to know.
  16. Eggs can help you stay fuller longer and eat less at lunch

    The best breakfast is a plate of eggs as researchers find that they can help you stay fuller longer and even eat less at lunch.
  17. New diet drug lorcaserin is not effective for weight loss

    New drug lorcaserin, approved by an FDA panel for weight loss, fails to meet even minimal FDA standards for effectiveness and is linked to cancer and heart problems.
  18. Too much of this mineral can be bad for the brain

    Most nutrients are not only safe in high amounts, they're necessary -- because too many people simply don't get nearly enough of the essentials from diet alone.
  19. Foods that will ruin your mood

    When I get a patient facing depression, one of the first things I do -- before I run a single test -- is ask what they've been eating. And most of the time, the answer to that question tells me everything I need to know -- because people who eat garbage usually end up with a mood down in the dumps.
  20. Diet soda in new health scare

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