1. 94% of seniors have this problem – and don’t know it yet!

    You’re no creampuff, begging for help.

    And you’re practically INSULTED when someone gets the door for you… offers to carry something… or tries to help you up or down the stairs like you’re some kinda weakling.

    But let’s face facts today, my friend: When it comes to strength, muscle and bone… time isn’t kind to any of us.

    I know a guy who slid right on his rear shoveling snow last month and he’s only JUST NOW starting to get up and out again.

    And y’know what? He’s one of the LUCKY ones!

    Once you’re north of 60, any fall can lead to major injury as well as broken bones, hospitalization, surgery and even DEATH.

    But it’s not your age alone that puts you at risk.

    New research shows how there’s a much bigger factor – and it’s something your own doctor gave you!

    The TRUE cause of senior falls

    Americans are falling over like drunks at closing time. One study in 2019 found three times as many seniors are dying from falls now than in 2000… and it’s NOT just because more people are living longer.

    The RATE of falling deaths per 100,000 people has DOUBLED in that time.

    So despite what you’ve heard… despite how the media likes to treat seniors like delicate china… your age isn’t the only reason.

    It’s not even the biggest reason.

    New research exposes the ugly truth, showing how many of the meds older Americans think they need each day can lead directly to falls – including injuries from falls, broken bones and death.

    And it’s MUCH more common than anyone has let on.

    Nearly EVERY senior… 94 percent of folks over the age of 65… is on at least one medication known to raise the risk of a fall.

    This problem isn’t getting better, either.

    It’s actually getting WORSE, since that number was at 57 percent back in 1999.

    That’s still WAY too high… but it’s also WAY, WAY better than 94 percent!

    What makes this truly outrageous is that most of the medications on the list are totally unnecessary.

    For example:

    • Blood pressure meds: These are some of the most common drugs used by seniors in America… except they’re also known to leave people dizzy and unsteady, especially when you first stand up.

    In reality, you can often control blood pressure with a little weight loss, a daily walk and natural therapies such as potassium, lycopene and/or grape seed extract.

    • Painkillers: These meds… especially the opioid drugs… can leave you so loopy that you’ll not only fall, but struggle to realize just how badly hurt you are, too.

    There are dozens of other options for common pains. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and boswellia, for example, are great for back and knee pain… while arnica is terrific for aches caused by injuries.

    And don’t forget topical creams with proven ingredients such as capsaicin. Just rub a little in a sore spot, and you’re good to go.

    • Benzodiazepines: These are drugs are often used for conditions such as anxiety… but the calming herbal teas available in any supermarket often work as well, cost pennies and have NO risk of falling.

    For more help based on your own specific conditions, work closely with a doctor who practices integrative or functional medicine.

  2. Falls are often caused by meds

    How to solve a $50-billion problem

    It's the $50-billion-a-year problem that's wrecking the healthcare system.

    And the mainstream is blaming YOU for it!

    A new report confirms that falls are a major risk for older people... leading to ER visits, hospital stays, surgeries, disability, and even death.

    No disputing that.

    The study also confirms that the cost of these falls is about a billion dollars per week -- with the bulk of it coming out of the Medicare system.

    And tragically, fatal falls cost more than $2 million a day.

    But when it comes to WHY 3 in 10 seniors suffer a fall every year, the mainstream wants you to think that it's simply because of your age.

    Of course, not one of us is as steady on our feet as we used to be.

    But the idea that age alone is the main cause of falls -- more importantly, the main cause of INJURY falls -- is pure nonsense.

    The real reason isn't the number of candles on your birthday cake.

    It's the number of pills in your organizer!

    Yes, friend, if mainstream docs want to point the finger, they should point it at themselves for all of the guidelines that push so many meds on seniors.

    And there's one class of medication that's the worst of the lot.

    It's often unneeded... and it can be reduced... or even eliminated.

    Yet the mainstream just expanded the guidelines to put MILLIONS of new patients -- especially older folks -- onto these drugs.

    Blood pressure meds can make you so unsteady that you not only fall... but fall so hard that you could suffer the kind of injury that can destroy your life.

    A 2014 study found that these drugs -- including ACE inhibitors, diuretics, and beta-blockers -- can cause you to fall and crack your skull or hip, increasing those risks by 40 percent.

    The fall risk of these meds is often greater than the risks of the hypertension itself, especially if your BP is only a little on the high side.

    In some cases, those slight elevations in BP can be safely ignored.

    In others, you can bring your levels down quickly and without drugs: Lose a little weight and consider natural therapies including calcium, potassium, and magnesium from diet and/or supplements.

    Of course, don't stop taking any meds without speaking to your doctor first.

    Another way to cut your risk of falls is to watch your feet -- and I'll have a money-saving tip on how to do just that coming up later today.

    Keep an eye on your email!

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