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  1. Erectile dysfunction reversed with exercise

    Put some boom back in your bedroom

    I love sports as much as the next guy, but it's tough watching some of the games these days -- especially when my kids are around.

    If you have kids or grandkids, I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about.

    It's not the game that's the problem, even if some of those spoiled athletes are hardly a good example for children. It's the COMMERCIALS -- because it seems like half the spots they run during sports are drug ads that'll make you blush!

    At some point, drugmakers decided the best way to reach older guys who might be having erection problems is to advertise during sports -- and they don't seem to care if kids are watching.

    But if you're having some problems "down there" yourself, it's time to grab the remote.

    Turn off the commercials, and turn off the game -- because the real secret to a red-hot love life is in engaging in some sports of your own.

    Get up, get out, and get some exercise!

    The new review of seven studies finds that if you're READY to get busy with some physical activity, you'll be more WILLING and ABLE to get busy in the bedroom again.

    The studies involved a combined total of more than 500 men, with nearly 300 assigned to different workout routines and more than 200 told to do no exercise at all.

    At the start of the studies, the men were assessed for erectile function and given scores on a 25-point scale. Men at the higher end had the best function, while men at the lower end had problems.

    After a few weeks of exercise, however, those scores began to climb. And over time, they added nearly FOUR POINTS.

    That's not just a big difference. That's almost the change in scores you'd see from using sex meds!

    The study doesn't show a reason for the benefit, but sex problems in men are often related to poor circulation. Aerobics help boost that circulation and improve the flow of blood -- and when blood flows better, it can reach you-know-were quicker.

    But if you want some really impressive results, don't stop with exercise.

    Exercise is just one step in a simple and easy-to-follow five-point plan that even mainstream researchers admit is better than drugs at curing erectile dysfunction in older men.

    And unlike those meds, which come with risks, these simple steps will not only get you back in action in the bedroom... they'll also improve your overall health and cut your risk of heart disease.

    Best of all? All five steps are free... and one or two of them might even SAVE you money!

    Learn more in this free report from my House Calls archives.

  2. Avoid erectile dysfunction by eating more berries

    Could FRUIT help prevent bedroom problems?

    For thousands of years, berries – especially strawberries – have been used as aphrodisiacs.

    In more recent years, though, their amorous effect has been dismissed as folk medicine…an old wives’ tale…and even flat-out hogwash.

    But brand new research brings us full circle, confirming that the ancients knew a thing or two about medicine after all – because scientists say berries can actually help prevent having problems with your get-up-and-go.

    Overall, eating plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits will cut your risk of dysfunction down below by 14 percent. Combine a diet rich in fruits with exercise, and your risk of embarrassing performance problems drops by 21 percent.

    But some fruits are better than others – and the researchers behind the study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition say the biggest benefit comes from fruits rich in anthocyanins, which provide rich red, dark blue, and deep purple colors.

    Yes – strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and blackberries…just like the ancients knew all along!

    According to the sizeable study of 50,000 men, the next-best fruits are the ones that contain flavanones and flavones. For the most part, those are citrus fruits.

    These fruits work in getting you frisky because antioxidants and anthocyanins are circulation boosters and powerful inflammation-fighters – and one of the biggest causes of dormancy “down there” is poor circulation. Inflammation certainly isn’t going to make it any better.

    The researchers behind the new study say that even a couple extra servings of fruit a week are enough to make a difference. But why stop there? Replace your daily snack with berries, and enjoy all the benefits that come from better circulation – including improvements in brain and heart health.

    If you still need a little more oomph below the belt, don’t turn to medications.

    Turn to natural therapies – starting with simple, safe and science-backed lifestyle changes.

    I’ve got some of the best in this report from my House Calls archives, and you can read it right here for free.

  3. Erectile dysfunction linked to death risk

    Erectile dysfunction could mean more than the end of your sex life… it could mean the end of your life, increasing your risk of death by 70 percent.
  4. Natural cures are better than sex drugs

    New research confirms that lifestyle changes are a highly effective means of easing or even curing erectile dysfunction.
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  10. Apnea in new heart risk link

    But now, researchers say that in addition to leaving you gasping for air in the night, sleep apnea could also be responsible for serious blood vessel abnormalities -- problems that can actually steal blood right from your heart.
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