fatty liver disease

  1. Fatty liver disease patients to get sickening meds

    Ignore Big Pharma’s cash grab… and SAVE your liver for PENNIES a day!

    It’s a SILENT illness… once very rare… that’s striking MILLIONS of older Americans.

    Yet the mainstream isn’t looking at the liver disease epidemic as a health crisis that needs immediate action and safe treatment.

    No, they’re looking at it as something else entirely: a MARKETING opportunity!

    That’s right.

    YOU need help… and THEY want to cash in.

    They’ve just come right out and ADMITTED it in a new report.

    But YOU don’t have to sign your wallet or your liver over to them.

    In a moment, I’ll reveal the key to fighting this disease for just pennies a day.

    First, here’s the report that’s shaking both the business and medicine worlds...

    Mainstream’s newest cash cow

    Reuters published a story covering fatty liver disease, describing it as a “potentially lucrative” condition.

    Close to 40 million customers are waiting to fork over cash and insurance reimbursements to get ahold of the new drugs headed to pharmacies everywhere.

    Indeed, the market for fatty liver disease is now so “potentially lucrative” – worth up to $3 billion a month – that two rival Big Pharma firms, Novartis and Pfizer, are joining forces to cash in.

    No wonder they’re willing to share!

    Fatty liver was one limited to heavy drinkers and rarely seen otherwise.

    Today, it’s being triggered by processed foods and weight gain, which force the liver to store fat. When too much fat builds up in the liver, it develops inflammation and scarring, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

    The two companies think their drugs, when combined, can squeeze out the fat and stop the scars.

    And who knows, maybe they can… when they’re (eventually) released… and if you can tolerate the sickening side effects and the usual long-term risks.

    But why play their game?

    Fight fatty liver disease for PENNIES A DAY

    You don’t need a drug to arm your liver to fight off fat and prevent those dangerous scars.

    There are natural therapies already out there that can do JUST THAT, starting with inflammation-fighting curcumin.

    In one study, 75 percent of patients given curcumin supplements saw the levels of liver fat plunge, and that’s not all...

    In addition to a slimmed-down liver, they lost a full point off their BMI over 8 weeks without actually going on a diet!

    Take the extra step and lose a little more weight, and you can give your liver even MORE protection – without ever touching Big Pharma’s newest cash cow, side effect-riddled drugs.

  2. Fight fatty liver disease with protein

    Protect your liver with this simple swap

    If I had to nominate something for "most underappreciated part of the body," I'd go with the liver.

    It works hard... and even when it's struggling, you won't hear a complaint.

    But there's a downside to being such a good soldier: Your liver won't let you know when something's wrong, so you won't find out about any problems in there until it's too late.

    That's why some 60 million Americans are now living with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and most of them don't even know it -- which means they also have no clue that they're facing chronic liver inflammation, cirrhosis, or even cancer.

    But you don't have to face any of those risks.

    The latest research shows one incredibly easy way to protect your liver from one of the biggest risk factors for a condition that could have deadly ramifications.

    All you have to do is make one tweak to your diet -- one that can fit in with any lifestyle, and one that you'll probably find absolutely delicious.

    Eat more protein!

    Boost your intake of fresh and delicious protein to 30 percent of your diet, and the fat in your liver... the fat that could be in there right now, without you even knowing it... will practically melt away.

    In the study, more than half of the folks who boosted their protein intake saw their levels of fat in the liver drop by at least half within just six weeks.

    Now, you didn't feel that fat as it was building up in there -- so, odds are, you won't feel it when it leaves.

    But your hard-working liver will know it's gone. It'll operate more efficiently and more effectively, making you less likely to suffer the damage that could come from a fatty liver over the long term.

    Of course, when most folks hear the word "protein," they also hear "fats."

    Some might even think of the low-carb diet, which is high in protein and animal fats.

    But the study didn't look at fatty proteins. Instead, the folks were given lean meats, fish, and low-fat dairy. (And honestly, you can even do without the dairy, given that many people have a problem digesting lactose.)

    If you're a vegetarian, it's a little tougher to get protein... but it's not impossible. In the new study, vegetarians had their protein levels boosted with pea powder -- and they got almost the same benefit as the meat eaters.

    So, stick to the basics and get your proteins from healthy sources including seafood, poultry, and vegetable sources such as beans, quinoa, lentils, and peas.

    It's not just good for your liver... it's good for the rest of you, too.

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