1. Fiber-rich diet prevents death and disease

    Beat aging with this key ingredient

    They say you can't turn back the clock... go back in time... or stop aging.

    Well, I'm here to say "they" are 100 percent wrong!

    No, you can't go back to 1997 and buy Apple stock for $3.56 a share... but your cells can stop the clock and fight the effects of age... IF you give them what they need for a little cellular time travel.

    And the latest research spots a key ingredient for your age-defying journey: FIBER.

    The more fiber you eat, the less likely you'll suffer from all the diseases that kill seniors, including high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, cancer and more.

    A staple of the Mediterranean diet, it can prevent respiratory problems and heart disease and slash your risk of a stroke.

    It can cut your risk of mental-health problems such as depression, and even prevent disability... ensuring that you spend your senior years enjoying every moment, running rings around folks half your age.

    Believe or not, I've saved the best for last. According to the new study out of Australia, there's one more big benefit of a high-fiber diet: It could add YEARS to your life, cutting your risk of death from all causes over 10 years,.

    There's not a drug in the world that can make that promise... and if there were, you can bet it would cost a small fortune and come with debilitating side effects.

    Instead, you can get it by simply boosting your intake of humble fiber-rich foods such as avocados and apples.

    With an average intake of just 16 grams per day, most Americans don't get what they need even by mainstream standards -- and they don't even come close to my own recommendations, which is to get 40 to 50 grams per day of healthy, quality fiber.

    That's the one problem I have with the new study -- there's no distinction between quality sources of fiber and junky ones like grains, including supposedly healthy whole grains that are anything but healthy.

    Most people don't realize that whole wheat bread has almost the same effect on your blood sugar as white bread!

    So avoid breads, pastas, and other grains -- even the "whole" ones -- and get your fiber from healthier sources such as beans, berries, and broccoli... apples and avocados... pears, papayas, and peas... and more.

    Along with stopping DNA damage, a high-fiber diet can help you to lose weight, sleep better, and breathe easier, too.

  2. Fiber can help lung function in seniors

    Breathe easy thanks to these delicious treats

    Nothing can rob you of your dignity, quality of life, and independence quite like severe lung problems… having to live with an oxygen tank nearby…or even have it connected 24/7.

    One in 7 seniors suffer from at least some form of lung problem, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and 10 percent of them battle severe forms of these and other conditions.

    You don’t have to be one of them, because new research finds a simple way to improve your lung function and cut your risk of chronic lung diseases.

    All you have to do is increase your fiber intake, because it turns out that getting plenty of fiber reduces the likelihood that you’ll suffer from damaging airway constriction. That means simply eating more of some of your favorite snacks – nuts, seeds, berries, oatmeal and even avocado-packed guacamole – can cut your risk of lung problems in half.

    And on the flipside, less fiber means less function. In the study, 30 percent of folks on a low-fiber diet suffered from the breath-robbing airway constriction that can leave you gasping desperately for oxygen.

    The study finds a link, not a cause. It makes sense to me, since fiber can cut inflammation – and inflammation in the airways as well as within the lining of your lungs plays a major role in breathing problems.

    Several studies have also found a link between increased fiber and better lung capacity, along with a lower risk of COPD and other lung diseases. One study even found that boosting fiber can cut your risk of DEATH from respiratory disease in half.

    This sounds like a simple way to cut your risk, and it is.

    The problem is that most people don’t consume nearly enough fiber to get these and other benefits.

    Average intake here in the United States is just 16 grams per day – well below mainstream recommendations, and less than half the 40-50 grams per day I urge my own patients to get.

    Falling short won’t just hurt your lung function. You need it for digestion, of course, and studies show boosting your fiber levels can even cut your risk of death from heart problems.

    Read all about it in this free report from my House Calls archives.

  3. Heal your heart with food

    Heart patients who boost their fiber intake have a lower risk of an early death, new research reveals. But beware of the supermarket "whole grain" bait and switch.
  4. Lower your heart risk with these foods

    Fiber-rich foods can slash your risk of heart disease, according to the latest research.
  5. The health benefits of fiber

    A diet low in fiber can put you at risk for obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and even an early death.

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