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  1. Fat genes… we've all got 'em

    If you had any doubt at all about what's making everyone so fat, scientists are now claiming the answer is our DNA.

    Sort of.

    Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley say they've isolated the gene responsible for turning carbohydrates into fat in your liver. They call it DNA-PK, according to research published in the journal Cell.

    To test their theory, they created some Frankenstein mice born with that DNA-PK gene disabled. And when these mice were allowed to shovel down the carbs, they didn't get fat. The mice also had lower levels of blood cholesterol.

    Now, some folks will tell you this new discovery means there's now a solution for obesity in sight, perhaps some form of gene therapy.

    Now, you can wait for that cure till the cows come home, but hidden in this study is an answer you can take with you right now.

    All those carbs – the ones you're told to eat on that low-fat, high-carb diet I call the Torture Chamber Diet – are turned into fat after you eat them. Not only that, they boost your cholesterol levels and put you at risk for heart disease. It's just how our bodies work – it's encoded in our DNA.

    The answer, then, is to escape the "torture chamber" and start enjoying the kind of diet that's better for your body. Forget the low-fat hype. Just ease off on the carbs (and especially avoid all those processed foods) and start enjoying balanced meals with healthy proteins, good fats and extra vegetables.

    You'll lose weight and lower your risk for diabetes and heart disease. You'll look great, feel great and you can do it on your own, by managing your own diet and lifestyle.

    And you won't have to wait for some science-fiction treatment to come along and fix you up.

  2. Researchers going pointlessly high-tech to treat rheumatoid

    I've treated enough cases of rheumatoid arthritis over the years to know how desperate some people are for a cure.

    The pain can be debilitating, even crippling, to the point where you just want to give up hope.

    The good news is that there is a highly successful treatment, and it's a lot simpler than many people want you to believe. That's because no one stands to get rich off it. I'll get to that in a moment.

    But first, let me show you just how hard they're trying to turn this into an expensive and unnecessarily complicated procedure.

    According to a Harvard Medical School news release, a team of American and German researchers say they have been successful in treating two cases of rheumatoid arthritis using gene therapy, an expensive and highly experimental procedure.

    The genes were injected into the infected joints, and several weeks later both women reported reduced pain and swelling in those joints. Implicit in their finding is that people with multiple infected joints, as is the case with some who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, would need gene therapy injections in each joint.

    Not surprisingly, the study was funded by a German biotechnology company. I imagine they paid for this not out of idle curiosity, but because of the bundle they stand to make if people really turn to gene therapy to treat their rheumatoid arthritis.

    But really now, even if it works, it's completely unnecessary. It's like buying a dairy farm because you ran out of milk and eggs – an expensive and complicated way of doing something that's really quite simple, at least by comparison.

    What most doctors fail to acknowledge or even realize is that rheumatoid arthritis is caused by a food allergy. And even those inclined to look don't always find it because they look in the wrong place. Most of them will only test for allergens that cause a rise in IgE antibodies, instead of IgG, and as a result, they completely miss the target.

    To make matters worse, Big Pharma's approach to treating rheumatoid arthritis involves drugs that poison your immune system from making the IgG antibodies. So if you go looking for the cause of your suffering after taking these types of drugs, you might not detect it.

    Beating this thing isn't about gene therapy. It's about combating these allergies, and I've got a great plan to help you do just that coming out in the June issue of Health Revelations, along with some simple steps you can take to rebuild your joints. (Click here to sign up for Health Revelations today!)

    It's a whole lot simpler than some mad scientist plan to use gene therapy. Better still, it requires no pricey drugs and causes no side effects, and you can buy just the milk and eggs – not the whole farm.

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