TERRIFYING new foods are SNEAKING into your supermarket (Here’s how to avoid them)

Move over, GMOs…

A frightening new science experiment is headed to supermarkets.

Fruits, meats, salad dressings... nearly everything will be “made” with this technology.

It’ll provide the industry with foods that:

  • Grow bigger;
  • Grow faster;
  • Stay fresh longer; and, of course...

But there’s ONE thing this tech WON’T deliver on...

A science-backed promise of SAFETY!

And here’s the most terrifying part:

You’ll have almost NO way of telling which foods are made with it.

See, these foods won’t be labelled, so they’ll be difficult and even downright IMPOSSIBLE for most folks to spot.

But NOT you.

I’m going to give you a way that’ll help you quickly find what’s SAFE – so you don’t have to participate in their little science experiment ...

Refuse to become a supermarket “test subject”

You’ve heard about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). I’ve warned you about these lab-tweaked “Franken-foods” and how they were rushed to market without any real long-term human testing.

Now, they’ve taken it even further.

A new method called GENE EDITING allows scientists to treat genetic material like something in an email...

You can cut out parts, paste stuff in from other places, and move it all around.

The example they like to tout is soybeans: They’ve clipped out the parts of the genes that produce trans fats.

Snip, snip.

Now – like magic – soybean oil is supposedly healthier.

And they’re not stopping there (of course). They’re working on everything from cows without horns to allergy-free peanuts.

It also SOUNDS good, to be sure, especially when they claim it’s “safe.”

But all they do is run some tests to analyze the food...

If the lab test shows it “looks” enough like the old food, regulators shrug – and off to the supermarket it goes!

It shouldn’t work that way.

NOTHING should be added to the diet without thorough, long-term testing – first in animals, then in (brave and willing) humans.

Without that, you’re rolling the dice with every bite… and like I said earlier, you won’t even know it.

But there’s a simple way to:

  • Avoid GMOs
  • Avoid gene-edited foods
  • Dodge pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals in produce

Go organic.

By law, organics can’t be altered genetically.

NO genetic modification. NO genetic editing. And NO chemicals.

You’ll pay a little more… but you’ll get safer, more natural, and better-testing food – with higher levels of essential nutrients, too.