1. Frailty can make surgery dangerous

    The TRUE risks of ANY surgery -- revealed!

    There was a time when you could bounce back from anything like a champ.

    Rock climbing, cliff diving, trail riding -- nothing was off limits, right?

    Today, though, it seems like even a stubbed toe can sometimes ache for days!

    When you're older, it can be tougher to recover from life's bumps and bruises -- and it can be especially challenging to get back on your feet after surgery.

    Now, the latest research shines a light on why some folks struggle so much after operations.

    They don't get back in action.

    They can barely get out of bed.

    And some end up trapped in a nightmare cycle of agonizing problems including pain, disability, and hospital readmissions.

    Some folks even pay the ultimate price.

    The difference? Frailty.

    No one likes to admit it when they're turning weak, but the new study shows why it's time for some honesty -- because it's not just your pride that's on the line.

    It could be your life.

    While it's not surprising to find that frail folks have worse outcomes after surgery, the new report finds you could face those risks yourself... even if you're NOT frail!

    Millions of older Americans aren't quite there yet, but they're certainly getting a little weaker.

    If you're among them, you could face almost the same risks after surgery as those who are already frail.

    In the month after surgery, both those who are frail and those who are vulnerable to becoming frail are four and a half times more likely to be readmitted or die than those who are well.

    Six months later, frail folks still have triple the risk, while those who are vulnerable have double the risk.

    Of course, you can't always choose surgery.

    Life can throw you some curveballs... especially if you're still rock climbing, cliff diving, and trail riding.

    Emergencies happen, and you could end up needing a procedure.

    If that's the case, be aware of the risks and take steps to reduce them with a mix of good follow-up care, cautious recovery, and old-fashioned good nutrition.

    And for elective surgeries such as common joint operations, be honest with yourself and your doctor. Go through the tests and make sure that you're capable of the surgery AND the recovery.

    Get a second opinion if you have to, especially if your surgeon is a little too aggressive with his sales pitch.

    If it doesn't feel right, see what other options you have. In many cases, including those joint procedures, there are nonsurgical options that can work better even if you're not frail.

  2. Mediterranean diet cuts frailty risk

    Slash your risk of frailty in half

    You don't know exactly when it happened, but you know that it happened.

    The strength you once relied on... the power that gave you mobility and independence and protected you from injury and pain... seems to have gone AWOL.

    Some docs will tell you that it's just "getting older."

    All I can say is "bunk!"

    Growing OLDER doesn't mean growing WEAKER. You can remain vibrant and healthy into your 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond and keep the strength, vitality, and energy of folks half your age.

    Now, the latest research shows how you can keep all that by focusing on what's on your plate and in your fridge.

    You already know how a garbage diet can lead to weight gain, obesity, and all of the health risks that come with them.

    The new study goes further.

    It shows what foods you can eat to improve your health and specifically preserve your strength and prevent frailty.

    And I've got a feeling you're going to love these foods.

    The same foods are at the heart of the Mediterranean diet, and they can also help you avoid frailty -- and not just by a little bit.

    The new review of four studies finds that it can cut your risk in HALF!

    Frailty isn't a single condition so much as a collection of problems that gang up on you to make you miserable. There's the telltale loss of strength and muscle, but it's also more than that.

    It's missing out on all the things that give you pleasure because you simply don't have the energy anymore.

    You could also lose weight -- perhaps dramatically -- even if you're not dieting.

    That last one might sound terrific, especially if you have a few pounds to spare. But there's nothing great about weight loss when it's your body literally wasting away around you while you're still using it!

    The Mediterranean diet can help prevent all that, and the new study finds that the closer your follow it, the bigger your benefits. It's so effective that the researchers said evidence from across all four studies, conducted in both Europe and Asia, were "very consistent."

    In other words, THIS is the one diet you want if you're hoping for healthy and successful aging, especially since this same healthy lifestyle can also prevent all the other conditions that often strike older folks: heart attack, stroke, and dementia.

    I'll have one more reason to give this diet a shot on Sunday. Guys, this one will be especially for you.

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  4. Frailty can be avoided with Mediterranean diet

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  6. Low testosterone linked to frailty

    For men, the answer to the age-old problems of frailty may be locked inside our testosterone levels, as a new study out of Australia finds that low levels of the hormone could sap you of your vim and vigor.

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