1. Fatigue triggered by common medications

    Why you feel so CRUMMY – and how to CURE it

    Your doc will blame your age and your illness...

    But he’s WRONG.

    There’s another, much more common reason that explains why you feel so darned LOUSY all the time.

    And it has nothing to do with age or illness!

    New research reveals the TRUE CAUSE of so many common health problems in older Americans, including:

    • Pain
    • Brain ‘fog’
    • Fatigue
    • Loss of strength
    • Mood problems
    • Poor digestion
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea
    • …and more

    In fact, this single common condition could even lead to the biggest risk of all: DEATH.

    In a moment, I’m going to not only reveal the cause, but I’ll also have your ticket OUT of this mess...

    You can cut ALL of those risks at once… even DEATH… and feel better than you have in decades!

    The TRUE cause of today’s most common problems

    At long last, the mainstream is FINALLY starting to recognize a crisis they created: too many seniors are on too many meds.

    Four out of every ten older folks are taking at least five drugs a day -- and many are taking twice that amount or more!

    The new study finds that quitting some of those meds can help seniors feel better… sharper… stronger… and more.

    They call this a “surprising” benefit.

    C’mon. This should surprise exactly NO ONE.

    Any single pill can make you loopy, dizzy, nauseous, fogged over and more...

    But FIVE pills?

    That can leave you feeling like you fell down a flight of stairs!

    In fact, it’s more than just a feeling...they can quite literally WRECK your body wrecked: a 2017 study found those five pills a day will increase your risk of frailty by 50 percent; ten or more will DOUBLE it.

    And in 2013, researchers found that just three meds a day can KILL brain cells.

    You won’t feel the damage right away, but over time it’s a recipe for cognitive decline that culminates in drug-induced dementia.

    Of course, as far as mainstream is concerned, you’re just “old” and “unlucky.”

    In reality, they CAUSED it!

    That’s why it’s critical to:

    1. Go over your meds with a doc; and
    2. Eliminate what you don’t need.

    A study in 2016 found ONE in THREE seniors are on “unnecessary” or “inappropriate” meds – and remember, that’s going by mainstream standards.

    By my standards, that number is much higher.

    Statins, blood pressure meds, painkillers, aspirin, PPIs, and more are ALL candidates for removal, and even many mainstream docs are starting to agree.

    Speak to your doc about quitting these and other meds… and if he won’t play ball, get a second opinion from a holistic medical doctor who can help get you off common drugs and onto proven natural therapies instead!

  2. Is THIS secret condition leaving you EXHAUSTED?

    Is THIS secret condition leaving you EXHAUSTED?

    Doctors CAN’T explain it. And some of them WON’T acknowledge it.

    Yours may even try to tell you that chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t real.

    It’s enough to make you want to smack him… if only you had the energy!

    But while he’s pretending that CFS is a made-up disorder, new research reveals a way to treat it.

    It’s not what he’s been using. In what’s often the ultimate insult on top of injury, many mainstream docs give antidepressants to women with chronic fatigue syndrome.

    It’s a sure sign that they think the problem is all in your head.

    Turns out, that’s off the mark by about 8 inches.

    It could be an issue just below your head, in the thyroid gland sitting inside your neck, as the new study finds a link between chronic fatigue and low levels of all-important thyroid hormones.

    But here’s the catch: Your doctor won’t notice it because he’s running the wrong test!

    Even if he’s “with it” enough to check in on your thyroid function, he’ll almost certainly only test for levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).

    That’s the hormone cranked out by your pituitary gland when your levels of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 drop. Just as the name suggests, it’s supposed to “stimulate” the thyroid into picking up the pace and making more.

    When TSH levels are normal, most mainstream docs assume T3 and T4 are in order, too.

    But that’s not the case with chronic fatigue. The study finds that patients can have perfectly normal TSH levels… while being desperately low in T3 and T4.

    That means that any doc who looks only at TSH will miss the problem entirely!

    The researchers are hoping that this will lead to new treatments for chronic fatigue. No doubt, some docs will start offering synthetic thyroid hormones.

    But that’s not the answer here.

    A natural herbal therapy called ashwagandha can improve levels of TSH and boost production of both T3 and T4 naturally.

    It can also do something even more important.

    While there may certainly be a thyroid component to chronic fatigue, many cases are a sign of problems in another gland.

    Chronic fatigue is often caused by overworked and stressed-out adrenal glands – a.k.a. adrenal fatigue – and that’s where ashwagandha really shines. This powerful natural remedy is proven to boost sagging adrenal function, restore energy, and renew your vitality.

    If often works wonders on its own, but for adrenal support I find it’s even more powerful when combined with other natural stress-busters such as Rhodiola rosea.

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