Is your food glowing? Here's why!

I don't know what's crazier: The fact that supermarket meats are routinely zapped with massive radiation levels -- or the fact that most shoppers don't know a thing about it.

It's not exactly something they advertise.

But food irradiation is not only very real, it's also being expanded in a very big way. Under new rules from the FDA, chicken and other poultry products can now get fried with up to 50 percent more and higher radiation levels -- up to 4.5 kilograys, from the previous limit of 3 kilograys.

Now, unless you're a scientist, the word "kilogray" probably doesn't mean much to you. So to put it in perspective, let's use something more familiar -- X-rays. A single chest X-ray will hit you with roughly 0.00000040 kilograys of radiation.

That's not a typo, and my finger didn't get stuck on the "0" button. And that means when a chicken thigh gets zapped with 4.5 kilograys, it's getting more than 11 million times the radiation levels of a chest X-ray.

It's enough radiation to kill a man several times over... and that's what your food is being hit with in the name of "safety."

How ironic is that?

The new rules also expand irradiation to more types of foods. Until recently, only refrigerated meats could be zapped. Now, even unrefrigerated meats can also be irradiated.

Of course, the feds claim this insane practice of deliberately exposing our food to high radiation levels is perfectly safe. But what's even crazier than that is the reason irradiation even exists in the first place.

It's there to kill germs -- like the growing number of drug-resistant superbugs turning up in meat that could make you sick or even kill you.

But those germs didn't appear out of thin air. They're in meat because of substandard and downright inhumane practices at factory farms -- including animals that live knee-deep in filth. They're given so many drugs that germs are becoming resistant to antibiotics -- and since they can't be killed with meds, they're killed with irradiation.

We could make meat safer starting today by simply ending the practices that have allowed those germs to rise and thrive. But instead, the feds are letting the food industry take the easy way out -- zap 'em all, and hope consumers don't notice.

Well, it's time to notice -- and take action.

First, demand better standards from factory farms. Tell your lawmakers that you want to see meats made safer naturally, and not with radiation.

And second, vote with your wallet by choosing only organic meats from small local farms. Organic meats haven't been irradiated -- and they're healthier and taste better, too.