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  1. Vitamin E can undo the effects of tobacco

    The nutrient that can reverse tobacco damage

    We've all made a few mistakes. And if you live long enough, there's a good chance you'll make a few doozies over the years.

    It's part of being human.

    One of the biggest mistakes millions of people have made is smoking. Many people get wise and eventually quit -- but even then, they're forced to live with the damaging effects of tobacco for years or even decades.

    Well, if that's your story, I've got some good news for you, because there's a single nutrient that can help speed your body's recovery from this bad decision.

    The even better news is that it may even be one you're already taking, because new research confirms that vitamin E can reverse some of the cardiovascular damage caused by the effects of tobacco.

    In the study, pack-a-day smokers who quit for a week saw an average improvement in vascular function of 2.8 percent. But pack-a-day smokers who also took 500 mg a day of the gamma tocopherol form of vitamin E saw an even bigger improvement -- an extra 1.5 percent on average.

    That may sound like a small number, but an extra 1.5 percent improvement in vascular function can actually decrease the risk of heart disease by nearly 20 percent.

    That's not all, either: Vitamin E also helped slash levels of inflammation and improve overall blood vessel function in the former smokers.

    The smokers in the study were all recent smokers and they were all relatively young -- but given the fact that vitamin E is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants, you can expect to see benefits reversing the effects of tobacco whether you quit last month, last year, or even decades ago.

    Ask a holistic doctor about the amount that's right for you and the best way to get it as well as other nutrients that can help reverse the damage caused by the effects of tobacco.

  2. Study proves that fluoride lowers IQ levels

    How fluoride can harm intelligence

    If you're on the fence about fluoride, I have a study that'll pull you right off it -- because it confirms some of our worst fears about this dangerous chemical.

    Researchers from Harvard University -- yes, Harvard -- looked at 27 studies on fluoride and children, and all but one of them confirmed that fluoridated water literally makes kids dumber.

    In fact, 26 of the 27 studies they reviewed all reached the same conclusion -- showing that fluoride harms intelligence, lowers IQs, and has a distinct negative effect on overall cognition.

    It's everything you don't want for your kids and grandkids.

    The researchers also confirmed that fluoride can cross into the placenta during pregnancy and permanently damage baby's brain at the most critical points of development.

    What's even more disturbing about this new study is that the Harvard team had to rely on research from China instead of studies from right here in the United States.

    Why, you ask? Because we've never actually conducted a human study on the health effects of water fluoridation in this country.

    That's right -- we launched full-steam ahead with water fluoridation decades ago and have continued the practice without ever actually trying to sit down and figure out what effect it has on the human body.

    If that doesn't scare you, maybe reading the label on your toothpaste and mouthwash will. Ever see the warnings? They include phrases such as "DO NOT SWALLOW" and "CONTACT POISON CONTROL RIGHT AWAY."

    This is something you're supposed to put in your mouth... and the label reads like something you'd see on a bottle of bleach.

    Unfortunately, there's no such warning label on your faucet -- but maybe there should be one, because this stuff won't just hurt your kids and grandkids.

    It can hurt you, too.

    Fluoride has been shown to harm bone and increase the risk of fracture in seniors. In some cases, it can even lead to a debilitating condition called skeletal fluorosis. It can also cause hormonal problems and even damage the heart, not to mention brain damage in adults as well as children.

    Drink only fluoride-free spring water, or use reverse osmosis to filter your water at home.

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